wishtrend KLAIRS Lovers, I bring you good news!

WISH BOX(NO.47) X KLAIRS, one of the bestselling products at Wishtrend, is restocked! You can meet KLAIRS's steady seller and current hot items in this box.
Guys, GET YOURS at Wishtrend.com now!

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wishtrend WISH Beauty Tips : Your makeup looked great when you left home, but a mid-day bathroom mirror check reveals that your smooth complexion suddenly looks really oily.

Then, use an oil control film or a tissue to remove excess oil on your face.
And fix your makeup with [KLAIRS] CREAMY & NATURAL FIT CONCEALER, it covers very naturally without being cakey.

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wishtrend NEW ARRIVAL : BENTON has launched new toner & soothing gel for trouble care! [BENTON] ALOE BHA SKIN TONER is designed to improve skin-trouble care with Benton's special mixture of aloe and supply moisture with Sodium Hyaluronate and Vegetable Glycerin. [BENTON] ALOE PROPOLIS SOOTHING GEL that used aloe 80% is made to provide ultra moisturizing and soothing.
All the aloe products are NOT same. Meet the BENTON's premium aloe products!

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#korenskincare #beauty

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wishtrend #Repost @wishtrendtv with @repostapp.
Our spy Eunice visited @cosrx to find out the secret to the NEW lotion. Check out the secret at WishtrendTV.com 😎#wishtrend #wishtrendTV #cosrx #oilfreelotion

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wishtrend Hi, there.
It's already been one month since 2016 started. Time flies so fast!
Today is Korean New Year's Day, called Seollal in Korea. It is one of the most significant traditional Korean holidays and it is till Feb 10th. *DELIVERY NOTICE:
We have been having difficulty receiving stock delivery on time due to the high volume of mailing during the Lunar New Year Holiday (Feb. 6 - Feb. 10). So your order may be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best so that you can receive your products as soon as possible.

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wishtrend Now on air ! Watch it on WISHTREND TV.
#Repost @cosrx with @repostapp.
One of your skin concerns is blackhead??
Do you have dehydrated skin??
And interview with #COSRX Brand Manager, @kimdaelee about what is #COSRX to her
Finally NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Introducing Cosmetic Brand : #COSRX' is LIVE at @wishtrendtv on Youtube
Don't miss the video and stay tuned
If you have questions after watching the video, please leave a comment at the video. We'll kindly answer all of them #wishtrend #wishtrendtv

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Cream's aren't just for women over the age of 30.

Everyone no matter what skin type should start using a cream even by the age of 19. Skin starts aging by this time and it is important to use a cream to help make up for the lack of moisture your skin naturally produces.

We recommend Klairs Rich Moist Soothing cream. A small amount for day time and a little extra during night to make your skin supple and smooth

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wishtrend WISH Beauty Tips : How to Deep clean your pores?

A simple way is to take two tablespoons of sugar, mixed with half a lemon worth of juice and a little bit of water. Crush it all together until you get a thick paste and gently massage it into your skin, then wash it off.

It is simple but sometimes it may fell bothersome, so I recommend a more convenient way, [KLAIRS] GENTLE BLACK DEEP CLEANSING OIL. This product is effective for cleansing of dirt and makeup, it helps keep your pores clean.

For more beauty, WISHTREND.COM

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wishtrend Snail mucin's ingredients are known to be anti-aging by stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin.

Which has made snail mucin skincare products very popular in Korea!

I recommend you to experience the effects of snail mucin with this COSRX set.

You can also get these products 29% cheaper than their original price!

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  •   nekobuns The power essence is so amazing! Makes my skin feel reaalllllyyy nice 5d
  •   wishtrend @nekobuns I'm reaalllllyyy happy to hear that! Thank you for your comment! 5d

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wishtrend ​What is your skincare routine for dry skin?

If you are feeling dry and tightness even after skincare, you might be using the wrong products that are best for you.

So, I recommend this [SOL-KIT] DAILY HYDRATION PROGRAM KIT made for dry skin.

The products in this kit are a great solution for changing your dry skin to be full of moisutre! =========================== [COSRX] Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence [COSRX] Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask [CHICA Y CHICO] Skin Texture Toner =========================== #wishtrend #skincare #dryskin #beauty #kbeauty #koreanskincare #koreancosmetics #cosrx #chicaychico #solkit
  •   amy.dreams My skin make me so crazy..sometimes oily sometimes dry T_T ....I need help with my skin problem T_T ...please help me 5d
  •   violetmolotov Hi! I have a question, I hope you can help me: does the OST C20 serum has a new package without the silver letters in the front? Or is the packaging the same as always? Thanks 5d
  •   forevrstrong_ I really like your content let's follow each other! 5d
  •   wishtrend @amy.dreams Ohh, I wanna help you. Can you tell me more detail on your skin problem? 4d
  •   amy.dreams @wishtrend my forehead and my nose dry but sometimes oily..I have red spots in my skin and White heads..I didn't use before Scrab for my face because I have sensitive skin T_T....I want my skin feel healthy but I don't know how 4d
  •   amy.dreams @wishtrend can you send your email? I'll take picture for my skin? What do you think? I'm really sad about it 4d

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wishtrend WISH Life Tips : Most of us feel less stress when there are plants around us.
Because plants improve the indoor environment, reduction of carbon dioxide and airborne dust levels. They also increase indoor humidity.

So, how about placing some plants in your home&office?

Beautiful inside and out, WISHTREND.COM

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wishtrend Try this special combination of COSRX! [COSRX] AHA 7 WHITEHEAD POWER LIQUID designed to reduce whiteheads and sebum. It also whitens and brightens the skin. [COSRX] OIL-FREE ULTRA-MOISTURIZING LOTION(with birch sap) designed to enhance the appearance of your skin tone and texture.

With this special combi, get clearer and brighter skin! #wishtrend #cosrx #beauty #kbeauty #skincare #koreanskincare #koreancosmetics #moisturizer #whitehead #whiteheadcare
  •   pdxbeautiful This new lotion iron my wish list 6d
  •   tindigo I am so sad that it is not fragrance free. why did you put natural fragrances in it? 6d
  •   cosrx @tindigo for aroma therapy and relax The scent is lemon-tea tree and it's not strong! You'd love it @tindigo 6d
  •   tindigo @cosrx no way. No fragrance is good for the skin, all of them can irritate it. I don't believe in aromatherapy but I do believe in science. 6d
  •   cosrx @tindigo I'll keep in mind 6d
  •   tindigo @cosrx 4d

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wishtrend Customer Review : "After rinse it off, my skin feels super moist, supple and smooth. You just need a small amount to apply this pack to your whole face!! I definitely recommend to try out this pack." Do you guys all know that honey is good for moisturizing the skin? [I'M FROM] HONEY MASK contains more than 3 table spoons full of honey.

So, it can help you to have moist and clear skin! 🤗

#wishtrend #imfrom #honey #honeymask #beauty #kbeauty #skincare #koreanskincare #koreancosmetics #pack

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wishtrend @kbeautyholic_blog loves Klairs Toner! have you tried it yet? If so, what do you like most about it?
#skincare #kbeauty #beauty #toner #skin #korean
  •   kat_chee19q8 I will be awesome if you bring dr.jart+ products !!!!!! 7d
  •   kth96 Mine is on the way! 7d
  •   krnquigley I have oily/combination skin and this product does not cause me to breakout. It feels fresh and calms any redness or irritation I have after doing any masks or exfoliating which may cause a little irritation from dryness such as mud masks or my Clarisinic. Love it!!! 6d
  •   wishtrend @krnquigley that's awesome!! 6d

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wishtrend WISH Beauty Tips : 2 Different ways to use [KLAIRS] SUPPLE PREPARATION FACIAL TONER !

First, put toners in a spray bottle and use as a mist. Then you could use it whenever you feel like your skin is dry.

Second, saturate some cotton pads with toner and use it as a mask for 10 minutes. It can help moisturize and calm your skin.

For more beauty, WISHTREND.COM

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wishtrend Customer Review : "I could see red spots were lightened overnight. It gives me the fastest effects compared to the other vitamin c serums I tried before." This serum is effective for lightening red and dark spots caused by acne problems.

If you want to see more customer reviews on [BY WISHTREND] PURE VITAMIN C21.5 ADVANCED SERUM, visit WISHTREND.COM!

#wishtrend #bywishtrend #c21.5 #bestserum #vitaminc #serum #vitaminserum #skincare #kbeauty #beauty
  •   janetangyl It helps to lighten my acne scars around my jawline and reduces my acne!!been using for a month now but i dont like the smell of this serum :( 1w
  •   camomillebeautytime Currently using it - best serum ever! 1w
  •   wishtrend @l_marge7 This serum contains 21.5% of vitamin C, and Klairs's one contains less percentage of vitamin C, so this serum gives more strong & fast effect. And Klairs vitamin drop is good for sensitive skin who want to use vitamin C serum. :) 1w
  •   dliss7 I recently got rosacea and this helps maintain my cheeks' redness under control. Some days I don't even have redness at all! Love it! 1w
  •   nish.raj @wishtrend some months ago, I used the C20 serum and to be frank after a month of using it, I did not see any improvement in my skin or dark spots. In fact, for some reason my skin became dull. Is this serum any different from the other one; except for the percentage of the Vitamin C ? 1w
  •   af_aviey everyone go get this!! its like really amazing omg im in love 1w
  •   tiffany.kr @nish.raj there are less chemicals and ingredients in this serum than the other (: also this new one doesnt have any ingredients that would trigger irritation or acne ^^ 1w

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wishtrend WISH Beauty Tips : Are you worried about dark spots after shaving in your armpits or bikini line?
If so, apply lemon slices directly onto area and leave for no more than 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.
Lemon, rich in Vitamin C and citric acid, help lighten skin.
If you're looking for a more gentle and effective way, wear this [LEI LANI] WEAR WHITE BODY CREAM.
It was approved by KFDA(Korea Food and Drug Administration) for its whitening effect.
Not only does it provide an instant whitening effect right after applying it, but also you can experience it's long-term brightening effects for a brighter, more even skin tone. *must be applied regularly for long-term results*
For more beauty, WISHTREND.COM
#wishtrend #wishtips #beauty #beautytips #kbeauty #leilani #whitening #whiteningcream #bodywhitening #skinwhitening

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wishtrend *TRY IT TUESDAY!* Your weekly chance to try something new for FREE! This Week's FREE GIFT is a full size [KLAIRS] GENTLE BLACK DEEP CLEANSING OIL!
The ultimate way to remove your base makeup! Left your skin envelope in the rich texture of the Klairs cleansing oil. Providing deep hydration to the skin while melting away the days worth of makeup, dirt and pollutants. ===========================
Use Code : GENTLEBLACK (on any $99+ USD purchase)
This chance is available for TODAY ONLY Feb 2nd.(CST)
=========================== Limited stock prepared, Don't miss it.
# TTDAY is an exclusive benefit only for our fans. Follow us and enjoy weekly free gifts, tune in every Tuesday for new free gift's.

#wishtrend #ttday #specialgift #freegift #gift #free
  •   amafina Best cleansing oil EVER!!! Smells amazing and powers through all my makeup 1w
  •   wishtrend @mdizzfoshizz Thank you for your comment. It would be very helpful for those who are considering the purchase! 1w
  •   wishtrend @amafina I'm happy to hear that. Thank you very much! 1w
  •   islandgrl35 @wishtrend such a gentle oil cleanser the best one out there especially for acne/oily prone skin! 1w
  •   wishtrend @kat_chee19q8 Yes, You are right! l'm sorry it was our photographer's staff's mistake, please generously understand it !🏻 Thank you! 7d
  •   wishtrend @helchme Oh! sorry for that, The klairs box will be restocked again during next week! I'll let you know that via here! Thank you and sorry again.🏻 7d
  •   helchme @wishtrend i bought it!!!!!!!🏻🏻🏻 6d
  •   wishtrend @helchme Thanks! I hope you'll like it. 6d

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wishtrend Did you know that honey is very good for dry and sensitive skin? [I'M FROM] HONEY CREAM is made with real organic honey form Mt.Jiri. This cream has intense moisture, it makes your skin smooth, firm and hydrated.
And it also has double effects of whitening and wrinkle repair!
#wishtrend #imfrom #honeycream #skincare #koreancosmetics #beauty #kbeuaty #bestcream #moisturizer #honey
  •   kanikabhatia700 How much will it cost including shipping charges to amritsar in india? 1w
  •   rt.ing Do u guys have skincare products for Rosacea prone skin? 1w
  •   xiaholica What is the difference between this and the mask pack? Are the results the same? 1w
  •   eerisedes @rt.ing I've been getting my friend (she has rosacea) Korean skincare for a while and she loves the Benton honest foaming wash, Benton Aloe BHA toner, dr. jart's ceramidin gel cream and a similar honey moisturizer from skin good 1w
  •   rt.ing @onsraa 😮 thanks! I'll make sure to check them out & yea I was curious because I also know a moisturizer similar to this one but it's made of Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera 1w

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wishtrend HOW DO YOU EXFOLIATE Our favorite way is using natural black sugar to remove dead skin cells to help keep our skin clear and flawless

Our best way? Take some sugar scrub, add 1 pump of cleansing oil and massage over dry skin at the end of the day to remove makeup perfectly while exfoliating! Then second cleanse with an all natural handmade charcoal soap for pore perfect and healthy skin.

#skincare #natural #beauty #photography #korean #kbeauty

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