oliveilove67 I'm a magnet to rare earth minerals this is one of my favorite specimen it's a moldavite(meteor impact glass) I found in north ga just walking around a nature trail http://healingcrystals.net/moldavite.htm A link to read about the healing power of moldavites 3y
  •   clanholm That is pretty awesome. 3y
  •   oliveilove67 Thank u !!! I can't wait to get to NJ & meet ur family and give u the meteorite lol I'll find more of my rare minerals u can have it u want I can't wait to see cherry and ur mom it's been way too long !!!! 3y
  •   oliveilove67 @clanholm above n Ty @ant20k 3y
  •   georgeandcassie Great find, how interesting! 3y
  •   oliveilove67 @georgeandcassie it was on mothers day 2006 my hubby didn't want to take me rock hounding he wanted to go watch fighter pilots we seen them every year but I won that battle bc it was my day so he was miserable and I walked the trails by myself heard a growl looked down saw the green glass like crystal picked it up then I ran haha probably a black bear growling at me but I still took a second to pick up the Moldavite I am a magnet to rare earth minerals and each one has a very unique story to my findings @clanholm do u remember some of the stories chuck I had to have told u about the old homicide scene I came across with one of my rock hounding trips? My life is a never ending soap opera comic strip saga lol 3y
  •   clanholm I remember. I wish that I could find something interesting just once. 3y
  •   oliveilove67 @clanholm u will when u can chil-lax during ur travels, but then again I'm so ADD my kids when they were younger chipped in to buy me a t-shirt that read " needs supervision" I was always walking off, checking out everything from anything that flys floats etc sky, to a pebble on the ground... They are scared someone will kidnap me *haha*, the only one that would kidnap me, would be myself !! I don't think anyone would want to contend with me, even if they had a gun or a few hundred lbs more then me. I don't give up and I fight to the death if I ever had to >:-( ill send the rest to ur email too many TMI's about me being cornered and lashing out like a rat... I'm normally passive unless someone purposely trips circuit breaker that controls my bad crazies lol just kidding(maybe >:-))) ) 3y

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