barackobama We’re getting ready for the premiere of "The Road We’ve Traveled” here in Chicago. Tune in at 8:00 p.m. ET on, and send us your reviews using #RoadTraveled. 3y
  •   ayeletchen121 ברק * חוסין * במבה ביבר לישראל 2y
  •   charlieragen3 Omg I have just been to the USA to dance in Disney land 2y
  •   teauna89 Where do u live I thought every one on here was living in the us 2y
  •   q8lader Can 2y
  •   _sa.brina 47 WEEKS OBAMA AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO STALKS U 9mon
  •   missabida free Palestine!!! 4mon
  •   f0ofo0_1421 save gaza 4mon
  •   eilaf_3 Save gaza free gaza 4mon

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