yulady Hello IG fam. Thank you all so much for following me in my other acc @yuladysaluti and for the kind words about @instagram blocking me from using popular hashtags. I sure hope you guys help me move my followers by spreading the word. I read a comment from one of you guys and it was so touching, I wanted to respond but I had no time and I went to look for it and it was gone for some reason. I can't remember who it was from. But it was about your mom dying from cancer and your dad not being so nice. Well whoever you are, I read it, I cried and I'm so very thankful you shared that with me. Thank you.
Love you guys.

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18h yulady
Normal Yulady Saluti
yulady Ahhhh this girl stole my heart 15 years ago. She is the only person that can get me angry in half a second. I remember looking into her eyes and experiencing true love for the first time, just seconds after she was born. Yes I don't like her sometimes, but I love her all the time. @ashleenykyy I love you, you-cranky-teenage-pain-in-the-butt photo creds to my other daughter @ingareese missing in the pic my other 2 daughters @l_atkins And @isabella_saluti
Man I have a lot teenage girls in my life. Thank you for a great 4 days girls. Till next time.
  •   ingareese 2 new followers 17h
  •   l_atkins ^ 17h
  •   perthyogagirl I love your honesty! I found myself googling yesterday "what if you don't like your child". I have a 4 yr old lil girl (devil) that can get me angryier than I have ever experience in my life. Sometimes I barely recognise myself! Thank you for making me feel this is normal and making light of what can feel like something so dark! 17h
  •   heidiyogi BEAUTIFUL 16h
  •   shellberight28 @samsara_love ,, caption 16h
  •   magdalenalockling I want to do this 16h
  •   robinmartinyoga Ashlee is flexi like her mama!! WOW!!! 14h
  •   yogella So great! 7h

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yulady The couple that presses together.... Love @geraldsaluti so so much. ️ Hey yogis.
I am planning on traveling this fall to teach some workshops with my hubby @geraldsaluti
My September dates filled up quickly so it would be starting in October.
If you know of any studios who would like to host me tag them and if you are a studio Email me at Ysaluti@gmail.com
Thank you for your love and support. ️ Namaste.

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yulady Here is the story about my new acc @YuladySaluti. Last year for breast cancer awareness month I posted a pic with no shirt on (I have no nipples because of breast cancer)
The pic got reported, acc was blocked and my photos have not showed in hashtags with 100k pics or bigger. I tried contacting @instagram For the past 7 months no luck so I would like to move my followers there. I will keep both accounts until I can move you all from @yulady to @yuladysaluti ️ Please share and follow
Thank you
  •   jelly_dewdrop Well I do apologize for a recent post I made. I didn't know of your struggles with cancer and I am sorry. Awesome to see your strength take you thru it. 1d
  •   yulady @jelly_dewdrop don't be sorry silly. Sending you hugs. Xoxoxo 1d
  •   solosolmovement We just followed your new account! 1d
  •   hicksle Strength should never be blocked!!! You weren't doing it out of a provocative nature! Lordy so people just don't know the difference... 1d
  •   upsidedownmama @yuladysaluti @yulady maybe host a short competition with your new username and have an image for contestants to repost to get the word around? My friend on Oahu every year hosts a topless protest because men are allowed to be topless at beaches but not women. She holds signs on Waikiki and the North shore and causes all the rage. It's definitely a double standard and in your case absurd when you have been such an open and honest advocate for those who have suffered and given up so much. 1d
  •   headphones_pencil That's not cool, I see people post all kinds of stuff and not get reported, I think your breast cancer pic was very powerful. 1d
  •   mikayogawear Hey girl! We'd love to help spread the word of your new account and can share one of your beautiful pics on our ig account with your new name, let me know if you had a specific one in mind:) or you can email it over to me at: contact@mikayogawear.com 1d
  •   sanaandthesea I remember that photo - keep doing it, you're a heroine, simple as that! Om Swastiastu 20h

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yulady A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. – Albert Einstein

Good night yogis.

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yulady Pressing handstand is my fave. Changing gaze not so much. It is so hard.
What's up yogis?? What are you up to today?

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yulady How yogis hug trees and do hanumanasana (split pose)
Make sure you follow my new acc @yuladysaluti I'm having problems with this one. I'm still keeping this one until I can move you all there. :) Love you guys and thank you.

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yulady Please follow @yuladysaluti and tag your friends. Thank you . 3d

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  •   langjo1117 Haha ok just checking!!! 3d
  •   wt3f_gio Perfecto! 3d
  •   staceylynnlaird @hdepinho i have been practising this pose too♡ 3d
  •   just_ally1 Hello beautiful soul. I'm quite new on my yoga journey and I'm struggling with two things. The first is in constantly slipping in downward dog. I'm pretty flexible in general and in order to feel it I need to go deeper but when I do my hands slide forward too much. Advice? And the second is how do I effectively practice handstands and inversion to get better and stronger and to see improvement? I have attended a few classes and asked and they said that they do not practice those things during regular classes. So I'm a bit lost. Can you share some of your wisdom? Have a lovely day filled with joy and positivity. (: 3d
  •   denissecasales Motivation @bltabizon 3d
  •   kae_mould 3d
  •   geraldsaluti Beautiful post! 1d
  •   danielaxo18 You have to follow her, she's amazing! @falcorinflight 1d

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3d yulady
Video Yulady Saluti
yulady Good Morning!!
Here is the final flow for today (sorry I fell asleep last night before posting it)
I had a really great time being part of this challenge with @mankofit_challenge
I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did.
The dance at the end is dedicated to my partner in crime @mankofit_challenge Much love to you especially to @mankofit love ya girl. --------------------------------------- Buenos días!!
Aquí está el flow final para hoy
(Me disculpan que me quede dormida anoche)
Yo la pase súper bien haciendo este challenge con @mankofit_challenge
Espero que ustedes también la hallan pasado muy bien.
El baile al final es dedicado a mi compañera @mankofit_challenge Con mucho amor para todos especial mente para @mankofit
TQM chica.

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4d yulady
Video Yulady Saluti
yulady Here is your stretch routine for tomorrow and final stretch of the 5 day detox challenge.

I am demonstrating this amazing glute, hamstring , and low back stretch!

Remember be kind to your bodies and do these poses to the best of your abilities. Bend your knees if you need to modify. The point here is to stretch and allow our bodies to become more flexible. Hold each pose for 5 deep breaths and repeat 3-5 times per side.

What a wonderful way to end this detox.
I'm so happy to have done this with you guys and @mankofit_challenge!

Thank you for letting us into your lives I love you all! _________________________________

Aqui esta la rutina de estiramiento para mañana y la última de este reto detoxificante de 5 días. Estoy demostrando este increíble estiramiento de gluteos, femoral, y espalda baja.

Recuerden de ser cuidadosos con sus cuerpos y de hacer estas poses lo mejor que puedan. Doblen las rodillas para modificar el estiramiento. El punto es estirarnos . Aguantar cada pose por 5 respiraciones hondas y repetir de 3-5 veces por lado.

Que linda manera de terminar este reto!

Muy feliz de hacer echo esto con ustedes y @mankofit_challenge. Muchas gracias por permitirnos entrar en sus vidas.

Los quiero mucho! Un beso grande

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4d yulady
Normal Yulady Saluti
yulady Good morning!! Chaturanga (probably the hardest yoga pose.)
for #flybyjuly with @geraldsaluti
Hope you all have an Amazing day
@coffeeandrainbows @yoga_lovely
Buenos Dias,
Chaturanga (probablemente la pose de yoga más difícil que hay)
Espero que tengan un día maravilloso

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5d yulady
Video Yulady Saluti
yulady Here is your yoga flow for tomorrow :
Simple, beautiful , and straight to the point. These flows will not only help you stretch and be more flexible but if any of you are doing these I promise you this is a "WORKOUT" !

We will hold every pose for 5 deep breaths ( 30s to 1 min) and we will repeat 3-5 times per side .

We are almost done guys 2 more days and we are done! Hold on tight!
How are you feeling? @mankofit_challenge is feeling more flexible. I love to hear that.
#misbehave and namaste baby!!!!!! _________________________________

Aqui esta el flow de mañana :
Muy simple , hermosa, y al punto. Estas rutinas no sólo son para hacerlos más flexibles pero si están haciéndolas saben que es una rutina fuerte que nos dará muy buenos resultados.

Vamos a aguantar cada pose por 5 respiraciones hondas (de 30s a 1 min) y repetir por cada lado de 3-5 veces.

Ya casi terminamos con este reto sólo faltan 2 días.

Como se sienten? @mankofit_challenge se siente mucho más flexible. Eso me fascina :) #misbehave y namaste!

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yulady Here's your stretch routine for tomorrow: HIPS again to help with @mankofit_challenge with her hip.
Be aware and be kind of your body , only go as deep as your body allows it but get a good stretch.

Hold each pose pot 5 deep breaths (30s to 1min)

Repeat 3-5 times per side!

As you can see I had to record this routine at the gym but hey, anywhere anytime for you gays!



Aqui está la rutina de estiramiento para mañana: estamos enfocando otra vez en las caderas para ayudar @mankofit_challenge su lesión.

Tengan cuidado y sean bondadosos con sus cuerpos. Sólo vayan tan hondo como el cuerpo de los permita pero aún sintiendo un buen estiramiento.

Aguanten cada pose por 5 respiraciones hondas (de 30s a 1 min). Repitan 3-5 veces por lado.


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5d yulady
Normal Yulady Saluti
yulady #Repost from @jayalders

Hey #yoga families - I'm stoked to offer this great Instagram giveaway contest for your favorite #yogaBaby !! The rules are easy.
1. Follow & tag @jayalders & @bendibaby
2. Screen shot and re-post this photo.

3. Include hashtag #BendiJayAlders
We'll pick one lucky winner on August 1st to receive a #Bendibaby #YogaMat and a #JayAlders #Om #Onesie
Check out shop.JayAlders.com and BendiBaby.com for your little #yogi or #yogini's next gift and tell friends please

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5d yulady
Video Yulady Saluti
yulady Good morning guys here's today's flow which is very very simple: INNER THIGHS AND BACK stretch (Excuse me for not posting last night as scheduled)

Very self explanatory which is why @mankofit_challenge and I did not provide a description. Make sure you hold each pose for 5 breaths (30s to 1 min) and that you repeat 3-5 times per side.

How's everyone feeling?

Buenos días mi gente linda! Aquí está el flow de hoy que es muy muy simple! (Disculpen por no publicar ayer en la noche)

Este flow es bien fácil por eso @mankofit_challenge y yo no pusimos descripción. Asegure de de aguantar las poses por 5 respiraciones hondas (30s a 1 min) y repetir 3-5 veces por lado)

Como se sienten todos? Yo me siento genial!


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5d yulady
Normal Yulady Saluti
yulady Morning Meditation and some yummy tea courtesy of @yourtea
Loving the happy tummy feeling after drinking it. Who doesn't want great digestion. I do!!! Good morning IG fam enjoy your day. Xoxo
  •   yulady @juliegiraudavril oh i don't know. I drink it bc it helps me with my crazy belly. It made it feel better. But I don't drink it for weight loss. 5d
  •   yogaracheal I Love this tea!!!!! Same for me though. Not for weight loss. It just does my tummy great ! 5d
  •   yulady @yogaracheal right?? My belly was so happy after I drank it. And one thing I do have to say. It helped me with bloating. 5d
  •   yulady !!!! 5d
  •   n4mastehunni Hmmm I just followed @yourtea I also have tummy issues from being born premature and a gallbladder removal..I'll have to try it thanks @yulady 5d
  •   vaanlotus Thanks for the enlightenment! Stay awesome! 5d
  •   sarahfotobug The tea shadow is a #heartlove ! 5d
  •   chelle19717 I'm so glad I stumbled upon your page. Can you please follow Back? 5d

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6d yulady
Video Yulady Saluti
yulady Here is your stretch routine for tomorrow: FOCUSING ON BACK and INNER THIGHS!

This is pretty self explanatory so no long descriptions today . I would like for you guys to really do these and STOP thinking you're not flexible enough because how will you get there if you don't practice?

Don't forget to check out @mankofit_challenge
How's everybody doing?
Tag your partners and let's get it! Tomorrow's flow next #misbehave


Aqui rsta la rutina de estiramiento de mañana: enfoca somos en ESPALDA y la parte de adentro de los muslos.

Este video como ven es fácil en teoría así que no habrá descripción larga. Espero que ustedes estén haciendo estas rutinas y dejen de pensar que no son tan flexibles porque si no practican, entonces como pueden mejorar?

Chechen a @mankofit_challenge para otra versión
Como están todos? Habrá la versión sin adelantar
Mencionen a sus compañeros , el flow de mañana viene próximo! #misbehave

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6d yulady
Normal Yulady Saluti
yulady Happy Friday yogis!
Today I feel so grateful for some amazing new friends. @mankofit @fitqueenirene. Pay attention yogis sometimes the least expected person can come into your life and make it better.

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