yogeek These ladies. THESE LADIES!!! From the podcast Another Round from Buzzfeed. They are incredible. GIANT fan of their work. They are doing some of the most vibrant work in the space, digging deep into diversity, racism, sexism, culture, in a cutting edge, accessible, SMART and hilarious way.

If you haven't listened to Another Round, you are missing out! #PM15 #SuperFan

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yogeek GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! With Marc Maron!!!!! #PM15 7h

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yogeek Some of us are getting serious over in these here parts. SHE Podcasts. #PM15 9h

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yogeek I got to meet the stunning Darieth Chisolm. So many incredible people here, it's insane #PM15 13h

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yogeek So nice to be able to see this lovely lady at live events, the mighty Krystal my co-host of #LibsynLive and support powerhouse. Come say hi if you wanna talk podcasting and Libsyn! #PM15 16h

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yogeek Good morning #PM15!!! Let's do this thing Ozomatli style! Como Vez?

Getting ready for the #ShePodcasts all day session and rocking out to one my most favorite albums of all time Just listen to the first song and join the happy

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yogeek All right inquiring minds! Here are my mags Both equally fascinating, although there were no winners!

But now I wanna catch up with all of you!

National Geographic and a collectors edition of Scientific American all about innovation in memory - which I totally need because since I became a Mama my memory is SHOT #geek #love #PM15

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yogeek LOVE the pronunciations I happily had my Cafe con Leche while hanging in Ft. Lauderdale. Now refueling in New Orleans. I had no idea I'd be taking such a detour!
  •   jenhemphill What I find funny it's non-spanish speaker pronunciation ;). Bummed I can't make it to podcast movement! 2d
  •   yogeek @jenhemphill that's the one I'm talking about. Too much 2d
  •   jenhemphill I obviously have been with a lack of sleep and didn't read fully your comment haha! 2d
  •   erikalyremark Love the glossy black cup! 2d
  •   mansell365 Tour of the south! 2d
  •   hearmotherhood I'm going to your session tomorrow. Yay!!! 2d
  •   yogeek @hearmotherhood yahoooo!!!! 2d
  •   yogeek @erikalyremark SO Erika!!!! We have a quote of your in our She Podcast notebook!!! Will share later in IG 2d

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yogeek Yes. Been totally MIA from social. Like almost completely. I'll share the why *maybe*

But anyway I'm off to Texas for #PM15 aka Podcast Movement!

And since I'm doing things the hard way (making a 2hr-ish flight into a 6hr change planes experience) I got a couple of magazines... Anybody up for guessing what I got?

The first person to guess both of them you will get a personal Q&A session with me! We can chat podcasting, yoga, parenting, wellness, social media, whatever floats your boat! Or we can just connect for the sake of connecting Although, I'm not sure anyone will guess!!!! 😇

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yogeek Awesome place to watch Fireworks. So lovely.

Happy Fourth of July everybody :)

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yogeek I didn't know that I even did it.

I had no idea that it was a thing.

Changing the way that I talked depending on who I was chatting with -

AND when I was in grad school - it was an imperative part of my education to CHANGE the way that I sounded.

I needed to remove all hints and pieces of where I came from.

To know the difference between "mɛrried" and "mærried" - tell me about it. It took me forever to even *hear* it, let alone, properly pronounce it!

Code switching. Do you do it?

And then we got a hater. Some pretty serious hate from a woman that thought we should not be selling a how to podcast course. She wondered "who are YOU?" and said your are "nobody" with her litmus test to *being* somebody equaling having a wikipidea page and podcasting since 2009.

Listen to us navigate the feedback and how we dealt with it.

It's a good conversation ️ Tap on the #LinkInBio to listen right AWAY or you can let your thumbs do the tapping over to

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yogeek My babies! The only ones getting wet at Splashville, braving the rain and <gasp> 72F temperature 1mon

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yogeek Sovereign. Buchi. Uncured beef stick bites. Yum.

Visiting Hickory Nut Gap Farm. Nanni and Pap are here.

Mama gets a bit of an exhale. 😬

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yogeek I miss him. Terribly. I miss cuddling with him, I miss kissing him, I most especially miss laughing with him. He has THE most infectious laugh Sometimes we get the giggles and there is nothing funny! Those are the best times, laughing-crying, over nothing specific, just joy.

I wish we lived closer, so that my girls could have another grandpa to play with - there's nothing like an Abuelito.

This is my Daddy, and often times I don't choose to remember him daily as much as I should because my heart misses him so.

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yogeek All I can say is that I'm so glad that this man is the Daddy of my girls.

I don't know a better human being.

He is endlessly kind yet firm.

He is P.A.T.I.E.N.T. - like for days on end. He has me beat by a long shot.

He is fully himself and is unapolagetic about who he is in the world.

The girls are so blessed to have such a firm and loving Hammer as their father.

Today, we bought some herbs - for me (his suggestion) - and they planted them together.

#Father #Dad #Daughters #Family #Love #HappyFathersDay
  •   hyperbolic_love He really is exceptional. So glad we got to spend father's day with two absolutely amazing daddies! <3 @petrichorarts ! 1mon
  •   yogeek @hyperbolic_love adore him and so stoked that we had a chance to hang for a bit! And even more thrilled that vomit did not ruin the day! Happy Father's Day @petrichorarts 1mon

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yogeek I feel like SUCH a dork in this episode. I got all overwhelmed and girly! Geesh (as my Hunter likes to say.) We had a discussion about having a man on the show, and how I'm very protective of the show and have consciously not asked any men (as of yet to be on the show.) @jesskupferman asked me if there was ANY man that I would have on the show, and out stumbled a *digital crush* that I have.

Great. All caught on tape.


To keep things interesting, we discuss what to do when you are a leader of a community and it seems like there's a mutiny brewing, plus all about the latest announcement that podcasts are now available on the #NewSpotify!

Listen up ladies and gents! It's a good one ️ Tap on the #LinkInBio to listen right AWAY or you can let your thumbs do the tapping over to

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yogeek We're leaving Pittsburgh tomorrow.

And it's been good!

Here we are cozying in the back seat about to go out for ice cream with Nanni and Pap. The girls of course have had a blast.

I was able to have time to work and walk around in my old stomping grounds.

We had a break from all the bugs and snakes and changed it for some concrete and air conditioning It's very nice to have the option of two "homes" The distance helps you see the beauty more.

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yogeek Life with a three year old.

NEVER a dull moment.

I've also never been aware of the word defiance - in body, mind and heart - so very clearly
This little video captures such elation and joy, but what happened before and after the experience pretty much sums up the many times a day experience with my *almost* four year old... She SO wanted to do this bungie jumping thing. When we first got there she freely followed her sister to DO IT. As soon as she realized she was alone with the woman that was going to strap her in she melted down completely.

She cried fiercely and refused to do it. She clung to me for dear life, because she had so much anxiety and at the same time she wanted to do it sooooooo bad, but couldn't get a hold of herself.

We went to play for a while and after playing, she had found a bit of resielience so she asked if she could do it. I made sure she knew that she needed to do it alone, that I would not be right next to her. She confidently told me she understood.

She fearlessly did it. I could see how free she felt and how much the experience was in fact what she thought it would be.

As she exited, the pride and accomplishment in her face melted me. I ran to her and I said "see? I knew you could do it. I am so proud of you!" We had ONE SECOND of an exhale... Then she proceeded to have ANOTHER complete meltdown because she didn't want to leave and wanted to do it AGAIN.

Oh man.

It's really like that all day, every day, about *almost* everything. I gotta tell ya, I'm tired

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yogeek My heart was beating so fast and I was totally shaking from the inside! Which is why this picture is kinda blurry and I think that if I smiled ANY bigger, I would have turned into a super scary clown person - GAH!

@mikiagrawal serial entrepreneur and co-creator of @shethinx and author of the book Do Cool Sh*t blew me away.

That is all.

I'm thankful for women like her, that are speaking up with their VIBRANT and resonant voices and doing some pretty darn AWESOME sh*t in the world - consciously choosing to shift things that simply are NOT ok - and getting it done.

Yeay for YOU Miki! Thank for the lovely hug and this picture.

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