jkotter Second experiment...I'm always interested in everyone's thoughts on what is / isn't appropriate for IG. I know there are many who decry anything that isn't a pure photographical image. I really appreciate those IGers who use their images as opportunities to explore beyond the initial capture...Thoughts? 4y
  •   jenae28 I love images like this! 4y
  •   davidbnw @jkotter  4y
  •   jkotter @jenae28 Thanks, me too! I try not to go crazy with too many of them, though...I can get lost down the hole. 4y
  •   poeticwordvomit Hi Jeremy! I had a similar discussion on my feed regarding mirroring images. I love symmetry and can achieve it through straight shooting but sometimes I mirror purely to achieve an effect, not to "cheat" symmetry as some people put it. Everyone slaps at least an IG filter on top of a capture, so if achieving a visual effect through an app isn't appropriate, then nothing would be! Keep doing what you do, coz so far I am enjoying what I am viewing 4y
  •   vanviski Kaleidoscope 3y
  •   avechucha Love it!! 3y

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