julie_an waaaaah new phone case 2y
  •   maria_an I miss you): 2y
  •   julie_an @maria_an I miss you too !!! 2y
  •   maria_an How are you? Upload a pic of your full face! :3 2y
  •   julie_an @maria_an I'm good ! & I will soon :) how are you ? it's been so long 2y
  •   maria_an Hehe I'm okay! I'm almost done with spring term((: I'm on break go 2y
  •   maria_an For three weeks * oops! 2y
  •   julie_an @maria_an ah soo lucky !! hope you're having a fun break :) do you still have fb ? 2y
  •   maria_an Of course! I remade it cus my old one kept being wierd): find me! 2y

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