nancyfalso Shouldercat must observe everything. 4y
  •   nancyfalso @last_bus_home haha, I don't know, but for a while Alice's favourite spot was way at the top of the kitchen cupboards... Then one day she fell asleep up there, rolled over and fell off. She hasn't been back since. 4y
  •   emzea HahA my mau does the same thing...she still hasn't got the hang of shoulder riding yet! 4y
  •   marla_and_willow Marla fell off the top off the wardrobe yesterday, she was busy chasing her tail up there and just chased it right over the edge! She didn't actually seem to notice, she just carried on chasing her tail!! Marla loves the tops of the high cupboards too, she knocked 2 mixing bowls off there once, onto a pile of drying dishes, ALOT of broken crockery. But you could never call her boring at least. 4y
  •   nancyfalso @last_bus_home it's hard to get mad when they look so cute curiously nudging things off counters & tables! 4y

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