alanarblanchard Using his binos at pine trees 3y
  •   luke_sydnor Maybe he's checking waigoslows? Ha 3y
  •   carsen_chak I love that beach!! 3y
  •   totszy omg alana I go there every summer for a month and stay in princeville. I surf all the time a pine trees and sometimes evan valier comes to surf with us too. he was and old surf teacher at pine trees. its so cool that he did well in his contest! 3y
  •   triggerhappysara Cool. Ur dad has manfrotto tripod 3y
  •   bryce_yasuhiko Ahahha r u kidding me 3y
  •   paigealms @alanarblanchard holtttttttttt!!! 3y
  •   s_ere_n_ity You are my inspiration! I love u 1y
  •   mansor1988 So nice canon 12mon

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