barackobama Volunteers in Virginia are decorating the walls of the new Petersburg field office with their reasons for supporting President Obama. What would you write? #Obama2012 3y
  •   minho_minoz FREE GAZA 2mon
  •   patikyanglemahgemalai @retro_ak truth! Me too will support your voice once you #savegaza 2mon
  •   xxmaria_x Plzz stop the bombing!!!!!! BARACK A-BOMBER!!!!!! STOP THIS WAR BY HELPING GAZA GET THEIR LAND BACK! !! 2mon
  •   mhairi_mcpherson Free Gaza 1mon
  •   beyza_nh Fuck Obama #helpgaza Obama is a Terrorist 1mon
  •   dc_uni_nightw WHAT I WOULD WRITE: Hmm... I've never cared much for politics. It always makes my head hurt. I know some people like polotics but it just scares me... It's just problem on top of problem on top of problem. Literally I don't wanna hear about who could harm our country. But keep that in a private meeting. Knowing America, the rumor will get out. Lots of other people feel different but that's just how I feel. 1mon
  •   cutecherry1 Free gaza 1mon
  •   shes.a.handsome.melon Ryan was kneeling in the bathtub, a towel under his knees and another under his hands, his head turned as he craned his neck to watch Brendon working. The younger boy swirled the spoon around in the over-large bowl before tapping it against the rim and laying it on the counter. "You know it'll cool down a little once I get it in the bag, but is that good?" Brendon bent over next to the tub so Ryan could slowly dip two fingers into the bowl, nodding once. 1w

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