wehatejaden @letsmakeitdotorg You followed then unfollowed? FUCK YOU MEAN?  3y
  •   ttsion_ U know what u hate him thats ur opponion keep it to ur self because he might hate u but u dont see him going out there making a hate page. And at least hes doing something inportant with his life other than like u. The only reason y u made this is because ur jealous of all the girls wanting them ur jeoluse of his sexy body. So instead of putting down ppl go and get a damn life cause right now u dont have one 3y
  •   jadensmsfts123 @ayejaden Keepin' It 250 3y
  •   crissy__x0 Jaden must really hate u n put ur name out there on t.v or on the or facebook or twitter n then he would make your life a. living hell 3y
  •   elliebryan__ If you hate a celeberty why would you make a hate account?! I just don't get it he has done nothing to you he has a life inspiring people while your making a hate account?! Oh and next time you make a hate account do it right and DO NOT follow the person you 'hate' 3y
  •   michael_howwwelll Your just jealous of @letsmakeitdotorg go delete you page then delete your life @wehatejaden 3y
  •   imjustk_ Find jesus.... FAST because jaden never did anything to you your just hating for no reason 3y
  •   jaden_vs_anime If u hate him so such y are u following him....don't say nothing solo BITCH FUCK OFF JADEN 3y
  •   odd_msft Get a life asshole *SWERVE* 3y

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