maximillianr Gundam 4y
  •   riahfriah Ohhh I like that car! 4y
  •   maximillianr @riahfriah The Volvo? It's a Nissan GT-R, but you probably knew that already. 4y
  •   riahfriah Haha actually I didn't know the name :) I'm not good at remembering which car is called what. Oh, have you ever watched the tv show Top Gear? 4y
  •   maximillianr @riahfriah I've watched the original BBC version, which can be cool and/or hilarious, although Clarkson's American bashing gets old. I've only watched part of one episode of the American version, I think, and I don't think it can be as good as the one made across the pond, since they don't have the personalities of the British guys. 4y
  •   sunshineaustralia Own it? 4y
  •   maximillianr @sunshineaustralia Nope; my car is the yellow BMW E36 M3 you can see a shot or two of elsewhere on my feed. 4y

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