davehoang Congratulations on turning Pro Sin! #ProfessionalSinner @life_extention @tonytave #Blessit #LE #LifeExtention #Extendit! Have a great wkend everyone woo! 3y
  •   whatuptho_ I think I was there this day... Congrats Sin cuh. You did it. You made history!!! 3y
  •   mart1mar Squalay blazin in the sports blazer. Siiiiiiin!!!! 3y
  •   covrt dude turns pro and yall still makin him sit bitch!!!! hahaha!!! and double fisted ciggs??? 3y
  •   samsolano Ohhhh yes 2y
  •   bandana_b That's a joint in my mouth, @covrt... Hahaha! 2y
  •   covrt Bless it! Sup sinner? this is Boston. 2y

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