•   _thezookeeper Hahahaha I remember thinking it was doo funny the next day! And chins fakr eyelashes flick 3y
  •   diiinooo_ Haha yeh the one of Tom is the best @foeljergie ps. Fukn get here, I miss you 3y
  •   _thezookeeper Hahaha I know, that I think, was a good night! I'm working on getting there just impossible at the moment with the amount of Uni I've got. But I will ASAP. I promise  3y
  •   diiinooo_ Yeh fair enough. I'd come up again but I'm heaps poor atm cause I bought a new car and pretty much all my money goes to paying that off...fuck 3y
  •   _thezookeeper I think I saw a pic on facey.. Wrx? How much was that? And is it savage? I recon it's about time you write off another car 3y
  •   diiinooo_ Haha fuk u don't even say that! Its fairly savage. I paid 10 for it, which is pretty good for the condition it's in @foeljergie 3y

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