nasagoddard My new workstation. What do you think? Nice, right. 3y
  •   missmsbakehouse Haha @shalaco ! 3y
  •   fetelimpan Nice and oooold Mac displays, love it! 3y
  •   starzipan Needs some lolcats 3y
  •   orester_ DOUBLE monitors?!! Yegads, man, what year is this? 3y
  •   sinnistr0 Nice!! Two monitors are great for games! :-P 3y
  •   unixhacker Very nice. Needs no Windows, of course. 3y
  •   _rosaudi_ U ARE a astrónomy OR what @nasagoddard 2y
  •   m2010mag Yes. very nice cause your working for NASA .. Ummm. But. And a nice but... It needs a view. Or maybe not, if it be me id be distracted . Hahaha. Lol. No.. It's just perfect!!!! Haha. .. Nice . :) 1y

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