oinkartltd Discussing next FP shipment... Such an honor people feel this way 3y
  •   bloodyfuckface EVER. 3y
  •   earlyhoursclif @daniel_brown94 Ironlak is out fresh paint is in. End of story. @amievilyesiam @incognito_air14 in production, probably 3 weeks 3y
  •   daniel_brown94 Thats lame ironlak was the best paint ever. I didn't Mind paying high prices for it 3y
  •   cultdoom @daniel_brown94 ironlak sucks. Shouldn't even be considered a premium paint. It can't touch Molotow mtn or Montana. 3y
  •   cultdoom Fresh paint > ironlak 3y
  •   daniel_brown94 Okay well it's pretty obvious that molotow and montana are better Ironlak was the first paint I used I used it back when oink art sold it for like 3 bucks and I fell in love with it. No matter what I can't leave it I'll just find a new website for ironlak. But how is fresh paint? Is it any similar tor another paint? 3y
  •   earlyhoursclif @daniel_brown94 it's extremely similar to Ironlak, as in made in a similar if not the same factory. Don't you have faith in oink if they brought you a good product the first time and have only improved as a company since? 3y
  •   earlyhoursclif @daniel_brown94 no disrespect just saying, it's a great paint, give it a shot 3y

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