•   thatkid_boogz What kind of trucks 3y
  •   josh_skateboards Venture but with the hollow kingpin, don't get them get theeve or indis @jbo0gzz 3y
  •   thatkid_boogz @josh_skateboards i've had the same thunders for the last like three decks. They never fail me 3y
  •   vinniestacks Ive skated indy hollow lights for 18 months and never had any problems 3y
  •   josh_skateboards It's not what to get its just money to get mate @vinstagram_ 3y
  •   bayliss1ner skate silvers. all if their trucks are fairly light and they last so long. 3y
  •   josh_skateboards @thejobay I had some silvers then snapped my kingpin and because they use a 'special' kingpin they said I needed to pay £10 for a single kingpin. 3y
  •   bayliss1ner @josh_skateboards Oh that sucks coz i have skated two pairs of silvers and the kingpin only broke on one pair when they were already worn out 3y

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