•   dannypinn That's cool. 3y
  •   macksamaha @dannypinn yeah cool eh? this was sculpted by my mate (our drummer), it's been hanging around in our workshop for years ... I got out the stencil RED TRIANGLE! 3y
  •   dannypinn @macksamaha It's a great sculpture. The Red Triangle works really well as the third eye. The colour makes it stand right out. 3y
  •   macksamaha yeah @dannypinn. I'm lovin the way PSlite & ig make it easy to express ourselves creatively with colours present in an otherwise ordinary pic ... & then post it ... all for fun! I'll take another one of the other mask which has the triangle painted over its mouth ... we just need another that has its ears, somehow, triangled!!! 3y
  •   dannypinn It's brilliant isn't it! I love being able to publish a creative expression instantly to the whole planet from something I keep in my pocket. 3y
  •   dannypinn And I hope you Red Triangle all kinds of stuff! 3y
  •   macksamaha I WANT to red triangle album covers!!! 3y

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