tmoretti I'm loving this full moon! Obviously, this was taken with my Canon. I would rather post pics from my camera than none at all, since my phone is kaput. Hope you all don't mind ;) 3y
  •   bretticus @hellena777 it fell in a lake. It works now but the camera part doesn't. Which is why she hasn't been here for a week :( 3y
  •   louboutin_girl Miss you! 3y
  •   vincois Gorgeous! 3y
  •   vincois I was wondering why i haven't seen a post from you in a while. My phone fell in a pool. Everything works EXCEPT the home button. It's a pain to use now. Have to power off just to get out of one app so I can use another. Borrowing a friend's old phone for now. Gives me time to save up for the new iPhone. :) Hope to see you posting again soon. Miss your pics. 3y
  •   redsox12 Similar thing happened to me, my brother pushed me in a pool and home and power button were broke but now just the power button doesn't work. Anyways, I hope to see you soon! 3y
  •   snackjuice Gorgeous pic! Just dropping by to see where u went & now I see  hope u get a new phone soon, miss ur wonderful photos!! 3y
  •   raeraebaby What's the 411 on your status? Sorry that's how many pics you've posted, not really how I talk. Miss you. 3y
  •   bretticus @raeraebaby she's waiting for the 5 to release before she gets a new one. I couldn't wait that long! 3y

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