washingtonpost Calling all colorists Grab a copy of Tuesday's Post, color in the design on the Health and Science page, then post your finished design on Instagram using #WPColoring!!

Your photo may be featured on our website and on our Instagram!

Click the link in our bio to learn how adult coloring books are not just a #millennial fad. For some, they actually a lifesaver.

Coloring done by @icanllc! #colors #coloring #coloringbook

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washingtonpost As we speak, two Post reporters, @andrea.sachs and @jabinbotsford, are taking in the sights and sounds in #Stockholm, #Sweden as they travel around the world in 20 days! 🌍

This is the #Riddarholmskyrkan (or Riddarholm #Church) in Stockholm.

Learn more about Stockholm (and our team's 21,623-mile adventure) in the link in our bio. Be sure to check back to see what other places they visit! ( by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) #travel #europe

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washingtonpost What has the #Obama presidency meant to you?

If you're looking for a good weekend read, we're taking a look at President Obama's legacy -- documented in a five-part series that spotlights Obama's successes, and failures, during his stay in office.
Click the link in our bio for part one of our series. #whitehouse #president
  •   lighthouse0673 President Obama inherited a total mess from the Bush/Cheney years. He chose excellent people for his Administration. He's worked tirelessly to achieve many outstanding accomplishments .. (despite nonstop criticism & dysfunction from an overtly biased Congress). Presidents Obama is a smart & truly decent man who has been a great leader 2d
  •   charlesleonhardt Greatest president in our time and God time. 2d
  •   jagjeevan_jheont Don't create a statue position , u r my adorable person 12h
  •   tonydetroit No other president in our history has been more incompetent. 2min

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washingtonpost If you could #travel to any country in the world, where would you go? 🌍

Don't forget to follow The Post’s @andrea.sachs and @jabinbotsford as they travel to seven countries over the next 20 days!
Here, a woman relaxes in Iceland at the #BlueLagoon, a geothermal #spa which is the most visited attraction in the country.
Learn more about #Iceland (and their 21,623-mile adventure) in the link in our bio, and be sure to check back to see what other places they visit!
Their next stop: #Stockholm, in #Sweden! ( by @jabinbotsford/Washington Post)#wapoRTW

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washingtonpost T.J. #Oshie dominated the @penguins last night 🏒

Thanks to his hat trick the @washingtoncaps are off to a good start against the #Penguins, taking a 1-0 in the second round of the #NHL playoffs.

Game two is Saturday at the Verizon Center at 8 p.m!

How long do you think this series will last? (By Rob Carr/Getty Images)#capspens #nhlplayoffs #RockTheRed
  •   kskweres @frosty_mcg momentum switched back and forth the entire game, just as it switched in OT. It appears we are in disagreement but we're not--had the pens won the game in OT it would be the same "argument." My point being is that saying either team "dominated" is an overstatement as the pens sloppy defense turning that puck over gave Oshie that opportunity. Had it been 6-0 it would have been a different story. Both teams need to check egos at the door and really pay attention to how last nights game went--specifically the mistakes that were made. 3d
  •   washingtonpost @kskweres @frosty_mcg It appears you both are in agreement and we do note your observations on the game! It was clearly a battle between both teams. We chose to highlight T.J. Oshie specifically, since his four goals were very impressive and they helped lift the Caps over the Pens. This series will be fun to watch! 3d
  •   harlemsheikhs Oshie got 3. Bura got 1 3d
  •   washingtonpost @harlemsheikhs Woops! Meant to say three, thank you! 3d

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washingtonpost A man, in what was described to be a "#panda outfit" by authorities, caused a bomb scare in #Baltimore on Thursday.

He was shot and wounded by police after he entered a #TV station and threatened to blow it up with some sort of device that he displayed in the lobby.

While the man is expected to survive, details on his identity and his motive have not been provided by police yet. ( by Bryan Woolston/Reuters)

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washingtonpost You may not have known the man to the far right of this picture, but by the end of this story, you might wish you had.

Frederick Mayer, a German-born Jew, fled #Germany on the eve of #WWII -- then went back to #Europe to fight the Nazis as a U.S. spy.

He had a “good combination of hatred and love,” he once said, a “hatred of the Nazis and a love for America.” Mayer’s feats — which included parachuting onto an Alpine glacier, infiltrating enemy lines, posing as a German officer to gather information and enduring lengthy torture sessions — earned him the description of a "real inglorious bastard." Mr. Mayer was featured in the 2012 TV film “The Real Inglorious Bastards” and “They Dared Return: The True Story of Jewish Spies Behind the Lines in Nazi Germany,” a 2009 book by historian Patrick K. O’Donnell.
On April 15, Mayer died at his home in Charles Town, W.Va. He was 94. His story--> http://wapo.st/FrederickMayer

Learn more about this WWII hero in the link to our bio! (Photo courtesy Frederick Mayer/Courtesy of Patrick K. O’Donnell)
  •   talarr___ Amazing! So would you publish an article about present day Nazzis denying the Holocaust took place? Or do you only accept money from Turks denying the Armenian genocide happened? 4d
  •   bcmdiem Wow. 4d
  •   rekhapawar Just finished reading about him. Amazing person. Thanks 2d

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washingtonpost Ever wanted to take a trip around the #world but the idea seemed too daunting? 🌎

Planning to #travel the world doesn’t have to be hard, and The Post’s @andrea.sachs and @jabinbotsford are here to help kickstart your next #adventure.
They will be dropping into seven countries over the next 20 days and documenting their trip. Here, they’re in #Gullfross, a popular waterfall spot located in southwest #Iceland!

You too can do the same! Learn how to maximize the value of your grand escapade in the link in our bio!

Be sure to check back to see what other countries Sachs and Botsford are visiting! #wapoRTW

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washingtonpost From near extinction, to a national symbol, the #bison has come a long way.
Despite political gridlock, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle seemed to have agreed on something: designating the bison as #America's first national mammal.

The National Bison Legacy Act, which designates the bison as the official mammal of the U.S, passed the House and is expected to get Senate approval this week. ( By Matthew Brown/AP) #animals

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washingtonpost The #WhiteHouse Correspondents Association dinner gives presidents the stage to crack their best jokes. Some are funny...others, fall flat.

Ahead of President Obama's final appearance at the dinner this Saturday, we've made a list of the best joke made by every U.S. #president.

Check out the rest of the hilarious quotes by clicking the link in our bio! (Presidential portraits made by Michael Hoeweler for The Washington Post. Quote made by George W. Bush at the 2006 White House correspondents' dinner) #politics

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washingtonpost How do you start your mornings?

Here's a pretty good way: a large #breakfast and The Washington Post

Thanks to @DCUnited's defender Steven Birnbaum (@birnbaum15) for tagging us while he was eating his breakfast at @tedsbulletin! #dc #local #food

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washingtonpost #Beyonce's visual album "#Lemonade" has dominated headlines since its premier on HBO over the weekend.
A visual album isn’t a new concept; however, with two visual albums to her credit — the first for her 2013 release “Beyoncé,” followed by “Lemonade,” — Beyoncé Knowles Carter is now the undisputed master of the form, writes The Post's movie critic Ann Hornaday.
A work of lush, exquisitely composed images and structural sophistication, “Lemonade” is a triumph of design, cinematography and visual storytelling: incantatory, mysterious and deeply, almost overwhelmingly, cathartic.

Read Hornaday's deep-dive to Beyonce's latest visual album in the link in our bio #bey #beyhive #woman #women

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washingtonpost It's official: #Millennials are now the largest living generation in the United States.
Pew Research Center broke down population estimates released this month by the U.S. Census Bureau and concluded there are now 75.4 million living millennials compared to 74.9 million living baby boomers.

Learn more about the study, and what this means for the largest living generation, in the link in our bio!

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washingtonpost Exactly three decades ago, an explosion at the #Chernobyl nuclear power plant in #Ukraine sent a radioactive cloud across #Europe. Within weeks, nearly 100,000 people who lived in a large zone surrounding the disaster site had been evacuated, never to return to the poisoned land.

Today, the relics of their past — hollowed-out hotels, empty swimming pools, crumbling farming villages and oxidized ferris wheels — stand in ghostly abandonment across a contaminated region larger than Rhode Island. (Photo by AP from April 1986) #history

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washingtonpost For tonight's breathtaking photo, this is #Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered plane, flying over San Francisco after a three-day trip from #Hawaii.
It is attempting to circumnavigate the globe to promote clean energy and a spirit of innovation 🌎

Check out more photos of the day in the link in our bio! (Noah Berger/AP captured April 23, 2016) #sf #sanfrancisco #airplane #plane

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washingtonpost This #April marks the 20th anniversary of National #Poetry Month. To celebrate, we asked 10 poets for poems and had 10 designers make their words come alive!

Listen to an excerpt from Edward Hirsch's “Special Orders” and click the link in our bio to check out the rest of the poems that we featured! (Animation by @ellenporteus)

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washingtonpost There's a sudden fascination with #rainbow-colored food, and these edibles are taking the Internet by storm. Have you had one?

There's rainbow-like cake balls, tie-dyed waffles, "unicorn" grilled cheese and much more!
The Post's @maurajudkis takes a look at this phenomenon, read her story in the link in our bio! ( by Maura Judkis) #food #nom #yum

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washingtonpost This isn’t a precise metaphor, but something is happening with Jews and #Passover that’s a little like if Weight Watchers’ most devout, longtime members suddenly learned that ice cream frappes are totally fine. This is a much bigger deal, though, writes The Post's Michelle Boorstein.

Today begins the eight-day holiday, during which the #Torah forbids Jews to eat foods considered “chametz” – leavened products that can rise to become like bread.
But this year, #rabbis with the Conservative movement – a kind of middle road denomination – announced that, after 800 years, #kitniyot are actually alright. For millions of people preparing for what can be a pretty challenging nine days of eating, the Conservative ruling has been major news in the last week as Jewish media have begun reporting it.

Learn how this major change has caused a bit of a stir within Jewish communities, in the link in our bio.
  •   chacorta_187 You the Washington Post are so biased that you want is the Bernie Sanders followers to give up on him you making us believe that he doesn't have a chance when in reality he does have a clean shot of taking the White House. Why doesn't Hillary Clinton release the transcript speeches that Goldman Sachs paid her? If she doesn't have anything to hide why not do it I'll tell you why because there is a big chance of her losing voters over to Sanders. Why don't you ever talk about the deals that she made with foreign countries to sell them weapons when she was the Secretary of State? Why don't you the Washington Post ever mention in your articles that she was never really for the $15 minimum wage when clearly there is proof of her supporting a $12 minimum wage? Why don't you ever mention that her daughter is married to a hedge fund Wall Street crook? 1w

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washingtonpost For the first time in #India transgender people, known commonly in India as #hijras, took the holy dip in a river at the Kumbh Mela in #ujjain.

Here, The Post's @anniegowen photographs transgender activist Pavitra Nimbhokar during the religious festival. Be sure to follow her as she continues to document this historical moment.

#kumbh #indiapictures #kumbhmela2016 #india_gram

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washingtonpost "Nothing compares 2 him." In memoriam: #Prince Rogers Nelson 1958-2016
#RIP #RIPPrince
  •   anamariadelatorre0708 I saw you twice LA with my dear friend Robin G. She introduce me to Prince's music. 1w
  •   addjerseytomato everyone loved Prince. He will be missed 1w
  •   agnfrank ... 1w
  •   bulldogadams777 Prince reminds me of King Solomon as he lamented THIS life , " Vanity of Vanities ALL is Vanity " ! May God Bless Prince & his prodigy! May Prince now Rest in Peace with The Father in Heaven is my Prayer 🏾 ! 4d

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