vanswarpedtour iwrestledabearonce on Warped this summer 3y
  •   kylecondie I saw them on 2010 Warped Tour, they sucked so bad live. Such a sloppy performance and bad stage presence. 3y
  •   black_moonstone À lot like iwabo, a lot dislike... I hate that... 3y
  •   levilikesguitars Dont dis on our mother band from good ol shreveport 3y
  •   oromaru IWABO!! :0 just saw them live 2 weeks ago. show was friggin awesome and i wish i could see them again soon.. 3y
  •   jasmin_licea their music has no beat,it's literally just noise.well in my perspective 3y
  •   jakexmurnane You either love or hate them. I, personally, fucking love them. 3y
  •   tkc_315 I used to think they were good...3 years ago. I realized how dumb I was because they're terrible. 3y
  •   steveadapeeps @fuckingroroe why thank you :D 3y

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