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themarymaxine I get so caught up in my day to day life,
I forget is not my own.
Their are children waiting for a loving home.
This time is not for me.
What I do is not for you.
I have a mission to accomplish
just figuring out what to do.

Ill be updating the site today.
Please if you would like to get involved contact me @ www.comfortproject.org

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themarymaxine oh my little man

oh my little man,
little man,
going up,
as fast as you can.

Learning more,
than I'll ever know,
all I can do,
is help you grow.

I will try and help you
what it is to be a man.

I will do my utmost,
give it all I got,
show you how to be,
and how to not.

I love you little man,
I love you,
all the best is what a I'll do.

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themarymaxine #memories #abuse #fostercare #cutter #selfmutilation #selfharm

What you dont know,
what you dont see,
so many more scars inside of me.

You see what,
I, did.
The marks,
I, left behind,
and there are marks,
you'll never find.

Deep wounds,
that never heal.
Shallow wounds,
I'll always feel.

You can judge me,
if that makes you feel good.
Call me crazy,
I used to being misunderstood.
I can't tell you,
the memories I hide,
the fears of protecting,
my heart and my pride.

I am, who I am,
past and all,
scars, memories,
still I stand tall.

My head may be down,
time to time,
then I see my scars,
they are mine.

I did it to me,
you had no control.
I did it to see,
who'd play the role.

Who would come and see my pain,
this little girl with so much to gain.

Then I made up my mind,
I knew I was alone,
I'd grow up,
and make my own home.

Those scars are my mark,
my reminder you see,
no one will love me,
unless I love me.
  •   805malo13 Well good for u as long as u keep yourself positive you'll be koo stay strong 2w
  •   israelohim Our hearts are hexed, we all want out but our cells holds us locked to this frequency of time and space the three dimensional prism (prison) of light, death is not the way out but a trick to trapp our soul (solar/soul lure) to go the light and keep up in the Saturnian curse if the time loop of time the eight of infinity. Our heart is the key to set us free, unselfishness and act of kindness for our fellow man balance the feather of the scales of Maat. 2w
  •   dirtygearcloapp This a No no... Pain hurts but I also teaches up lessons in order to grow and to live with our daily task.. To live is to love thy self. 2w
  •   dirtygearcloapp It* 2w
  •   chirish734 Lol u ain't alone 2w
  •   themarymaxine @chirish734 i know thats why i share because some people think they are 2w
  •   chirish734 Blazeddddddd 2w
  •   picazzoboy A powerful share @themarymaxine - wishing u much happiness! 2w

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themarymaxine www.activestablishments.com 3w

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themarymaxine Issues,
read all about 'em.
can't post without 'em.

I have to,
tell you,
how I feel.
I have to,
announce it,
how will I deal.

You need,
to read,
all about me,
I need,
to feed,
my insecurity.
Fully aware of all I say,
I think before I post,
my great display.

display of my life,
display of my day,
display of pictures,
with what I say.

read all about 'em.
We keep posting
with or with out 'em.

post about your future,
post about your past,
post about the present
praying it can last.

post and read
post and ignore
post and comment
post and store

we all have 'em.
inside stories,
or front page mayhem.

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themarymaxine The art of art,
is pain,
the art of love,
is insane,
the art of life,
is one and the same,
and I'm,
running out of turns in my game.
  •   grizzly._.adams So is rap station all mainstream or? cuz I've got a brand new EP coming out the 20th 3w

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themarymaxine The only break in my day and this is how I take it.. #onehitatatime 3w

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themarymaxine I am my best photographer... 3w

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  •   morphmorph1 you got a great pic, im launching a very huge business you might be interested in add me on facebook Teddy Flow 3w
  •   allshookupoxnard Awesome.... Check out our page!! 3w

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themarymaxine Let me soak up,
Your rays,
Like your the sun.
Let me pretend,
Your the one.

Let me eat you up,
Night and day,
Pretending life should
Happen this way.

Let me bath in you,
Wash in your existence.
Breath your life,
Inhale you for instance.

Let me,
Let me,
Play in your skin.
Let me,
Rest on your bones,
And forgive you, your sin.

Let me have you,
Like I have the days,
Like I have the sun,
Let me soak up your rays.

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themarymaxine Ive looked for you
all my life,
Love, peace, and joy.

I look for you,
in the mists of my strife.
Single mother to a boy.

I have to find you,
I cant live here anymore.

I have to have you,
Deep down in my core.
Fill me up,
With everlasting things,
Fill me up,
Let me master things.

My thoughts may be negative,
Although opposite, I appear.
I work to project,
What I want from here.
I wont let go of all my intention,
I will live in love,
with all your attention.
Love me,
hate me,
or dont even care,
Im quite focused,
And unaware

Unaware of you,
Or what you are,
Unaware that you,
Want to be a star.

Its not a race,
I will arrive,
Ill keep moving,
Everyday Im alive.

Fighting and pushing,
for more in my day.
Loving and pursing
My dreams in a way.

In a way that I,
Will be proud,
In a way that I
Will beat the crowd.
Steady, and driven,
As I go,
I hope your enjoying,
This part of the show.

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themarymaxine Words divine,
I speak,
and you are mine.

I give you life,
with my breath.
I give you a residence,
in my thoughts
You live in my mind,
Express my hearts wants.

you are,
you can be,
I can use you as a weapon,
Or as a key.

Script and sounds,
Is how you are created.
Its the placement
And text by which you
Can be stated.

I use you often,
More often than I should,
Some bad,
some good.

Oh, my word.
As admired as you may be,
I need to take the time
And use you wisely.

I get so caught up in my day to day,
I use you in a meaninglessness way.

I throw you around here and there,
Using your ability with out a care.

Your vibration,
Your sound,
Your frequency,
Your so much more than just
Words to me.

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themarymaxine Don't trip, it all be all right. . sometimes you gotta check out so you can check in.... 4w

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themarymaxine #tbt my bros and I at my mom's wedding 1mon

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themarymaxine The true power of a women is in her ability to seduce. 1mon

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themarymaxine 30

What do I have to fear,
You all judge me here.

Im an open book for you to read,
An open soul for you to stampede.

I am only what you think of me,
and nothing more,
Only what you pay to see,
nothing behind my door.

I can tell you I'm in pain,
and express it in my art,
But while its posted and you read,
Im still falling apart.

It wasn't one man,
It was manys situations.
It wasnt one time,
It was 1000 manipulations.

I know this is temporary,
Life is.
But I have to be SuperMary
That is;

I will help people,
I will not give up,
I will keep drinking,
From my cup.

I will cry,
And I will sacrifice,
I'll feel alone,
I will pay the price.

I cant believe,
my pain is for nothing,
So I keep hurting,
hoping its for something.

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themarymaxine Where are your arms,
Where is your concern,
Why want love,
When will I learn.

I never wanted to make memories alone,
I never planned on divorcing,
or moving back home,

I'm looking for strength,
I have no access to.
Looking for what I lack,
wanting to find it in you.

What hasn't killed me,
Has me wrong,
Im not a fighter,
Im not that strong.
Im lucky to have survived
The life I was given,
it's pure luck,
By passion I'm driven.

Truth is I need you,
Truth is we all do,
Fear of forever,
Fear of I love you.

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