big_h I'm sorry for my absence lately for me its been a time of reflection and a bit of disappointment, I'm not pleased with so many igers walking around like zombies , not so happy about popularity over quality, so considering 2 choices, either I quit and disappear and see how it goes or maybe I might setup a new user and do a fresh start :) Are you slightly disappointed with IG too? let me know whats your take on the current state IG and what do you think about it? Thanks 3y
  •   big_h @jpedro151 hehe já estava assim, mas talvez com os milhões de andróids o instagram seja obrigado a mudar o algoritmo que controla a pagina popular e possamos ver menos teenagers semi nus em frente ao espelho hahaah um abraço 3y
  •   big_h @theycallmebarney_ih thank you dear, i really appreciate your kind words right now I'm testing a few alternatives to IG, trying to find a place that still cares a bit about photography, about quality over popularity... Perhaps a smaller community like streamzoo can work out for me :) will let everyone know how it goes soon, again thank YOU 3y
  •   anti_gone Want some shots 3y
  •   big_h @anti_gone hehe thank you for remembering me :) I'm not at peace with IG yet :) meanwhile I've been testing alternatives to show some of my work right now I'm inclined to use streamzoo app, feel free to drop by I'm @bigh there... Take care and thank you :) 3y
  •   anti_gone Oh ok, I was checking an other App too. I'm using tadaa... If you drop by it's the same username. As soon as I have a little time I will check Streamzoo too. Take care 3y
  •   big_h @anti_gone I'm on Tadaa 2, but not so active, I'm an hashtag freak… bigh is name :) thankx  3y
  •   sidydy Hi H, i was not happy initially, abt the pop page n its quality but now i dont care hehe. I have made many friends here and i dont think they care abt pop either...we just keep supporting one another :-) thats why i stay on :) i dont venture to other photo social medias as i really cant afford the time :-) 3y

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