yogeek I am SUPER proud to be part of this one of a kind podcasting online pop- up conference! Well, at least the first one of it's kind. Yeay! Check @jesskupferman and myself at 2pm PST

And I adore the line up!!!! Dude. @Veronica. She's been one of my heroes in the space FOREVER. I remember the first time that I saw her in real life I almost had a heart attack. It was in LA in 2007 at some web video conference....and well...starstruck and I COULD BE HER MOTHER!!!!

And then there is the indomitable @helenzaltzman - genius!

My buddies @rayortega and @espreedevora with @chris.brogan, how cool is that???

OH and @ttscoff!!!! HOLY MONKEYS! Without this man's work I could not even function on my computer!!!

So anywhoooooo. Excited ️ SIGN UP IT'S FREEEE!!! Link on my profile OR blab.im/podcon

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yogeek She did it!!! 2d

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yogeek Thank you to @DukeEnergy for being so awesome.

For the past week + we've been having rain in the mountain. TONS of rain, a little bit at a time but you know, rain ️ My work requires me to be connected via internet.

It's how we make our living.

No power = no work (usually) although of course I do have a pretty powerful hotspot, so I've never really been completely disconnected <knock on wood>


This past week, I had the power go out twice.

Duke has this cool thing that you can easily report an outage via both phone and internet. They also have the capability to text message you updates.

It's SO easy to report issues. It's SO easy to keep informed of what's going on with restoration of power. I also got a personal voice message from someone from the Duke team sharing information about what was going on.

Class act service.

I don't expect 100% uptime for where we live BUT their communication with me as a consumer has been stellar.

I thank them for keeping the communication open and supporting us #WorkFromWherever folks that rely on power as our livelyhood.

Kudos to Duke Energy!

PS: They have a great presence on social media as well. So much to be learned from their social media team - coming from someone that knows what it's like to be a social media community manager!

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yogeek Who brings their own kichadi to Starbucks? That would be ME!

It's the YoGeek way yo I have to finish working on episodes of #TheFeed and She Podcasts. This Starbucks has the fastest upload speeds that I found and I needed yummy food in my tummy

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yogeek She's the seven year old in the house.


Changed my life.


Changed all of our lives.

She that makes my heart ache with love every day as I watch her become herself daily. I watch her develop her preferences. I watch her watch me, to gage who she is in the world.

What a responsibility. And one that both empowers and terrifies me.

She has grown so much in this past year, with one of the biggest developments that she now has her own big-girl bed, no longer co-sleeping with us (although it's still about a 50% nightly occurrence ️) She is my embodied dream and I cannot wait to watch her continue to discover herself. May I guide strongly and discern when to allow her to choose

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yogeek I was so scared about getting feedback for our Go Big Or Go Home episode(episode 57). I was afraid that no one would support the choice that I made for myself - I chose to not change a plane ticket to be part of a panel with some big names in podcasting so that I could come home when I said that I would come home and not further stress my family.

I think my choice was unusual. I think my choice was, perhaps, on the fringe, for women! Gah! and I was right, most of the feedback we got back, was PRO having done what I could to further my career BUT there where some that empathised and understood as well.

But the community spoke! And they spoke so LOUDLY. I'm amazed at how engaged the She Podcasts community is. So proud of the conversation the we are having as a commuity of women and content creators.

Y'all need to listen and be part of the conversation! Especially if you have something to say about the balance between motherhood, family, and career 😇

You can listen by tapping the link in my profile ️. It will open the Podcasts App directly on your phone! OR ShePodcasts.com/58 h

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yogeek THE number ONE question that we get @Libsyn and for She Podcasts is - how do I get more listeners aka how do I grow my audience.

Am I right podcasters?

And there's LinkedIn.

In all the dealings that I have with podcasters and all the Q&A that I do with them not ONE has mentioned LinkedIn as a place to grow their audience, but I don't think that it's because it doesn't work, I think it's because we don't know what the heck we're doing!!! LOL #truth

So, @jesskupferman and I decided to go where podcasters tend to stay away - LinkedIn.

I know you're excited. Bwahahhahha.
In all seriousness, we'll be offering a LinkedIn for Podcasters Webinar as part of our She Podcasts Educational series, because we must not be afraid of what we don't know! And really. We might be leaving tons of audience and work behind. And that's just not cool.

Join us for FREE you can still get the replay! Sign up STAT. Knowledge is power YO. Shepodcasts.com/linkedinwebinar

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yogeek See this face? This is kinda how LinkedIn makes me feel. "Who you lookin' at?" I have no CLUE about LinkedIn - but @jesskupferman and I have been creating these super killer digital media consulting packages and services that merit a different audience PLUS where are the podcasters in LinkedIn?

We're missing out.

I think we're intimidated. We have no clue about LinkedIn!

It's as serious as MAHFACE Therefor it's time to crack that egg and get the scoop on all things LinkedIn with our second She Podcasts Educational Webinar all about LinkedIn for Podcasters - yipeeeeee!

Don't let my face scare you - it's gonna be fun. Sign up - link in my profile!!! ️ OR ShePodcasts.com/linkedinwebinar

It's Wednesday at 1pm EST - and there will be a recording!

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yogeek I love her *style*. She always makes these geometric shapes that build upon one another. It seems that she was influenced by the early 20th century. Maybe she was born in France?

She just started using color, usually her art is very monotone, sometimes all in the same color.

#ShesFour #MaeMae #Cubism #art #play #color #inspiration #artist

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yogeek There is something about her that I love.

I connect with HER in her every day ness. I connect with the deep clarity of who she is and what she's about. I adore her presence in social and digital media. It makes my YoGeek self *blissfully* happy.

Her Voice is clear and strong.

I am also very much inspired by how she lives in her work. Pure resonance I feel, and it's SO refreshing.

Congratulations to @paleochef on her @phatfudge WIN! I'm a passionate supporter and super excited for Mary!!! Yeay!!! Go Go Go!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about go on over to @phatfudge, click the link in the bio and read all about it. Can't wait to get mine

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yogeek We visited a delicious home.

The majority of the material used is adobe, lovingly molded by hand. Amazing stuff.

When I went inside it, it smelled like many homes I visited in El Salvador. It made me remember my childhood.

It's tiny and beautifully curvy. I don't think I saw any corners anywhere!

There is a lovely vegetable garden bursting with veggies and a pond that was created to support the entire ecosystem.

This homestead thrives on the permaculture that it represents, nothing within that tiny ecosystem goes to waste. It all feeds into one another.

So inspiring. The energy is mind blowing. All built by hand and supported by a community of like minded individuals. #Dream

Stoked for the young couple living here. There is no running water, nor electricity. DUDE. Too old to deal with THAT! But, if I was in my early 20s, I'd have be SO on it!

#primitivebuilding #adobe #permaculture #green #garden #sustainability #tinyhouse
  •   mansell365 Haha wow! Yeah those amazing, hearty rustic youngsters! Cool-looking house. I was just re-reading about permaculture, because people are doing that on Slumberland, ya know! :) 2w
  •   yogeek @mansell365 I know right??? They do their dishes in the pond! Even in winter! 2w
  •   makermaven I love your honesty... I so love and admire this kind of living, with 2 babes and one in the way u can't imagine! But it sounds so peaceful and lovely if I were just I and not a "we". 2w

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yogeek To date, this is one of the most powerful and uncomfortable episodes that I've ever put out into the world. I didn't know how I felt about putting this out. It was SO SCARY!

Jessica and I had a pretty charged conversation around making choices for career vs family vs values vs motherhood and every thing in between, and it went deep AND super personal.

It's pretty raw.

The feedback that we got around this episode was equally as passionate.

There were two points of view discussed that all came about around a decision that I made for ME that landed on the side of my family rather than my career advancement.

Jess shared a different side of the conversation that leaves a lot of food for thought.

Listen and let us know what YOU would have done? Is making these kind of decisions only an issue for women? OR do men also wrestle with stuff like this?

If you've been waiting to listen to She Podcasts or dont' think that it applies to you, listen to this episode and you'll get a very clear understanding of what She Podcasts IS - it's a lot more than talking podcasting! ShePodcasts.com/57

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1mon yogeek
Normal Elsie Escobar
yogeek TAN TAN TAN!

Presenting The She Podcasts Educational Series for any and all genders! (with a saucy, feminine persuassion/flavor) we are definitely not bland and possibly an acquired taste.

If you listen to She Podcasts, you already know how much we LOVE Clammr. So we are EXTREMELY excited to bring you this Clammr tutorial straight from the Co-Founder! Parviz is not only an amazing visionary, he's an incredibly great guy.
Clammr = A personalized, continuous stream of 18 second audio clips from the sources you love. And which YOU can be a part of!

We're going to show you: Clammr basics - listening and creation
Why social presence matters for podcasters based on our recent research
How you can enhance your social presence with Clammr
How to use Clammr as a social syndication tool for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms
How to take full advantage of Clammr technology with widgets and playlists
How to build an ENTIRE BUSINESS using the Clammr platform
Getting started using Clammr is EASY and fun - once you start, you'll start thinking in "Clammr"s just like we do!


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1mon yogeek
Inkwell Elsie Escobar
yogeek I didn’t think there would be two - two little beings that we would have the opportunity to bring into the world.

I didn’t think that I would have the blessing of having a vaginal birth after C-section.

I thought I would never know what it was like to go into labor and go through the primitive initiation into the world that so many women have previously been a part of.

That hurt. Deeply. I couldn’t talk about it. It was too painful a loss.

But then SHE needed to be born.

She came giving me the gift of the full experience. She chose when to come into the world. She told me when it was time.

She said I’m fully cooked Mama, ready, at 36 wks & 6 days.

She challenges me. She rips at me. She elevates me. She loves me. She yearns for me. She demands of me.

My Mae Mae is my unexpected blessing who chose us to guide her through the world. She is the most determined, unrelenting person that I have ever known.

She is not easily swayed. She remembers. She is cautious. She is present. She has definite opinions and points of view. And when she chooses you, she is there. All of her.

Happy birthday to my delicious baby girl that fortuitously gave me an sacred experience that I didn’t think was mine to have.
  •   nic_abboud That was lovely 1mon
  •   rdyogamama VBACs are so powerful...especially for those of us who had previously trusted and depended on our bodies with infallible faith...it was my 2nd VBAC (and my only natural birth of 3 amazing boys) that finally restored my faith in myself and the universe. Every birth is beautiful and uniquely determined by the 2 souls that enter the experience together. What a blessing that to have one that reflects our inner longing. Thanks for sharing your story. 1mon
  •   joyful_courage I love this testimonial... 1mon
  •   sheofthewild I love this. 1mon
  •   philcampbell Ah the bliss of kids... ;) 1mon
  •   free.zpirit 1mon
  •   amanda.a.acosta This is such a beautiful picture! They grow so fast...My day is always complete when I get to curl up with my 2 babies :) @yogeek 4w
  •   yogeek @amanda.a.acosta it's the best thing ever. It's so rejuvenating 4w

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yogeek Happy Birthday to my amazingly determined, unrelenting and effervescent little 4 year old. And this snippet makes my heart burst every time I see it!!! #Listen 1mon

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yogeek This lovely being, on the eve of her 4th birthday (her golden birthday) woke up from her nap in the car going up the mountain with an ear ache.





But the complete sorrow, and complete breakdown that unfolded for the following almost 3 hours was heartbreaking and utterly draining - for all of us.

She refuses any kind of care, healing, love, understanding, medicine, or anything else that one might want when not feeling well. I'm always left feeling completely helpless because I don't know how to help her.

I don't know how to facilitate even HOW to help her do what SHE wants to feel better.

I'm also not sure if what I'm watching in front of my eyes is in fact debilitating pain or if it's an expression far above what is the reality of the situation.

She plays now, having calmed down and opened a couple of birthday presents. We anticipate quite an eventful night ahead. She is certainly welcoming her 4th year with the type of power with which she came into the world.

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yogeek I am SOOOOOOOOOOO in my element in this podcast episode of @Yogahealer with Cate Stillman!

I get to chat about VOICE, the actual voice, the thing that comes out of your mouth when you speak.

Cate got some feedback on the sound of her voice from someone in her community that was used to hearing her one way and did not like the way that she had evolved. I get an opportunity to go deep into voice in a way that I've only spoken one other time - over at NMX during my live session.

LISTEN if you want to know anything about how to work on your voice so that you can have the type of impact you wanna have in the world! Podcasters...y'all are gonna wanna hear it.

#YogaTeachers - you are gonna want to listen 😇 ShePodcasts.com/yogahealer

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yogeek Ah yes. Brand engagement and social media, and how that affects podcasters (especially what category.) We speak about impressions vs downloads - and y'al are gonna have to put on your #tinfoil hat. AND it's really something all podcasters need to start to wrap their minds around...I'm telling you!!! OMG. The resurgence of podcasting is addressed...AGAIN. #petpeeve #stopitalready

But really what we want to know from you guys is do you have a show that is male and female focused and did you ceate your brand so that it was more neutral looking?

Listen to the conversation and for goshes sake participate! ShePodcasts.com/56

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yogeek Here we have my almost 4 year old that did some body painting. She chose to have an acorn/zombie. Yes, you heard right, acorn-zombie, because my Mae is certainly herself. #AlmostFour #BirthdayWeek #daughter #original #Love 1mon

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yogeek She asked me "Mama? Can I make a video?" "Sure" I said, "why do you want to make a video?" "Because I wanna be like you, Mama." tap to #listen 1mon

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