•   ornee_sotelo Lemdoo 2mon
  •   rikiymyx Perfect! 2mon
  •   darnay14 I lik ur hat @themannzac 2mon
  •   maysosamayouness I love you so much @themannzac 2mon
  •   cereziithalvarez  2mon
  •   elenatarango .dayum 1mon
  •   pizza.crazy.16 I think about u everyday every night minutes hours and seconds I don't know what my life would be without u. u r the only one who gets me just by seeing ur pics and videos I can tell that u r incredible we need people like u in this world I love u zac u r the best thing that has ever happened to me if I never had heard about u I would have died I will do anything for u even though I don't see u in real life or anything u still mean the world to me u r my ride or die there's nothing more in this world that I want but u I would tell u a billion or a trillion more times so I can prove to u that I love u no matter what I hope one day I get to see u or snapchat or talk or something that would make my whole life happy day and night u r the only one that's on my mind I love u zacI would take a bullet anything for u snapchat me @alondra_bomb16@thezacmann 1mon

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