•   westc0ast_princess I smoke trees n I'm still a lady!! Fuck what ppl say, they don't know shit!! 3y
  •   lo_d911 Yea I'd much rather smoke then drink any day. As far as it not being lady like.. Well shit stoners wouldn't surround themselves around close minded judgments " beings" anyhow. 3y
  •   edwinathadiva Exactly! I've seen way more alcohol related incidents than smoking ones. 3y
  •   mamamickey_1 Being a lady is one of the hardest thing for us women to do. Ppl ALWAYS saying u are not s lady if u cuss,smoke,drink,cook,etc. A women is a women, regardless how we act. I don't smoke or drink. So they must call me to good, stuck up etc. oh well I'm who I am & this is what I choose to do. 3y
  •   haters_are_motivators I don't think it's ladylike or cute to be drunk? 3y
  •   zs_zareen Who said its cute to be drunk? No its not 'cute' it may be fun for some.. 3y
  •   chloe_rogers7 That's horibal I hate u! 3y
  •   ogbirddad If you wanna go out and get shitfaced and act like a total slut, that's fine with me. You're not really hurting anybody. But if you brag about it, or expect guys to respect you when you don't even respect yourself, forget it. 3y

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