•   empathie9 Oh, I am very impressed! You seem to be a very multisided talented and interested human. My profession is business manager for wholesale in food. But I'm changing soon. Then I will be a trainer for communication, trade and office management 4y
  •   siriomonroe @empathie9 Ah ah ah, you are too kind!! Thank you so much!! Wow you're a manager..here a lot of companies are defaulting, damned crisis. What is the situation in Austria? 4y
  •   empathie9 Hi Sirio, the situation in Austria is not so bad. Even though some companies have to struggle for their existence. All things considered the gravity of the situation in europe is a given but not viewless. We all have to learn to be on a budget. What I realise daily is the fact, that people very often save their money at the wrong things! Good Food should be one of the most important things in our life! We are what we eat! have a nice evening, dear Sirio 4y
  •   jolieaubree Sweet ride! 3y
  •   siriomonroe @aubreesbaby yeah, it's my baby!! 3y
  •   jolieaubree I don't blame you ! 3y
  •   siriomonroe @aubreesbaby what kind of writer are u? Sorry but i'm a very curious man! 3y

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