kellypodz R2-D2 in 3D! Saw Episode I in 3D today. It was cool to see the movie in theaters again. But I don't think the 3D did much for it. 3y
  •   kellypodz @breeannd82 Definitely. But I kind of wonder good footage that old will look in 3D. 3y
  •   breeannd82 It will look fabulous as it is Star Wars jk! We shall see.... And is 1 worth going? 3y
  •   kellypodz @breeannd82 No. Not really. I probably wouldn't have gone on my own, seeing as how Episode I sucks anyway. But a friend invited me. 3y
  •   lukereeger Sweet design! 3y
  •   breeannd82 Agree. Jar jar was a bad idea.... And that's good :) I think I have very few Star Wars geek friends who will make me go :) but... 4, I'm there opening night! 3y
  •   dinoshoots @kellypodz if that's a family guy reference, well done. 3y
  •   kellypodz @dinoshoots I guess I don't know what you're talking about. I've seen the Family Guy Star Wars spoofs; but don't remember much. 3y
  •   lracah If this one doesn't do well in theatres, he's not going to release any of the others... :( which sucks, he should've started w/ 4,5,&6 3y

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