yogeek I'm insanely passionate about podcasting. I CANNOT stop myself, and have NOT been able to stop being #obsessed since I jumped in - head first - in 2006.

I immersed myself.

I studied every podcasting book out there.

I listened to EVERY podcast about podcasting I could (I still do.) I attended every podcast meeting, Podcamp and podcasting conference that I possibly could.

I could not get enough - I still can't.

But things have changed.

When I started I was a 34 year old #yogateacher/waitress/actor freely biking around LA. (The proof is in the picture circa 2007)

I easily made a nice living teaching yoga and waiting tables. No real commitments. Always following my dreams and desires.

And then - I found my Love. Created a family. And priorities changed.

Time. Attention. Energy. Responsibilities all shifted.

If I was starting a podcast now, I could not do it the way that I did. There wouldn't be enough TIME and uninterrupted ATTENTION to dive in the way that I did.

And I see it all the time, with other women that have started podcasting or haven't yet launched because they didn't realize the time commitment or how long it really takes to do things, or even the realities of audience size and when to expect some kind of ROI.

I don't want women to stop choosing podcasting or thinking it doesn't "work" because of lack of support and timely essential information to get things done.

That's why I decided to co-create this time saving empowering process keenly individualized to skip through all the pitfalls most newbie women podcasters go up against.

Honor and respect your resources. Choose to leverage your strengths and let us help you with the rest!

We have 5 more spots left. Join @jesskupferman @bizchixpodcast and myself. We need to hear your voice! ️Link is in my PROFILE

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yogeek Stop podcasting like a deer caught in headlights! Start podcasting like a #LadyBoss that knows what's up.

Imagine the simplest most successful experience launching and growing your podcast without any hair pulling!
3 of the top women experts in podcasting as your BFFs while starting your podcast. Do this. #NoBrainer

Only a few more spots left! Join @bizchixpodcast @jesskupferman and yours truly ️Link in the profile

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yogeek I'm part of this amazing series that the vibrant @kellie_adkins put together. I was her virtual yoga teacher for many years and I did not even know it! Boom, to the power of podcasting - again.

If you are a #yogateacher, it's a no brainer FREE video series. If you're a #yoga practitioner that wants to bring more of the yogic teachings INTO your business and life - this will blow your mind. Sign up. It's totally free! LikeAYogi(dot)com

#REPOST from @kellie_adkins "Inherent in every intention & desire is the mechanics for fulfillment...intention & desire in the field of pure potentiality have infinite organizing power." -#DeepakChopra.

My intention for the #LikeAYogi series is to shine a light on the many faces of the #yogabusiness. The series features examples of the various ways one can do business "like a yogi" -- from bringing your yoga principles into the expanding field of digital media, to using your yoga to overcome setbacks, to trusting your #purpose when life throws you curveballs.

Rather than selecting guests who coach the industry, I intentionally wanted to feature #yogateachers, mindful mamas, mentors, & yoga-minded professionals whose life's work is to elevate, educate & inspire. Why? Because their success is a permission slip to us all!

We live in an abundant universe, ever expanding & filled with potential. If you are called to bring your yoga to a more central place in your business (or life!), you will love this series.

Be sure to join us (it's free) -- likeayogi.com.

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yogeek Woah. I'm kinda tickly all over from the response to our She P(odcasts) VIP. I don't even want to use exclamation points because I'm so excited. The caliber and diversity of women is just mind blowing.


So I share with you a little piece from the brilliant @JessKupferman (who is my partner in crime and co-guide in this our VIP experience for women podcasters.) It's all about YOUR voice. ❝ It doesn't matter WHY we can't be heard. Only how it feels.

Even though I don't struggle with this anymore and haven't for a LONG time, I do know how it feels when no one is listening. And if you feel that way on a regular basis, I want to help you change that.

People ARE out there ready to listen to you, learn from you. HEAR you.

Let us help you find your voice.❞ If it was just Jess and I it would be pretty darn brilliant BUT we also have joining us one of the most grounded and clear voices in business podcasting - @bizchixpodcast. She brings an extra layer to this partnership that's not to be missed. At all.

We're offering 10 weeks of our undivided attention - and if you need it, take it.

We'd love to help you get started or grow your avenue for finally being heard via your upcoming or *new* podcast.

We WILL help you feel heard and be heard.

Don't delay in applying! We only have 7 spots left! ️Link in my profile

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yogeek Holy yikes! We were HOT. Dude.

#TBT Before babies...when we were blissing out on each other. Who ARE those two people??? LOL!
  •   rosemarynickel Yes you are! 3d
  •   beckystromme @yogeek You are SO funny! I feel like empty nesting brought us right back to where we left off before children. Such a huge, vast amount of things for you to look forward to.... First, raising those baby's, then you get your main squeeze back....great things ahead!! 3d
  •   hyperbolic_love What's this "were"? Y'all make a pretty damn adorable couple of homesteading honeys.... :) 3d
  •   ahi_the_nursepractitioner_show You two look blissfully happy! 3d
  •   snoozemd 3d
  •   theconsciouscanopy cuties 3d
  •   makermaven Cuties! I love looking at the "before" pictures... They just remind you of so much that can get lost with kiddos from time to time. 2d
  •   renamh Love this! <3 21h

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yogeek So I got me some strong viewpoints.

I'm over all the hoopla and broohaha about podcasting.

I'm done with only seeing men take the 'podcasting expert' spotlight coaching people that do NOT have their audience's ears - nor have a clue of what it really takes for most women to podcast.

Podcasting is NOT a cashcow and it takes a crap ton of work smothered in continuous passion.

So I'm doing something about it.

With the help of 2 other stellar ladies (the mighty @jesskupferman and @bizchixpodcast the sweet hammer Eckdahl), we have created a very intimate group coaching/mentorship experience for up to 20 wannabe podcasters (or newbie podcasters)

Podcasting changed my life.

And I'm freakishly excited and OBSESSED with it and have been for almost 10 years peeps, and so are these ladies, SO... If you are raring to launch and have no clue what your next step is, feeling overwhelmed, or maybe you did launch and things aren't quite going as planned, we've got your back.

Check this out if you want 3 lady podcasting experts with over 11 years of experience collectively that have PRODUCED 503 podcast episodes. We are your seeeeerious #PodcastBFFs ;) FYI we only have 12 spots left. Start next week! ️ LINK IN MY PROFILE!!!

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yogeek Just launched my very first ever podcasting mentorship/coaching group experience. LINK IN PROFILE!!! You know why?

Here's a story... This Ergo carrier has paid for itself in SPADES. I remember I used money from my tax refund that year...April 2009 and thought, I've NEVER paid this much money for a carrier - will it be *worth* it.

OMG it has.

It's saved my body, my mind, my soul and everything in between. For YEARS.

This "baby" (ha!) STILL needs to be carried - and I am SO glad I have this!!! You cannot beat the proper tools and support to get you through. Honestly.

I see new women podcasters come on the scene daily. I see how frustrated, disillusioned and confused they get, especially from the WRONG information. It totally doesn't have to happen! You don't have to go through all that stuff ALONE.

Support + wisdom + experience + the right tools is simply invaluable - it's the equivalent of My Ergo carrier. I'd have gotten an Ergo for podcasting in a heartbeat Join ShePVIP now! We (@jesskupferman & @bizchixpodcast) are taking up to 20 ladies. That is all LINK IN THE PROFILE

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yogeek Q&As are SOOO fun!

In this episode @jesskupferman and I answer questions all about marketing and promotion from two completely different industries: fashion and relationship/dating.
One has been at it for a year and wants to grow more, the other one hasn't launched but wants to have a promotional plan once she starts.
So fun to dive deep into these!

AAAAAND we chat about two completely different types of networks and one of them is a Co-op! Super cool.
Listen up shepodcasts.com/42

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yogeek Home. .
I TOTALLY live here. .
And yes...that is in fact my podcasting studio. How cool is that???

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yogeek Wannabe OR *new* Lady Podcasters! .
Your DREAM podcast launch with your perfect podcast women experts aka #PodcastingBFFs is here!
All those tech Qs you've had, that need answers?
Stuck in creative cul-de-sacks?
Help with your analyis by paralysis?
How in the Beejeezus are you going to promote this thing?
Stop second guessing yourself. .
You will have 3 women podcasting experts with a range of experience in marketing, branding, business, promotion, sales, storytelling, the art of podcasting and over 10 YEARS of experience IN the podcasting space. .
That's unheard of. .
3 ladies ladies that have your back every step of the way: @jesskupferman @bizchixpodcast and myself. Dream team YO. .
If you want in, you gotta click the link in the profile STAT. Get the deets! Only 20 spots!!!
If you have any questions, leave them below

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yogeek Yeay!!! Just finished shownotes + image + editing the latest episode of The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast!!! And most of it done outside in the lovely gorgeousness of #Springtime ️ Jammed packed podcasting episode as always, this time with some strong POVs about trading iTunes reviews with strangers and the basics of Twitter etiquette (including what makes you look super unprofessional.) Give it a listen if you please ️blog.libsyn.com/42 1w

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yogeek I love my girls!!! I just had to shout it out 2w

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yogeek Anytime is party time with fancy dresses 2w

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yogeek Holy cow! I talk about why I left the Hollywood industry! Plus being a guest star on V.I.P. (if you know what that is then...bonus?) We also continue the conversation around feminism, from the fabulous She Podcaster's feedback on our last episode.

Other things we discuss: getting what you're worth, Latino vs Hispanic, Howard Stern and his obvious dislike of podcasting, does podcasting belong in your marketing plan, and so much more.

Please hang out with us and be part of the conversation!

Tap on the link in the profile to go straight to our latest episode (playing in the Podcasts App)


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yogeek Um. Not sure what's going on here. Just stumbled into it. #CaptionThis 2w

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yogeek I don't resonate with the term #entrepreneur, nor call myself one. At all. I'm deeply thankful to @vintageamanda for listening and asking WHY? And what I do

I LOVED getting a chance to go off a little bit on how we choose to label ourselves regardless of definition.

Speaking of how we label ourselves - #YogaTeacher was a label a chose for a long time and it is a seminal part of who I am, and on Amanda's Wellpreneur podcast I gave a detailed answer on how I started my first podcast Elsie's Yoga Class and ended up making podcasting my 'thing.' I go into how you as a yoga teacher or wellness practitioner can start your own podcast NOW. Bare minimums revealed! I touch base on why I feel the audio medium is a lot more powerful than the visual medium like yoga videos and even yoga images on Instagram (like this one above, that was taken 7 YEARS AGO when posting your pictures online was not the cool thing to do)

Yoga teachers give it a listen! It's Episode 58 of the Wellpreneur Podcast.

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yogeek #BehindThePodcast

Laundry + editing the latest She Podcasts in between loads. My life is s.e.x.y.

#Multitasking #GetItDone

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yogeek ● How I'm Moving Through the World With Curiosity as a Woman, Mom, Yogi and Podcaster ●

I couldn't have said it better myself. Loving that title - it's from the Mom At 41 Podcast with Dr. @KarenOsburn. And I am Soooooo stoked to have been a guest on her show!
First of all how cool is it that there's a show about being a Mom in your 40s? There's a level of wisdom that you're bound to gain, whether you want to or not simply because of the number of years on the planet, and as we discuss a bit, sometimes it's because we've had more practice ;) She asks two KEY questions that are SOOOO dear to my heart:

1. Is there equal balance of work + life AND can you really have it all?

2. Is technology good or not for your kids (and everyone else) becuase you know...the studies or iOS devices and kids and all that jazz.

LOVED the discussion. You're gonna have to listen as I share all about the *lies* that we've been told... momat41.com/episode-91 #motherhood #mompreneur #Momat41 #worklifebalance

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yogeek Going for the ask! It's time to get our women driven shows more visible, beyond the PRO-casters like Serial and Invisibilia
ARE YOU WITH ME??? How about a twitter shout out for @ShePodcasts? I would be BEYOND grateful OR this is the time to give your favorite She Podcasters a shout out!

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yogeek The response to this episode has been kinda h.u.g.e. (I say emphatically)

Totally out of my comfort zone. Never been one to take on "femenist" topics. I put the word in quotes because upbringing + cultural bias + society = repelling loaded word in my world.
I chose to deepen the conversation and speak OUT about things that I haven't before.
I also have the insane blessing of a vibrant and outspoken co-host (@jesskupferman) and she facilitates the *conversating* .
We address perceptions out there in the SHE podosphere of women missing in action - particularly in the 'popular' podcasts.
We ask: .
Is this an issue of the 'White Male Overlords'?
Is this a NON-issue and the cream will rise to the top?
Is it about women stepping up?
Where does advocacy and education come in?

Anywhoooooooo listen up. And if you are a #ShePodcaster, send us some feedback, PARTICULARY if you disagree or you keep talking back to us while you listen!!! Tap the link in my profile for quick listening of the latest episode.

SUBSCRIBE: shepodcasts.com/itunes shepodcasts.com/40

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