urgentdogsofmiami TWO MONTHS wearing his Christmas sweaterThis is what it looks like when a 1 year old perfectly adoptable baby has given up hope after TWO MONTHS ON DEATH ROW...This is BOBBY #A1695634, and at just 1 year old, BOBBY is in danger of being killed at #MDAS. He has a little Christmas sweater on because he was DUMPED by his family on December 16th, and volunteers thought if he put on this cute sweater, someone would notice him and save his life. That hasn't happened and now Bobby is CODE RED, and could be killed at any minute. He is so heartbroken & he broke our hearts too. He sits by the kennelgate with his head down because so many ppl have passed him by that he is resigned to the fact that no one wants him. Please don't let this boy die here. He deserves a second chance at life in a loving home with good people. We will sponsor his adoption fees to a loving home- PLEASE HURRY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Bobby is waiting for you now at Miami-Dade Animal Services, 7401 NW 74th Street in Miami, FL. Please share, tag & repost to help #saveBobby. #shelter #MDAS #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #rescue #foster #Fosteringsaveslives #urgentdogsofmiami #Miami #adopt #Savealife 4mon

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