yogeek I.LOVE.NETTLES!!! These lovely greens are insanely good for you. Like crazy pants. I cannot even get into ALL the goodness that these magical little plant can do for you AND can I say that I'm SO *lucky* to have the most incredible homesteading family/neighbors that have a bazillion of these babies in their yard and we can have them straight from the garden.

There is nothing better. Seriously.

Thank you @hyperbolic_love and @petrichorarts! I can't wait to grow my own nettle-magic!!!

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yogeek My new best friend.

Bite size audio!!! We are just getting to know each other.

I'm excited. I'm giddy. I'm confused. I'm wanting more. I'm super obsessed. My creative juices are bursting.

Follow my journey over there. I'm making that home for all things Tech + Media + Consciousness. I'll be your guiding voice 17 seconds at a time.

Go to http://clammr.com

Download the app and follow yogeek. iOS only for the moment!

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yogeek Guess who lost a FRONT tooth??? She's so proud my baby! 1w

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yogeek COMPLETELY forgot to post about THIS episode, but it *must* be done because it's jam-packed with awesomeness!!! The ladies from @90210blaze asked us how to convert their growing social media followers into podcast listeners. Seeeeeriously cool beans question and @jesskupferman and I loved answering it. BTW, have you checked out @90210blaze? It IS the 90210 podcast that you've been waiting for
Instagram podcasting tips anyone? I shell out the stuff that I've been observing + testing.

And we dive into real - true - podcast download numbers, like the REAL DEAL. They might just surprise the panties off you (especially if you don't wear panties ) But come on back here and ask me about those numbers! I'd love to continue to chat about them.

Oh! And the amazing @lisatella from Pop Fashion shares with us a fantastic way to rally up the troops so that we can say "YES THERE ARE A LOT OF WOMEN IN PODCASTING!!!" and stop the BS that there aren't women in podcasting *blah*. LISTEN ASAP by tapping on the link in my profile️. It will take you directly to the Podcasts App on your iOS device.

OR shepodcasts.com/45 OR

Just SUBSCRIBE and get it over with shepodcasts.com/itunes

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yogeek Social Media has nothing to do with REAL LIFE.

Being engaged in social media has nothing to do with being SOCIAL.

As some of you guys might have noted, I went away to Las Vegas for a conference on April 13, came back on April 15 and I'm STILL catching up.

All work that I prepped while I was away was awesome.

All posting that I had prepped and scheduled, went swimmingly.

Upon coming back social media engagement, building, growing, hanging, all takes a back seat.
I'm starting to emerge from the onslaught.

Social Media is a full.time.job.

And no, you cannot do it without a plan. And no, you cannot do it without some pristinely clear energy behind it.

IMO there is no set it and forget it, at least not the way that I engage.

Hi all! Nice to see you again!

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yogeek I spy with my little eye Mae Mae's work (my 3.5 yr old) Can anyone spot it? 3w

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yogeek I was sooooooooooooo proud of myself!

I've been wrestling with all of my loves for a LOOOOOOONG time. I got sick of asking the same questions to myself - in a little girl voice "so how do I merge the yoga and the podcasting and the theater stuff?" "am I a yoga teacher? am I a podcaster? am I a consultant? am I a ....?" I was concentrating on all of the outside perceptions and outside *entities* - branding, website, pitch, description, bio, etc.

And I compartmentalized myself. #NoBueno

Would people GET IT?

What the heck do I DO?

All I can say is that in my session - which went amazingly by the way - I finally did it. I simply DID IT. I merged it all, without second guessing myself. I have never felt so comfortable teaching, sharing information like I did in my session at NMX.

I did it MY way. And people responded.

Yeay for ME!

Because really, it's NOT about your microphone...

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yogeek This was one of my favorite tweets from my session today.

Had such a great time. Stoked to have helped some peeps discover a few cool things about themselves #NMX

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yogeek I work with a lot of podcasters. A LOT. I get the opportunity to correspond and advice @libsyn podcasters as well as the ladies from the She Podcasts community.
I see so much confusion and doubt about tools and practices that end up making the podcaster feel completely insecure with the KEY feeling that they are missing something.

If they only had X, or Y or even Z, they would TOTALLY sound better or even simply feel confident with their voice!

But that's not the case, because it's NOT about your microphone. And surprise, surprise, it has nothing to do with hardware or software - AND you don't have to buy anything!!! You *will* get the most out of your microphone. I guarantee it :) * You'll find out exactly what to look for to make more impact with your VOICE.
* You'll physically experience a level of openness that will more powerfully expand your message.
* You'll get the tools necessary to make confident choices about what you need to do to up-level the sound of your voice.

Come and join me!

TODAY at noon- Westgate CR 9!

Tap the link in my profile just for today to go straight to the session page and add it to your NMX/NAB experience!

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yogeek This is how I planned my #NMX session! I'm telling you, I had sooooo much stuff in my head. The hardest time I had was getting the info out of my head into some kind of cohesive *teaching*

This TOTALLY did it. Analog #FTW!

As I started to lay down my thoughts, almost one word or sentence per sticky note, it slowly became a concrete experience. SUPER easy to transfer into Keynote afterwards.

I know you're dying to know what it's all about, and if you're @NMX, you really do need to show up.

This is the first time that I'll be merging all of my areas of expertise into ONE dynamic integrative approach: podcasting, yoga, acting and digital media. YoGeek all the way baby!

Keep an eye on my feed for details of what you can expect, but I will give you the session name:

Getting The Most Out Of Your Microphone (It's NOT About Your Microphone)

Now that I've sparked your interest I hope to see you on Tuesday at 12pm Westgate CR 9. Only 45 minutes! And it will be jammed packed ;)

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yogeek Last night I didn't think I could do it - leave to go to #NMX. This one had a breakdown for over an hour.
She couldn't get a hold of herself. Tears. Tears. Tears. Pain. Despair. All because I was leaving.
Everyone says "it'll get better" "she'll be fine" "she'll get over it" "it's normal" "you gotta do what you gotta do" "she has to get used to it" "it'll get easier"

I don't know. I question it. I question the split - the split of us always being there and being there for me - and how you place importance on one over another - now - when she's 3.5.

I don't know. I honestly don't know what I feel in leaving...every time I come back it takes me a month to reset her back to center - and the whole family pays.

Not sure if it's worth it.

And yes, she will be ok. I get it. I just question...so much. Looking back - I kinda wish I would have set a very clear boundary for myself from the beginning - no travel for their first 5 years - without second guessing myself.

And of course professionally and creatively I NEEEEEED it - to express myself and take on the world. It fuels and fills me.

The thing is 2 or 3 years for me is no biggie - 2 or 3 years for HER right now, it's monumental. *sigh*

The dance continues.
  •   yogameag 3w
  •   mompreneurcommunity Sending you hugs and love. It's so hard leaving our babies! ️ thank you for being so open 3w
  •   renamh Mama. 3w
  •   paganomedia awesome! 3w
  •   bizchixpodcast You can always re-negotiate. @yogeek 3w
  •   mywildbird 2w
  •   mothercamel Hi Elsie, just wanted to thank you! Since giving birth to my daughter, I haven't made it back to my regular yoga class. My teacher doesn't mind me bringing my daughter along, but I can never quite relax, worrying she may wake up and disturb the class. So, instead I had started to search the internet for some videos, to freshen up my practice. Yours are my favourite. You are a wealth of knowledge and I have improved my practice tenfold by listening/watching your well-explained classes. I now prefer my home practice and look forward to you new uploads. Thankyou so much for taking the time to record them!! 1w
  •   yogeek @mothercamel thank you thank you thank you!!!!! So great to hear and I do hope to get these classes up that have been burning a hole in my computer OUT 1w

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yogeek New shaggy do. Because you know it's not 'real' unless it's posted to social media #longhair 4w

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yogeek Mama's gonna get a haircut! Part of the last prep festivities before heading off to Las Vegas for #NMX!

Since we just came in to #Pittsburgh last night, this morning I met with one of my most beloved private #yoga clients. Got him all ready for his upcoming trip to China I do miss teaching But for those of you attending @newmediaexpo you can get a little bit of Yoga + Tech + Podcasting at my session on Tuesday from 12-12:45 called "Getting The Most Of Your Microphone It's Not About Your Microphone"

Or come chat me up at the @libsyn boooooooooth!!!!

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yogeek R.I.P. Podcast Patent. Thanks for coming around and bringing out the best in the podcasting community :) In case you wanna read more head on over to eff.org. 4w

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yogeek Have you seen any pigs flying lately? It kinda looks (to me) that there are in fact A LOT of peeps that seem to be seeing pigs fly - particularly in the podcasting industry.

I'm not so keen on numbers not being disclosed, crazy $$$ making stats (that are simply being quoted) but not really based on any real data.

@jesskupferman and I discuss 2 specific posts of other She Podcasters that have been in the trenches doing it - consistently - working their behinds off - for a year - and the insight that they gained from DOING IT.

Anna Zerin from the @edrivethru podcast shared an awesome post on the She Podcasts FB Group about her experience this first year in podcasting.

Katie Krimitzos from Biz Women Rock - and all around community instigator of the Florida Podfest - reveals how much money she earned "podcasting" in 2014. It's an REAL post, detailing the kinds of income that came in - straight up - no pitch.

I also start the movement to recognize FOR YOURSELF how to measure download stats and guestimate podcast subscribers - and it's SO NOT all about your overall downloads!
LISTEN shepodcasts.com/44 OR better yet, #LinkInProfile - tap and listen STAT as the podcasts app launches for your listening pleasure.
SUBSCRIBE shepodcasts.com/itunes so that you don't ever miss an episode!

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yogeek I HAD to get this little top. C'mon now. How AWESOME is this thing??? ❝ namas'cray - the crazy in me recognizes and honors the crazy in you ❞

How could you NOT. And boys there's one for you as well . Head on over to namascray.com and it'll redirect to a Teespring Campaign. Let me know if you get it!

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yogeek Diving into certainty and doubt.


Tapped out.

Creatively and spiritually, I have a well swelling. I know it. I live it. It lives in me.

Reality - being a Mama stops the magical part of the brain from making connections and finishing thoughts in a neat little bow.

I feel the rise of a wave of insight arise only to instantly be destroyed by a tantrum/potty wipe/mama?mama?mama?mama?

Yes. I can be in the moment of this.

BUT AT ONCE - I need the moment to be in ME.

No wonder that *most* of those mystics that went off into a cave were men, and women with no young children.

Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy, hail. our life, our sweetness and our hope!
  •   makermaven It is by far the thing my brain craves the most ... Completion and depth of thought, investigation of a concept to its ends, to its insides, to it guts and back out again. Clarity. The light holding of an idea for weeks and months that I could maintain before kiddos. A brain that does not grasp and tear at itself trying to remember where it left off! YES a frequent prayer! Teach us wisdom, teach us love! 4w
  •   kelly_sunrose Yesss! Motherhood is the most mystic of spaces I have encountered. Absolutely. Push-pull. Love. 4w
  •   coachmichellecf Have you seen this chick?! http://instagram.com/p/1J5HnOsOgw/ 4w
  •   petrichorarts Totally hear you on this one. How is it possible they pull you in so many directions at once? 4w
  •   yseult But... These unfinished thoughts and ideas...? They're never lost. They will find you once more. 4w
  •   byismaelperez Nice! 4w
  •   gaby.noye I bet those mytics got their wisdom from their mama--they just had the space to put a nice bow on it. ;-) 4w

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yogeek And then there's the day we went to our first proper Easter Egg Hunt - here. Wow. 1mon

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yogeek 'Tis the season.

#spring #LittleFeetPhotoBomb

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