targetstyle #SpringColor finalist - the finalist w/the most Likes by 3pm CST Monday wins a $500 Target GiftCard - rules: 4y
  •   kimilove This isn't even being modeled. Lame. For all you know they couldve gone into the store and just taken a picture of that stuff. 4y
  •   carmenicole @targetstyle since the photo in first place got disqualified, does that mean I am the winner of this contest? (second place) 4y
  •   carmenicole @targetstyle I didn't check this Monday or Sunday because I gave up on this on Saturday. I was winning by 13 votes then out of nowhere I was losing by 100+ so I realized I had nothing to offer and gave up. Is it too late?? 4y
  •   christinedel Sooo how did you cheat? 4y
  •   targetstyle @carmenicole We posted this on your original photo as well:

    Hi carmenicole,
    Thank you so much for participating in our Spring Color Instagram Challenge! Before we can award you with your $500 Target GiftCard, we need to confirm a few things. Please email us at with the following information:
    1. Please confirm with us that you are not a Target employee.
    2. Please confirm your age with us. We may need you to provide verification.
    Once we have confirmed these items, we will provide you with a code that you must post as a comment under your winning photo, to confirm that you are indeed carmenicole.
    Finally, after we are able to confirm your identity through your Instagram account, we will need you to provide your full name and mailing address.
    If you have any questions, please do let us know.
    Thank you!
    Target Style Social Team 4y
  •   carmenicole Oh! I never got this. Now I see! Thank you so much!!! :) I will do this right this instant. @targetstyle 4y
  •   targetstyle Congrats to @sierrashima_, @imichelley and @carmenicole - winners of our Instagram challenges and a $500 Target GiftCard! #boldandbright #springmani #springcolor 4y

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