theuncool1 I am the eggman, they are the eggmen. I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob. The Ultimate Beatles Fan 4y
  •   theuncool1 @runswithscissors59 lol. I don't know if you can make out the inscription, it's pretty small. It reads, I am the egg man, coo coo ca choo. Can you imagine the look on the guys face at the headstone store when this guy asked, "Do you have any egg monuments?". lol. 3y
  •   runswithscissors59 Ahhhh I do see that! Very cool! I'm all confused. I was thinking you were the ultimate Beatles fan. Duh Lisa! (Unless maybe you are?). That would be hilarious...I'd love to see the guys face.."Eggs? Egg monuments? Eh?" 3y
  •   runswithscissors59 Note to self: read other comments. Then I would've known about the inscription! Again I say "duh lisa!" 3y
  •   theuncool1 @runswithscissors59 that's ok, I'm here to help you. It is early in the morning. lol. 3y
  •   theuncool1 @runswithscissors59 btw, I'm a fan of ALL music, as you can probably tell. 3y
  •   runswithscissors59 Yes I can tell. I am so mush ally challenged. It's embarrassing. I seem to listen to the sane music all the time bc it's familiar. Another note to self: expand your horizons lisa! 3y
  •   runswithscissors59 Sane. Same. Whatever. Wait. I'm insane! 3y

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