twistedcm 1. Favourite colour is purple
2. I talk to myself.
3. I think I am ugly.
4. Im shy around new people.
5. I like the weirdest music and have a weird music taste unlike anyone else.
6. My favourite food is thai food.
7. I love CHICKEN! Lol
8. I love video games a lot.
9. I love going to the gym because I dont feel good enough.
10. Im an insane person living in this sane world.
11. My favourite game is fallout 3 and bioshock.
12. Im a loser.
13. Id love to be a cat for a day just to see what they see lol.
14. I cry when I see romantic films
15. I feel pathetic crying infront of friends because they would call me a pussy lol.
16. I can read portuguese now but before I could never read or write it but I am learning too.
17. I was born in portugal.
18. I like weird mixtures of foods like, chicken and milk together or burgar and milkshake, or chocalte on pizza, or fish sticks with custard.
19. I can be annoying most times because im bored and like to piss off people at times but only friends.
20. I love doctor who so much I wish he was real and I could go traveling in time and see the stars, and never work again..
(I know it says 20 but I have a few more)
21. I have autisam.
22. Im a geek
23. Im very intelligent but when speaking with others or trying to explain myself I dont sound it and mess up my words a lot because im dyslexic but if people could hear my mind they would be amazed at its wonders.
24. I want to earn money so I can go places and help others.
25. I have kissed a guy in the past but I am not nor will I ever be gay!
26. Ok this is a big list lol

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