yogeek Ah! I got some love over at the @podcastjunkies feed! LOVE that guy. Great podcast. He goes deep, and I got to be one of his first interviewees. That's cool beans to me! #REPOST go on and follow him! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ .
PJ007 | Elsie Escobar #TBT

A True Podcasting Pioneer, Yoga-Pro & Libsyn Advocate!

@YoGeek is the host of Elsie’s Yoga Class Live podcast and might be better known to podcasters as the host of The Feed, the official @Libsyn #podcast. She’s the Social Media Community Manager at Libsyn, and is a true #podcasting pioneer. As one of the first women to host a #yoga podcast waaaaaayyyyy back in #2006, she’s seen and experienced a lot in this world. I was pretty excited to snag this interview and her #passion for podcasting comes through loud and clear on this #interview. I can’t think of a better spokesperson. Listen closely for the guest appearance by Elsie’s daughter! Her enthusiasm is contagious, enjoy!
Click the link in the bio to subscribe today!

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yogeek What a day. I'm wiped! This whole leadership thing is both fueling and exhausting, holy cow!

When you DO finally step into your platform fully, you start to see things differently. The lense becomes so focused and clear - so much SO that it both fuels and drains.

Crazy. Navigating that takes some serious skillzzzzzzzzz.

I'm also blown away by how powerful the labels that we choose for ourselves have, not only on OURSELVES, but also for how the world sees US.

I started to work with this concept when I did the first round of Lyremark Business Design (LBD) the most incredible business course that I've done with @erikalyremark.

I'm sensing the world respond now. I'm sensing so much change and transition in digital media -especially for women.

And I'm SO thrilled to be leading Podcasting School For Women at this time of such dynamic transition for women in the digital space. What an empowering time.

My wish is for us - women - to take advantage of the time - NOW.

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yogeek Wait. What? You haven't signed up for my Mom's Podcast Your Pants Off Webinar??? Do you know how many hours she spends *recording*??? Do you guys know how many times I try to stop her from recording and how many times she gives me nummies while she's recording??? (nummies = breastfeeding, I'm having a hard time letting that go ) My Mama can really podcast her pants off. I've seen her in action. And you would be crazy to NOT sign up.

The webinar is TODAY, 1pm EST: Sign up right now! Link in her profile (and yes you will get a recording) OR


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2d yogeek
Normal Elsie Escobar
yogeek Elsie's Yoga Class my first podcast, the one that I started almost 9 years ago, has had *almost* 4 million downloads (I currently have 3,980,689.) Last month I had 13,090 downloads. It's been heard in EVERY country in the world.

I have not published anything since November 2013.

I built that from ZERO. When I started, podcasting was not a *thing*. It was not something that people had an awareness of whatsoever.

But I KNEW that this medium was powerful. I felt it in my bones.

The power that it gave to me as a TEACHER, as a COMMUNICATOR, as an INSTIGATOR, as a CHANGE MAKER is unparalleled.

I dove deep into this podcasting world, quietly observing behind the scenes and encouraging other people to podcast.

I educated MY local yoga community - I did not take it for granted that they knew what I was talking about.

I felt so strongly about the medium that I called the attention of the largest podcast host and distribution company @libsyn because I was such an advocate, particularly of podcasters - and I've had the blessing of working with this amazing company and supporting thousands of podcasters since 2007.

I'm still in podcasting, and now AM taking the seat of *expert* and *teacher* once again, but with a new focus - empowering WOMEN'S VOICES.

The medium has matured, but as a society we are not hearing women's voices. If you look at the iTunes 200 you will see about 15% women podcasters. WE ARE THERE but not being heard or seen for that matter.

So I ask - YOU - woman. Do you have something to say? Are you an advocate for women's voices in podcasting? Do you have a dream to have the kind of reach that Elsie's Yoga Class has had?

Sign up for this webinar with one of the most awesome people I know @jesskupferman, where you will learn about podcasting and how to podcast your pants off! And if YOU don't have an interest, consider tagging your best woman friend that needs to be heard.

Choose to speak up! #LinkInProfile OR PodcastingSchoolForWomen.com/101

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3d yogeek
Normal Elsie Escobar
yogeek If you've been thinking about a podcast but aren't sure if it's for you, sign up for this and you'll be crazy clear.

Confused about the term *podcast*? Exactly what it IS and what it ISN'T? Gotcha covered.

Find out the best kind of show that fits you, your business AND your schedule!

The real truth about equipment + tech that you really need to start your podcast AND WHAT YOU DON’T- Um, ya.

If podcasting is on your radar, and you wanna get the behind the scenes before you start, YOU MUST ATTEND this FREE training.

That is all!

Link in the podcastingschoolforwomen.com/101

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yogeek I haven't really talked about it before at all, but as a yogi, seeker, change maker, conscious business person, podcasting single handedly changed my life.

It seems a little exaggerated, but it is NOT.

I'm sure I'll share exactly it changed my life soon, but right now, I wanna make sure that if you've been toying with the idea of a podcast, or wondered what it was, or if this was something that would benefit YOU and your quest for more impact, my friend @jesskupferman and I are co-hosting a crazy informative FREE webinar that is all about podcasting.

We'll chat about what exactly IT IS, to all the different kinds of podcasts, to what you need to get started, including all the tech and we even go down the making money with your podcast rabbit hole ;) I was the first female podcaster with an audio yoga class podcast.

Crazy no? For years in the podcasting space I was known as the "yoga girl" LOL!

I've had an insane kind of reach with my yoga podcast. It has been downloaded almost 4 million times and continues to be downloaded and I'm not even producing it!

That's just crazy.

Soup to nuts! Everything you wanna know about podcasting!

But most importantly if it's right for YOU - as a yoga Mama and conscious homeschooling WAHM I don't mess around with time wasters.

I want you to be clear and educated and step into one of the most powerful mediums if it's right for you podcastingschoolforwomen.com/love OR link in profile!

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yogeek I can't even take the cuteness. And of course the cutest #fail ever as a goalie she dives into the ball and puts in IN the goal. Adore. 4d

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yogeek What am I doing today? I guess the question is what am I NOT doing today. There is so much to prepare, holy cats! I'm creating a super simple training for recording audio conversations via Skype.
@JessKupferman and I are doing our Podcast Your Pants Off webinar on Wednesday and we need to update some slides (have you signed up? YOU NEED TO! It's totes free!!!! podcastingschoolforwomen.com/101) #LinkInProfile
I'm prepping for ANOTHER *class* for our ShePVIPs on Tuesday all about GROWING your podcast - you know - the step after launching.

Wait - should I keep going? I think I need to stop posting in here. WAIT! I HAVE stopped posting in here! Honestly, SO much going on! And we launch Podcasting School For Women in about a week! GAHHHHH!

The thing is, that all of this work is going down in the midst of to stop and go of parenting and that my friends is the hardest thing ever. My brain no longer works as it should. It needs some serious work to recalibrate. The first place I go to re-balance - the house of the Spirit. The Divine.

And now, off to go to the park, to play, maybe to have a conversation with a friend and to enjoy my brain releasing a bit. How are YOU doing? 😇 BTW my girls ran into the house and both of them said "can you take a picture of us?" and so I did...

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yogeek There are a lot of people pushing podcasting as the NEXT BIG THING that you must be a part of without any true knowledge of the subject.
I am a true podcast LOVER. I adore to both listen and produce podcasts. I'm immersed in the creative process as well as the industry of podcasting and I truly feel it's one of THE most powerful mediums out there.

I've been in the industry for 9 y.e.a.r.s. this July. I didn't jump on the badwagon.

It gives you as a content creator an insane amount of POWER to both reach and inspire and express.

I want you to get the scoop on whether this really is for you - if you've been wanting to delve into this whole podcasting thing.

My friend and partner @JessKupferman and I will be hosting a no holds barred webinar where we will show you how to podcast your podcasts off - if that is in fact what you wanna do 😇 so sign up. #LinkInProfile! ️ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ PodcastingSchoolForWomen.com/101

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yogeek Because. Well. Bubbles! 2w

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yogeek Because. Dancing Bees on stilts. Of course. 2w

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yogeek “Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill.” ~ Christopher Parker
▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ I needed to get this out TODAY! For all of you desiring to start a podcast with @JessKupferman and myself AND save some our early bird pricing is over T.O.D.A.Y.

If you have ANY questions leave a comment below, especially if you're on the fence! I'd hate for you to procrastinate and end up loosing out on this awesome deal ️ .
Click the #LinkInProfile to get details on the awesomeness of Podcasting School For Women!!! PodcastingSchoolForWomen.com

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yogeek If there was a topic that hit a nerve it was this one. It wasn't about giving up on podcasting. It wasn't about not loving what you do. It was all about.... What if you are DONE. What if the relationship with your topic has run it's course? What if you are ready to move ON to a different conversation?

You have an audience that loves what you do. You adore your audience. Should you keep it going for them? Should you do a clean break? OR

Change the rules of engagement?

We got A TON of feedback regarding this topic. It seems that there are a lot of peeps that are ready for a different relationship Let us know your thoughts!

You can listen directly from the link in the comments. ️ It will open up the Podcasts App!

OR tap shepodcasts.com/47

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yogeek I'm part of a super amazing collaboration with this handsome fellow Get this, Harry Duran and host of the cool podcast @PodcastJunkies created a killer book based on the first 25 guests of his podcast!

The book? Around the Podcast Campfire: Conversations With 25 Of The Most Interesting Podcasters In The Known Podverse So fancy!

Here's what it's about: 25 of the most interesting and popular podcasters celebrate their passion for the craft of podcasting and storytelling. The group includes podcast veterans as well as up-and-coming podcast stars. They each provide a unique perspective that is sure to educate and entertain. Dude. I'm one of those 25! Yeay for me!

Go get the book. Such a STEAL at $2.99. Amazon.com baby! Do a little searchin' it'll do you good

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yogeek Look how much she LOVES me!!!! She brought me fresh dandelion greens from the mountain ️ And yes, these are 'the weeds' that you see out in the world and it is how I fuel my body every morning.

Dandelions are part of my morning smoothie. They are my way of optimizing my health.

They boost immune function and fight off microbes and fungi, reduce inflammation throughout the body, the fiber and potassium in dandelion also regulate blood pressure, promote digestion, stimulates appetite, and balance the natural and beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

And it's how I'm getting fueled up for today's super stellar webinar that @JessKupferman and I hosting featuring VP of Podcaster Relations over at @Libsyn Rob Walch! Shocking Truth About Marketing Advice Sign up! Starts at 1pm EST shepodcasts.com/bsmarketing or link in profile!

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2w yogeek
Normal Elsie Escobar
yogeek Why do we live where we live? Why do we do what we do? How do we do what we do?

Hard work.

Lot's of jugglin'

Lot's of sacrifice from Daddy and myself.

But we are SO PROUD, to be able to nurture and educate our girls in a way that best suits them.

This is #homeschooling. This is what it looks like. Daddy is building the deck. She is sitting right next to him doing math When she takes "brain breaks" she can run and play and come back.

My only hope is that we can keep offering them the best we can and adjust, add, morph and re-align as is necessary. I love them so.

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yogeek I've never launched a course.

I've never launched anything really BIG.

It's all about to change. OMG!

I've been doing my very best to keep up all my duties for @libsyn plus producing two other podcasts and having tickles in my belly about this upcoming course...Podcasting School For Women!


Because I feel SO strongly about women's voices. I feel SO strongly about speaking out. I feel SO strongly that WE (women) must be HEARD more.

@JessKupferman and I joined up and have been crafting a how-to podcast experience that is simply the simplest experience ever to get your podcast and your voice out there.

We are both Mamas, doing our very best to follow our passion. I'm thrilled that it's launching in the spring. I'm thrilled and terrified to put myself out there (even though it's with a partner!) and bring WOMEN to the forefront of the industry.

All you early birds jump on in. If you have any questions, let me know below! I'm happy to guide you PodcastingSchoolForWomen.com

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yogeek This man was one of the first podcasters that I was *star struck* with. I listened to his Podcast411 show religiously when I got into podcasting in 2006. It was one of the most inspiring shows that I listened to.

One of the biggest reasons why I loved it so much, other than all the podcaster voices that I heard, was because he, the host, Rob Walch, was SO himself. The man had some SEEERIOUS opinions and he was NOT afraid to share them.

There were a few times that I uttered "I can't believe he just said that!" I was impressed with his confidence as well as his willingness to change his mind and recognize when he was wrong. He has always stood for integrity and advocacy for podcasters and podcasting as a whole.

I've been lucky enough to work side by side with him now for almost 9 years - he was the reason I was hired at Libsyn (but that's another story.) This Wednesday my co-host for She Podcasts @JessKupferman and myself are thrilled to host Rob to present one of his most eye opening workshops via webinar initially presented at NMX called "All That Marketing Advice For Your Podcast is BS." And yes, he will shatter myths and practices only like he has.

If that title has you intrigued, it won't dissappoint. The information that you will get, I guarantee, you have NOT heard anywhere else before and it might single handedly change the way that you promote and grow your podcast.

Well- the webinar is over but you can get some goodness via PodcastingSchoolForWomen.com

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yogeek The conversation was had. We had the question come up, *should* we include men in the all women's podcasting group?

HOW do we include the dudes?

Should that even be a consideration?

@JessKupferman and I got to sit in front of each other and ask the hard questions and we dive into attending New Media Expo and whether or not it was worth the experience, now dontcha wanna know all about THAT??? While you are at it subcribe! shepodcasts.com/itunes OR check out our shownotes right here shepodcasts.com/46

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