webbs_webbs LEAVING ON VACATION (Florida-Mexico-Honduras-Belize) BACK MARCH 26 Stay well my friends 3y
  •   o_omk I'm so sorry my dear!!!! Can I ask you to let me know what you tell the doctor today Tuesday? I hope you heal care required for early and well!!! Please don't make me feel too anxious. A big kiss from yours miki 3y
  •   o_omk What should the doctor? How do you feel?Get back to health soon. I think of you. A warm hug 3y
  •   webbs_webbs @o_omk Miki doctor gave me some medicine for next 7 days...starting to feel better, finally have my voice back Hugs to you my sunshine 3y
  •   o_omk thank you my darling happy I hear your word! 3y
  •   webbs_webbs @o_omk Miki, thank you love 3y
  •   o_omk 3y
  •   nok1982 ^______^ 3y
  •   o_omk Miss you... Please return to IG 3y

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