_torin_ { foggy rock } ~ Out for a walk on one of the really foggy days/evenings lately. Love walking in the fog, even the mundane becomes slightly mysterious, full of possibility. I know I've been absent a lot lately and have not been keeping up with your feeds and comments, hope you are all doing well :) 4y
  •   eelnej Well, my butt is asleep, but I knew if I waited long enough you'd come back. 3y
  •   yoshee good mörnïng Tor 3y
  •   samanthaphotographyco Hi:) been well and busy Ty for asking. Checked out site. Amazing work!!! I'm hardly here but I am more active on Facebook. 3y
  •   eggelue You're back 3y
  •   _torin_ @eelnej I couldn't let your butt completely fall asleep on that rock, tho it was a nice view 3y
  •   _torin_ @joshee evening mätë ;) 3y
  •   _torin_ @samsamantha Facebook? What's that? ;). Glad to hear you've been busy, still cranking out your fantastic work I trust 3y
  •   _torin_ @eggelue I couldn't leave you here to be the only strange one on IG, had to take my place alongside :) 3y

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