yesszzur In memory of today's date 9/11. A photo I took in 1999 when I was 15 visiting my cousins @richlyfe @migflores84 @gypsynesss @shirley_ooh_lalaa @cynn_di @mrscappucci heading my way to #brooklyn back in the days when I was a kid..#summer1999 #neverforget #neverforget911 #911 #twintowers #worldtradecenter #nyc 8mon
  •   gypsyness Great pic cousin. The vibe is always different in NYC in 9/11 8mon
  •   gypsyness On* 8mon
  •   azukitaa You were 15 in '99? 8mon
  •   yesszzur Well yeah, turning 16 that winter, do the math cmon now @azukitaa 8mon

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