vanswarpedtour New Found Glory announced playing Warped 2y
  •   amercs28 YYYEESSSSSSSS 2y
  •   zacweso Yess 2y
  •   vmedina_ This makes me soo happy. They're not on the website though? 2y
  •   anpreston Holy shit! Yessssssss:):) 2y
  •   blakedoyle41 OMG 2y
  •   courtsoshort if they make it all the way out to buffalo ill be ecstatic 2y
  •   tombarker Nooooo gaynus. Warped is supposed to have talent 2y
  •   fixedmomentum Just let "us" have ONE good damn tour. All year, that's all we get! Sooooo my last 10 WarpedTour shows have been OUTRAGEOUS! This year is going to top them all!!! PS I'm excited for Chunk!!! 2y

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