•   countchuckula @xdsc83 we had the weakest winter ever here, maybe 7 or 8 nights of freezing temp at the most haha, so spring started very early here which gives the plants more time to grow bigger with more blooms 3y
  •   j81m3 @countchuckula where do u live? I'm in Denver and our winter was real weak too! Just didn't know what to do. We had some heavy snows, but the cold didn't last long. Just long enough to mess stuff up! but yea, can't wait to get my fruits&veggies!! 3y
  •   countchuckula @xdsc83 a couple of my annuals even survived the winter, I hope that means summer isn't going to be scorching! Last year was bad enough, but yeah I live like 20 miles outside Atlanta on the north side, we may be moving to a town in Colorado called Newcastle in the next year or so, my wife has family in Idaho Springs 3y
  •   j81m3 @countchuckula how lucky. I dont think anything survived for me. But dem da Denver breaks. Yea I can't stand the dry heat in colo, sometimes it burns the grass, so it's hard to keep certain plants. I have this monster cactus that eats it up too! That actually survived. New castle would be nice, Idaho springs is really cool, I dig it. Well, let me know! Colorado is a great place. 3y
  •   gallowsofsouth Learn how to answer phone or call back @countchuckula 3y
  •   countchuckula @dirtydarian damn dude, not when you say it like that! 3y
  •   gallowsofsouth I will kick you if you don't call me ! Is that better lol @countchuckula 3y
  •   countchuckula @dirtydarian now your talkin! Haha 3y

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