listen_145 And we're complete! 3y
  •   brybryyyy Since commenting on this, I have gotten the whole set minus chaser haha. I even have the Star Wars Celebration Leia 2y
  •   listen_145 @brybryyyy so legit!!!!! Do you have the super chaser? 2y
  •   brybryyyy Nope :( 2y
  •   listen_145 @brybryyyy someone offered me $500.00 for my super chaser. Ha. I said no. 2y
  •   brybryyyy No freakin way hahah! I see them on eBay go for like $100-$200. I'd be happy with just the regular one 2y
  •   brybryyyy Have you started series two yet? 2y
  •   listen_145 @brybryyyy nope. They only sell at Disney. And I don't want to eBay everything. 2y
  •   brybryyyy Yeah I hear ya, I just don't go to Disney often enough 2y

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