the_storyteller { w a l k } The view over @kakadutourism national park from the beautiful lookout part of the amazing Yurmikmik walk. The grey you see by those hills are no clouds, but smoke. Aboriginal communities still use this way to regenerate the land around the area, it is in fact an extreme but very effective way to get rid of insects and other earth disease that come with the Wet. .

When I was little, very Sunday before lunch, my father used to take me and my sisters for long hikes on the hills surrounding my little town back in italy. At that time I didn't really appreciate the beauty of walking and I often asked my dad to pick me and carry me on his shoulders. But all these recent hikes around Australia, from Tasmania to Victoria, from SA to the NT have had a meditative effect on me and I can't wait to take my dad for some Sunday walks on our hills when I get back *home*. .

What are your favourite hikes? Has anybody done the PCR, el Camino de Santiago or the Inca Trail? I'm planning some future travels (yes, already!) and I'm researching some of these places. Any tips or experience you want to share is really welcome here!
I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.
John Muir. .

#hiking #walking #trail #tracks
  •   lostgirl_it "Se non riesci a pensare, cammina. Se pensi troppo, cammina. Se pensi male, cammina ancora." 🖖🏾 2d
  •   casey_bear 1d
  •   casey_bear John Muir trail is epic I highly recommend backpacking it!!! Good luck on your travels! 1d
  •   intervistedalmondo Noi lo scorso agosto abbiamo camminato verso Santiango per una settimana (circa 30km/day) ed è stata una delle esperienze più belle della mia vita 1d

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the_storyteller { l o v e the w o r l d } don't you see how beautiful this planet of ours is? .

Go out in the world today.
Love the people you meet.
Let your presence light in the hearts of others.
Mother Theresa .

Massive thanks a lot for all your comments on my last photo yesterday! Getting back to you all soon but please be patient: only patchy coverage here in the NT! About to cross the boarder and entering WA soon! Keep following our adventures on my #snapchat {sab_storyteller}. .

Have a great weekend my dear adventurers! Make it remarkable!

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the_storyteller { f r e e d o m } if you know me well or long enough, you probably remember the debate about *freedom* I started here and followed up on my blog (you can still read it -> link in bio) last year. It was (still is!) a topic that is really close to my heart and mind and that's why I think about it so often. What is freedom? .

9 months in and I finally have the answer. I know what Freedom is. I finally found it. And even if this trip costed me a few (superficial) friendships, money, tons of questions and suspicion, envy, jealousy and just plain disbelief, a massive drop in followers and engagement (since I'm no longer posting pretty London houses), many amazing professional opportunities in the UK and so on... I am so glad I am here. Whatever I lost wasn't worth a fraction of what I gained in the last few months of life. .

I finally found Freedom and I won't let it go.
I have never been this happy in my life.
Whatever happened in the past is now forgotten.
Whatever happens in the future is not important.
Whatever I am, own, feel today is the only thing that matters.
I used to let beauty pass by me, now I recognise it, experience it, feel it, make it my own and share it with the world.
And I am free. .

Are you free?
  •   juliabarnickle Wonderful news! Am I free? Far more so, since I started travelling again (or rather, since I have been able to afford to travel again!) Am I happy? Yes! 6d
  •   casey_bear Love this outlook on life!! So true, LIVE IN THE NOW 6d
  •   larissadening Wide open spaces 6d

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the_storyteller {Last o n e } One more pic from my last road trip here in #Australia, before moving on to the current road trip with a new whole bunch of cool kids and a 4WD. .

How are you going? - As the Aussies say - Any plans for the weekend? Have a blast, dear dreamers.. x

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the_storyteller { b l u e } This was our last camping spot on my last road trip on our way to Darwin. Not bad uh? . .

On another note, I've now left the capital of the NT and I'm finally in Kakadu National Park. Yay! Follow my adventures on my Facebook page ( and snappy (sab_storyteller). .

Have a wonderful weekend my lovely tribe, make it remarkable!

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the_storyteller { a d v e n t u r e often}. .

We can't be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea or a river.. . Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don't have something better. - C. JoyBell. .

@willandbear is made for the inquisitive and the curious; the wanderers and the authentic. No matter where you roam, your Will & Bear hat will be the ultimate adventure companion and it's definitely coming with me on my new adventure to West Coast today. . #willandbear #adventureoften
  • Beautiful capture Sabrina I love seeing your travels 1w
  •   thesmitt Yes, spent many years living in Tindal/Katherine and then Darwin, a long time ago, could certainly tell you a few stories ha ha. I always loved travelling throughout the NT, it's very different from anywhere else in Australia, as you have now experienced! Great to hear it's all still going well @the_storyteller and you're continuing to roll with the adventure, it's a pleasure to follow. Enjoy and safe travels amica! All is well in ol' London town. Xx 1w
  •   _theoyster_ Stunning shot 🏾 1w
  •   the_adventureco Wow this is amazing! 1w

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the_storyteller {f l o a t i n g } during my recent road trip I've experimented a lot my new @olympus_au EM5 Mark II, not only with landscape and astrophotography, but also with portraits and videos. So much more to show you! Stay tuned! 🤗 .

Have a fantastic day! #makeitremarkable

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the_storyteller { m e m o r i e s } from those days spent on Lake Woods (NT). The hardest part of travelling is saying goodbye. I thought I would struggle to meet new people and make friends, but 9 months on this trip and what kills me every time is to say goodbye to people I won't probably see ever again. This is the life of the traveller, the explorer and the adventurer: you find a "family" and then you have to leave them behind. Do you ever get used to that feeling or does your heart always sink after every goodbye? .

Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life. – Jack Kerouac. .

Have a remarkable Wednesday, my lovely tribe of explorers! . . #lovetheworld #openmyworld #athomeintheworld #voyageursdumonde #tellon #theadventureco #australiafolk #ausfeels #discoveraustralia #exploreaustralia #FocusAustralia #passportposse #travelsociety #passionpassport #lifewelltravelled #myhotlist

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the_storyteller { t r e a su r e s } there are hundreds of different scenarios and unvelievable landscape in central Australian and you almost feel like you are always playing an amazing treasure hunt. This was Barrow Creek, NT.

Never Stop Exploring. .

Follow my Darwin adventures on snapchat, while I plan the next ones and work on some amazing projects. 🤗 have a fab day, make it remarkable!
  •   dekedeguia @the_storyteller you're welcome Sabrina it feels like I could get lost walking there for hours 2w
  •   the_storyteller @dekedeguia totally! There is so much to see and everywhere you look is different. You should come! 2w
  •   dekedeguia @the_storyteller hopefully one day we will get to go there I'd have 2 prepare a couple of memory cards and batteries for all the photographs 2w
  •   casey_bear I'll have to find u on snapchat!! 2w

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the_storyteller { w a t e r } to the ones who think the red centre of Australia is just endless desert, sand dunes and salt lakes, think again. In this fascinating region in fact there are countless waterfalls, stunning natural swimming pools and incredible rivers and lakes. .

While I define the details of my next adventure, I'm going through the 8 thousand pictures I took during my road trip from Melbourne to Darwin. I can't wait to show you more of this amazing country. Stay tuned and hey! I'm back on snapchat now that i have coverage [ sab_storyteller ]

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the_storyteller { the r o a d } 6500km driven through the centre of Australia, but we are finally I'm Darwin today.. What an amazing trip, people and memories to last a lifetime.. Many more pictures to come! Have a fantastic rest of the day, my lovely tribe! Lots of love! 3w

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the_storyteller { We are just a tiny spot in the Universe} - catching up with my trip after my account was hacked and locked for a week. Here we were at the Devil's Marbles, an amazing and curious place that reminded me loads of #Hampi in India. .

Hope you are all having a great week, remember to make it remarkable!

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the_storyteller { on top of the w o r l d } Happy me after climbing on top of Kings Canyon! .

Have a fantastic week ahead my lovely tribe! Lots of love .

Still very limited internet, will be properly back in a week or so. 🏽
  •   hanaanka How awesome! Was there about 2 months ago. Very special experience. You go girl! X 3w
  •   ari55 Fantastic, Sabri!!! 2w
  •   larissadening Looks like you are having an awesome time! 🏼 2w
  •   voyage_provocateur Great 2w

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the_storyteller { a d v e n t u r e o f t e n } Hello my lovely tribe! I'm so, so happy to be back in control of *MY* account and share with you the adventures and places I've been exploring on this long trip that started 11 days ago in Melbourne and is now slowly reaching Darwin. I'm still far behind since my account was hacked and locked for a week and I only have network coverage for a few minutes on certain days, but be sure to check my Facebook album on my page for more shots and BTS very soon. .

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and remember to make every day *remarkable*. ad • @willandbear #willandbear #adventureoften

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the_storyteller { G r a t e f u l } After almost a week of pain and uncertainty and stress, I finally managed to get my account back. I want to thank all of you, my dear friends, who supported me and shared my concern with the Instagram community. I can't thank you enough, but please know I'm deeply grateful.
To the piece of s*** who took control of my account: I wish you to lose the thing you care the most and never find it again. And you know I wished so many more horrible things to you and to all the people who steal and take things for granted. Fuck off.
I'm back and I'm so behind with my photos!! I hope you've all kept well without dramas or problems. Have a fantastic weekend.
Peace and love people.
  •   tinamarty buone notizie!! W il lieto fine!! 3w
  • This is amazing and I'm so glad your back 3w
  •   elkieark I'm so sorry this happened to you!! I am glad it is sorted. Stress you certainly didn't need for so much incredible hard work... 3w
  •   ginirhee Gorgeous pic. Sorry to hear that! But glad all is back to normal now x 2w

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the_storyteller { d r e a m s } Like the postcard of the Taj Mahal, I remember having this one hung on the wall of my childhood bedroom for years. It came with me when I first moved to London in 2008 and then Milan and then back to London. It has travelled in my @roughguides of Australia for the past eight months and yesterday, I was finally able to see the magic of #Uluru with my own eyes. Joy and amazement are just too small words to describe how I feel right now. ️. .

I hope you've checked my latest snapchats { sab_storyteller }. .

Have a fantastic day! Make it remarkable. .

#thestoryteller_inOZ. .

PS1 - Apologies for the lack of response to comments, but coverage is very limited in the #outback. xx
PS2 - apologies for the future 3648946199468303773884 posts of this place!! OMG! I spent the night shooting the stars on top of a hill in the middle of the desert!

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the_storyteller { the m o o n } things you can shoot in the middle of nowhere.
Ps: shot on my iphone6 last night

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the_storyteller { s a l t } we stopped by and walked on a salt lake today. This trip is full of surprises and I am learning so many things about myself that were previously unknown to me. .

Whomever said that travelling is world discovery as much as self discovery was right. .

I hope you are following my adventures on snappy and Facebook! 🤗 .

It is the individual who knows how little they know about themselves who stands the most reasonable chance of finding out something about themselves before they die. - S. I. Hayakawa

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the_storyteller {J a c q u e s } Say hello to one of my travel buddies on this adventure across Australia. He's surely the fittest dude of the gang. . -> keep following our adventure on my Facebook page {} and snapchat {sab_storyteller}. .

Have a fantastic end of the week! We now officially entering the outback towards an underground city in the middle of nowhere. See you down there!

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the_storyteller { not a bad spot for camping } last night's sunset next to the river where we swam and camped.. I'm loving the rough, wild and open air of this trip. .

Make sure to follow my Facebook page for more photos of my road trip across the red centre of Australia []. . .

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