kawaiishika Ordered some sake and plum wine. Aren't the bottles so beautiful too! #sake #お酒 #梅 #plumwine #wedding #celebration #decoration #art #beautiful #japanese #japan #japancentre 4y
  •   kamuta8 うまそー 4y
  •   norinyan do you love sake??  4y
  •   kawaiishika @norinyan I love sake and plum wine I am using the bottles (when empty) at my wedding to decorate my wedding reception. Our wedding reception is to celebrate our English and Japanese wedding xxxxxx 4y
  •   norinyan Oh!!! it's so great My parents' house is sake shop in Hiroshima There are many traditional sake cellars in Kyoto. so good yummy! 4y
  •   kawaiishika @norinyan How wonderful! I would love to see it! I think I saw one down 先斗町, but it was closed when I walked past. We also tried sale for the first time in Kyoto in a department store in the station. The bottles are like little works of art! xxxxxx 4y

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