mil_ki_ss 'I'm not like the other girls: cocktail dress or training suit, high heels or converse.. I'm still confident' #that'sme #beunique #beyourself #girls #style #personality 3y
  •   mil_ki_ss @shineexbella I'm 17 years old haha which drama are you watching now? did you see 'replay 1997'? 3y
  •   shineexbella @mil_ki_ss oh! so u r my dongsaeng , and I am your Unni ... Umm replay 1997 >>not really , I've heard about it , but I didn't watch it yet .. I am watching ( to the beautiful you ) now , and a 2010's drama for Lee Seung gi ...=] 3y
  •   mil_ki_ss @shineexbella oohh~~ I was watching 'to the beautiful you' but I got bored haha... I'm also watching 'the thousand man', do you know about it? 3y
  •   shineexbella @mil_ki_ss yeah ! I do .. It sounds interesting the drama ( the thousand man) but unfortunately I didn't get the chance to watch it ...hopefully very soon .... Is it good ?!! ... And to the beautiful you is now more interesting than the very first episodes 3y
  •   mil_ki_ss @shineexbella yeah~~ I totally agree! I only watch it for the actor lee hyunwoo haha he's so my ideal type ^///^ 3y
  •   shineexbella @mil_ki_ss ㅋㅋ he's really cute , I love his innocent smile ... Don't you miss Korea !! Does it feel good living in Chile instead of Korea !! 3y
  •   mil_ki_ss @shineexbella I've been living here for 12 years so I'm ok with it haha but I went to korea this year and actually I prefier to live in chile... here things are more relaxed~~ hahaha 3y
  •   shineexbella @mil_ki_ss sounds Cool ...xD Hope you are enjoying your time there.. So, r u studying something ..! 3y

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