justinbieber Good morning 3y
  •   dj_elsa i lov you 2d
  •   rokiwardana What your shampoo name justin? @justinbieber 17h
  •   sammyluvskidrauhl @ok_felicityy aw last pic with long hair 14h
  •   nayked_ruiz Papasito 13h
  •   monaeltahir Justin I fucking love you okay?Y 8h
  •   monaeltahir You think that every belieber will grow up,have a family and stuff and forget about you but no ! We will always stay by your side...you saved my life and i"m thankful for that justin,i used to cut but everytime i listen to your wonderful voice you just kinda tell me that cutting is never the right answer even though you dont know i exist.I never thought that its possible to love someone on the other side of the world as much as i love you 8h
  •   monaeltahir I just wanna meet you,feel how beautiful your hugs are and thank you for verything but until then i"ll be sitting in front of my phone,commenting and liking your pics and listening to your wonderful vouce 7h

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