recapturist Paducah Beauty School. Well, it’s official. Paducah has clearly not yet adopted the practice of documenting its history. This beauty school has been in “continuous operation for over 80 years” but I can’t find any info about the place except for that line which I grabbed from a facebook page that hasn’t been touched since 2009. I was able to pull up a cached version of the About Us page from their now defunct website ( but that didn’t really give any historic information either. Such a shame. Cool sign, though. #neon #sign #retro #vintage #signporn #vintagesign #vintagesigns #recapturist 4y
  •   recapturist Yeah, probably a good idea :) 4y
  •   piccolotakesall Wow. I totally love your "collection" of vintage signs! What a great stream!  4y
  •   recapturist @piccolotakesall Thank you so much. 4y
  •   piccolotakesall Seriously, I love every single one! Just curious, are you taking all your images with an iPhone? 4y
  •   recapturist @piccolotakesall No, most are shot with a micro four thirds, specifically a Panasonic. 4y
  •   piccolotakesall Interesting. How do you like it? I was looking at the Olympus PEN when it first came out, but wasn't sure I could justify the cost. I ended up with a CanonT1i that I bought from a friend... Unfortunately, has underwhelmed me. 4y
  •   recapturist @piccolotakesall It's good for my needs, but I wouldn't recommend over a DSLR for most users. Poor high ISO performance being one big reason. Most of what I shoot is outdoors in the daytime so that doesn't effect me much. I like that its one lens can do everything... makes it easy. 4y
  •   piccolotakesall Yeah, the T1i is pretty bad at high ISOs, too. So, we're about even there. :( 4y

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