the_storyteller London, I will always love you [2/3] .

The second thing I love about this city, it's its magnificent architecture and contrast of old and new that you can find all around the city. I've lived here for over five years and every time I head out I always manage to find a building or a detail I've never seen before. It never gets boring. .

On another note, I'm having a "goodbye photo walk" tomorrow around Shoreditch. Meet us at 2pm outside @beanygreen for a wander around my neighbourhood before heading to The Crown and Shuttle pub for a couple of drinks at 5pm.
See ya all! ๐Ÿป .

Soundtrack: Mina - Breve Amore / Fumo Di Londra .

Ps: I'm loving this new update of @instagram! Love thinking outside the "square"! What do you think? . .

Never Stop Exploring | #livemoredomorebemore |. .
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  •   leonajoycey ๏ธ๏ธ๏ธ๏ธ๏ธ๏ธ 23h
  •   steffi_daydreamer See you tomorrow 23h
  •   makaisa Looking forward to seeing all your travel pictures and read about your new adventures. So glad you were brave enough to quit your job and pursue your dreams! Enjoy!!! All the best Sabrina. 22h
  •   ben.clarke Lovely! Wish I could make it 10h
  •   ari55 See you at some point today! XX 8h
  •   samueastlondon Bellissimo video @the_storyteller ...Mina...ottima scelta good luck for your new adventure and journey 8h
  •   jessonthames Sending you big brunch hugs right now!! 6h

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the_storyteller London, I will always Love You [1/3] .

One of the things I have learnt and loved straight away about this city is the ability to help each other out and to fight for the right causes. Here, I have been able to raise money for a charity close to my heart (still open and here again we need to join our efforts for a much-needed second helicopter for the London Air Ambulance (@ldnairamb). .

Do you know how many emergency calls are made in a day in London? About 8000. Do you know how many patient can this charity (yup, it's a charity!) save everyday? Four or five. Yes, not so many, but a very accurate algorithm selects the most dangerous and life-threatening cases and for those sends out a very qualified, flying team to them. And yes, in most cases they do saves lives. In most cases, people can thank this speedy ambulance that get to them just on time. Honestly, it's a much-needed and incredible service for a city of about 12 million people. .

London now needs a second helicopter, text HELICOPTER to 70800 donate now and follow @ldnairamb.
Thank you ๐Ÿš .

  •   yousevenuk Awesome photo! I shot their charity abseil this year and got to learn a lot about what they do. Have immense respect for their work! 2d
  •   camdiary Excellent capture and caption. 2d
  •   bannisterfinns Good on you for flagging this to our attention- a worthy cause indeed 2d
  •   ben.clarke Love this!!!! ๏ธ๏ธ๏ธ 2d
  •   jlhcreative So great to see you last night - have the best time ever!!!! Xx 1d
  •   rachcatjones Love your ๏ธ 1d
  •   bassamalmutawa Thank you 1d

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the_storyteller Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee .

I'm working on a very special blog post about #London for my website. It obviously includes a section about #coffee and independent #coffeeshops. ๐Ÿ˜‡ .

Stay tuned to discover my favourite coffee spots in town. ๏ธ .

Thank you to @dlambdlamb @ #BlueCrownMedia for my fantastic London, Paris and New York coffee maps. Very helpful to find good coffee when out of my hood. You can find them too in the best coffee shops. .

Have a fantastic day! Make sure to get at least one good coffee today! I already had 3! .

Follow ๏ธ @cafesaroundtheworld for more! ๏ธ

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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller Morning lovely people! .

If you have been with me for quite some time you are probably already aware of my total caffeine addition. If you are new here, I suggest you to head over to my other little feed, @cafesaroundtheworld, have a look and give it a follow to stay up to date with the best specialty coffee shops around the world. It's an effort of the global community, and I'm really pleased and proud that we already have more than 100 suggestions worldwide: from Chicago to Tokyo, from London to Johannesburg passing through Copenhagen and Rome. Please tag your suggestions by tagging your coffee shops photo with #cafesaroundtheworld.

Also, it would be great if you could share suggestions for you fav independent coffee-shops in the following cities so I can go and check them out next month! ๏ธ
#Venice #Florence #Milan #Dubai .

Thanks in advance and if you are in one of these cities, come and meet me, I'll but the coffee! ๏ธ
  •   belleannee Yes to Books for Cooks, Coffee Plant (our flat is directly above it. Heaven.) but really? Cafe Diana? I can't believe it!! 4d
  •   elvinalessa Ok Near my House have the best cofffes! ๏ธ 4d
  •   the_storyteller @belleannee is Cafe Diana bad? I've never been but was on my list of places to check.. I will take it off if you say it's a no! 4d
  •   the_storyteller @elvinalessa awesome! Take a picture and remember to tag it! ๏ธ๐ŸŒŽ 4d
  •   belleannee Oh no! I don't know. It looks so touristy...maybe worth it though. Meet there for a coffee tomorrow? 4d
  •   elvinalessa Ok dear Sabrina! Tomorrow i'm going to take a picture !!! @the _storyteller๏ธ 4d
  •   tichamercado Perfect! ๏ธ 3d
  •   tiaraanggamulia @the_storyteller oh so exciting Sabrina! Can I recommend coffee shops in London too or have you come across most if not all of them? Have fun on your trips and look forward to seeing some snaps from there ๏ธ 2d

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the_storyteller Massive Thank You to @benscanteen for a fabulous #Brunch with the @welovetobrunch family. It's my last official brunch in London. Stay tuned for the international ones I will be organising..first one is in #Tuscany - check @italian_eye for the details. Last few tickets available on the link on their profile. Then #Milan, #Venice, #Dubai, #Delhi and so much more.. ๐ŸŒ .

Follow me on snapchat | periscope and Twitter @ sab_storyteller for our wet but fun walk and the preparation of my trip! .


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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller [3/3] This is Alexandra. A Swiss, gentle soul who moved to #London a year ago. She is a true inspiration of my journey on Instagram and a drive to improve my own style every day.
Alex is not only an exceptional photographer, but also a great model who, unlike me, never say no to a portrait and always comes out gorgeous.
Alex travels, lives and breaths beauty in and outside London and she magnificently frames time, nature, life and emotions in pictures of timeless grace. Her style represents a door to a less-known, fairytale world that you want to explore too. I've said enough, go and have a look yourself, you will not be disappointed [@whatalexloves]. .

Ciao Alex, thank you for everything, but It's not time to say goodbye yet, see you on the ๏ธ. .

Latest blog post about @globemakers is up on my website now (link in my bio ๏ธ). .

Follow me on Snapchat | Periscope | Twitter @ sab_storyteller for a peak into my trip preparation and the behind the scenes of my photographs.

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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller [2/3] Half way there. In so many ways. .

#India: I will get to know you in exactly 40 days. Another one from my visit to @globemakers yesterday. Blog post to follow tomorrow on my website. .

On another note, I'm at @sofarsounds tonight. Follow me on Snapchat & Periscope [@ sab_storyteller] to see what's going on at this secret gig in a wicked office space in #Soho! @dannytoeman is in the middle of his performance... go man! Oh, @ari55 and @mrwhisper are here too! It's a small Instagram world #SFRLDN #sofarsounds #onlyinLondon #London #thisislondon #see_my_london2015
  •   rishabh11023 @the_storyteller what all cities do you plan to visit? Delhi, Agra (taj mahal), and? 1w
  •   the_storyteller @kasia_dietz wow! That's very impressive!! 1w
  •   the_storyteller @rishabh11023 Mumbai, Varanasi, Jaipur .. For now.. 1w
  •   rishabh11023 You can also add udaipur it is close to jaipur, nice place to be. These cities are quite far you would be traveling a lot, do you plan to take flights between these cities or train? 1w
  •   the_storyteller @rishabh11023 oh yes, I forgot! udaipur is also on my route. I'm planning to travel mainly by train. What do you think? Thank you for your advice 1w
  •   rishabh11023 I think train would be fine and cheaper but can be a bit uncomfortable, plus you need to know the Indian train system which is not that complex though. But get your reservation well in time, for that you need a solid itenary. 1w
  •   the_storyteller @rishabh11023 yes, thank you so much! I'm currently very busy packing as I'm moving after 5 years in London, but from next week I should be much more free to define the details of the route.. I'll keep you posted! thanks again! 1w
  •   rishabh11023 Oh you are welcome, dear. Feel free to ask and share. 1w

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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller [1/3] Good morning! ๏ธ I'm back ๐Ÿป from my digital detoxing & packing with a fantastic new story.. .

Sometimes all you need in order to find a new passion or even create a new career is to never accept mediocre results from others and get stuff done yourself. This is what Peter Bellerby did in 2008 when he couldn't find a decent globe for his father's 80th birthday and founded Bellerby & Co to create the perfect one.
Today, @Globemakers is one of only two handmade globe making company in the world. .

I had the most amazing start of the week yesterday, as I was exploring their beautiful studios in #London. It was like an immersion in the past, in a world where things are made with care, patience, love and time. Lots of time. I learnt about painting and I watched the most careful hands placing slices of the world on naked globes. As you know I'm a traveller and I have this obsession with globes and maps, so being able to spend a few hours there, it was just one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you Jade & Peter for the invite!
[to be continued...1/2] .

On another note, I've been nominated one of the top 15 Instagramers in London by @buzzfeed! ah! Check the link in my bio! ๐Ÿป [the description is not that accurate, still an accomplishment] . โ€ขโ€ขโ€ข
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the_storyteller 3/3 #ihavethisthingwithbikes . .

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike in #London, that's why this summer The Kensington Hotel has added a stylish fleet of custom-designed and hand-built bicycles created by leading British bicycle manufacturer #Pashley. .

In celebration of the introduction of the new bicycles, @HotelKensington is offering guests a โ€˜Pashley Pedals & Picnic Packageโ€™, which includes one nightโ€™s accommodation, bicycle day hire and an Afternoon Tea picnic for two. .

The Kensington Hotelโ€™s Afternoon Tea picnic, created by Steve Gibbs, executive chef of the hotelโ€™s all-day dining concept Town House also includes a bottle of bubbly wine and it comes equipped with all the picnic essentials! .

Book your bike & afternoon tea experience now, summer isn't over yet! ๏ธ .

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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller #IHaveThisThingWithBikes [2/3] .

As you know, I'm a passionate cyclist and I've been very proud to exhibit my work on a short-mini exhibition called "On The Right Track" in East London in the last few months. You can read more about it on my website During this exhibition I raised money for a charity called "Wheels for Wellbeing" (@wfwnews on Twitter) that helps children and adults to go back on a bike or learn to cycle for the first time. I've sold most of my pictures to kind-hearted people around the world: from London to Hawaii, from Rome to Malaysia passing through Berlin and Dublin, thanks to this little app called #Instagram. It's all been pretty emotional and hearth-warming as well as enlightening of the amount of amazing people close and far that shared my cause. The best part was probably attending their summer party back in July where I had the opportunity to see from close the adapted bikes as well as the smiles of children and grown-ups riding with #Freedom. We are now very, very close to reach the goal and I hope you will help me with one last push. All the remaining prints are sold for 10ยฃ (100% goes to WFW and worldwide shipping expense on me). Drop me an email if interested and I will let you know the available ones and how to purchase yours. Let's make this happen. If interested in a donation only you can find the link in the same blog post mentioned above. Link in my profile. .

Thank you big shout out to my latest supoorters and friends @annaglennpearce @elboustany and @ruxxnaqvi .

#livemoredomorebemore . โ€ขโ€ขโ€ข
Follow me on Snapchat | Periscope | Twitter @ sab_storyteller for more behind the scene stuff .

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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller #IHaveThisThingWithBikes or even just wheels sometimes .
Does destiny or luck exist? Yesterday, I had two very interesting, separate and almost opposite conversations with two friends: @emilievancamp and @esther_zimmer. I have to say, I might have slightly changed my mind about about both. Destiny and luck, not Emilie and Esther. But I haven't changed my mind about attracting like-minded people. Nope, I genuinely believe that what goes around comes around and that also includes people. Nasty people attract other nasty people. Envy attracts more envy. Liers are friends with liers. Well, thankfully these two wonderful girls brought some fresh air to my life and gave me new hope about this community.... Check their IG and blogs, thank me later.
Have a wonderful day!

#wltb_rockrichmond . .
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  •   ospreypics 2w
  •   the_storyteller @naomigingerich isn't she?! 1w
  •   the_storyteller @_sofie.w_ thank you Sofie! I hope one day you and I will also meet.. I have a feeling there is something in common with you too and yes, I also love the friends I made in the last years through this app.. It's truly magical! 1w
  •   the_storyteller @esther_zimmer thank you Esther! Yeah, I know it's a shame we only met now, but it's better than nothing and at least we have something to remember and im sure I'll see you sooner than you think! Take care! xx 1w
  •   the_storyteller @c4tth thank you so much dear! Yes, I truly agree with what you said.. It's about energy and if you spread good energy you attract people with the same. If you are angry, jealous or bad, you will be surrounded by the same people.. That's life. Take care 1w

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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller I hear the birds on the summer breeze,
I drive fast, I am alone in midnight
Been tryin' hard not to get into trouble
But I've got a war in my mind,
I just ride, I just ride .

I'm tired of feeling like I'm f****** crazy
I'm tired of driving till I see stars in my eyes
It's all I've got to keep myself sane, baby
So I just ride, I just ride .

Live fast. Die young. Be wild. And have fun.
I believe in the person I want to become.
I believe in the freedom of the open road.
Have you created a life for yourself?
I have. I am f******** crazy. .

But I am Free. .

Ride - Lana Del Rey My fav song at the moment while I pack and declutter my Life. .

#watchmyride #vwvan #ontheroad #vintagecars #vwbus #volkswagen. . . โ€ขโ€ขโ€ข
Never Stop Exploring | #livemoredomorebemore |. . โ€ขโ€ขโ€ข
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Photo Essay from the Seven Sisters up in My website now ๏ธ #thisissummer #DCmoments

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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller Another one from the beautiful coast of #England near #BirlingGap. [2/2]

On another note, I'm totally freaking out with the preparation for my trip.. It's incredible to see how hard it is to remove roots and pack a life in boxes. Help! #defeated #unsuccessfulminimalist
Never Stop Exploring. .

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  •   mental_gentle Keep the things that make you smile warm your heart or move you to tears x 3w
  •   ben.clarke Lovely ๐Ÿผ 3w
  •   alexkdg Packing for just two weeks in a backpack was hard enough. I can't imagine having to do that plus pack up my whole life Good luck!! x 2w
  •   esther_zimmer Packing is always stressful but what a fantastic excuse for a proper clear-out of all those things you no longer need or love! Good luck with it though, I always find it takes longer than I estimated. Yikes! 2w
  •   sofikova 2w
  •   tichamercado What a beautiful capture! Be brave! I bet it will all be exciting! 2w
  • Been there I feel your pain 2w
  •   teolt24308 Beauty ! 2w

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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller Morning lovely people! ๏ธ .

I'm taking part in @ukcaffelatte's #FRESHKICK competition to win an iPhone 6!
Today's challenge is to show the sunny side of life and here is my shot of Birling Gap at sunset taken back in June. That was one of the most amazing adventures this summer and I just realised I haven't published enough pictures of this stunning side of England.. So here is a new one, more to come up on my website soon. [1/3]

In the meantime check @ukcaffelatte and show us the sunny side of life for your chance to win! Have fun! .

Never Stop Exploring. .

#livemoredomorebemore. .

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#tinypeopleinbigplaces #DCmoments #thisissummer

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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller 3/3 โ€ข The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta first took place in September 1979 and now in its 37th anniversary, it's Europeโ€™s largest ballooning event. Itโ€™s a spectacular, free, four days of fun for the whole family and today is the last day!!! Everything started in the early 1960's when a young aeronautical engineer, Don Cameron moved to Bristol to join the Bristol Aeroplane Company. Don and other members of the Bristol Gliding Club produced the first modern hot-air balloon in Western Europe in 1967. After spending a few years building balloons as a hobby, Don decided to quit his job to found his own firm, Cameron Balloons Ltd. In 1979, after a few exciting flights across deserts and ocean, the first Bristol International Balloon Fiesta was held at its current site in Ashton Court. There were 27 balloons that weekend, and now the Fiesta attracts over 100 hot air balloons, half a million visitors and it's surely an iconic event for the city of Bristol. .

#WHPforeveryoung .

A full photo coverage of the Fiesta is now up on my website: check the link in my profile. . #visitBristol #bristolballoonfiesta #balloonfiesta #spotstuart #hotairballoon #ballooning #flying #minions #bristolinternationalballoonfiesta . .

Never Stop Exploring .

#livemoredomorebemore . .

Follow me on Snapchat | Periscope | Twitter @ sab_storyteller for more and the BTS of my pictures. .

#huffpostgram #lifeofadventures #liveauthentic #worldtravelbook #passionpassport #beautifuldestinations #lovegreatbritain #photosofbritain #olympusinspired #welcometothefamily #openmyworld #mytinyatlas #nakedplanet #bestvacations #dametraveler #tasteintravel #bbclocalite #bbc_travel

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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller 2/3 I believe I can fly. .

Another one from yesterday ascend into #Bristol sky during the @bristolballoon fiesta! I'm still so high from this unique experience. I want to do it again! by the way, that big shadow at the center was us You are still on time to jump on a train or bus and enjoy this spectacular tradition! Have a fantastic weekend peeps! .

Never Stop Exploring .

#livemoredomorebemore . .

Follow me on Snapchat | Periscope | Twitter @ sab_storyteller for more .

#bristolballoonfiesta #balloonfiesta #spotstuart #balloons # #balloonsfestival #hotairballoon #BristolInternationalBalloonFiesta #emojisinthewild
  •   townske_official Hello @the_storyteller I really like your feed. Could I get in touch via direct message or email regarding becoming a publisher on our site 3w
  •   the_storyteller @townske_official hi there, yes sure, drop me a line at the email address on my profile. Thank you 3w
  •   rami.abdal @the_storyteller yes I will try to come to a brunch of course, they always looks delicious just need to be early to sign up. ๐Ÿป 3w
  •   ljbnyc1 @the_storyteller I don't know how I missed all these amazing photos. I hope all is well with you my friend. Have a wonderful day. ๏ธ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿฝ 3w
  •   the_storyteller @rami.abdal yes! Exactly! Stay tuned, next announcement is coming up very, very soon! 3w
  •   the_storyteller @ljbnyc1 hey! I've also been busy/distracted lately, need to check your gallery too! Thank you my friend, have a fantastic rest of the week ๐Ÿป 3w
  •   townske_official @the_storyteller thank you! We've just emailed you :) 3w
  • Fabulous view 2w

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Normal Sabrina Andrea Sachs ๐ŸŒ
the_storyteller Good morning! .

1/3 I woke up at 4.30a this morning for the first ascend of hot air balloons at @bristolballoon Festival and no other early rise has been so worthy, ever. These fascinating balloons are incredible from the ground, but being on one of them is just another story. This picture was taken from the balloon of world-famous pilot #GaryDavies (the first guy to cross the English Channel on a hot balloon!) .

Thank you so much to Gary's team for the unforgettable experience and Kelly at @weareplaster for having me. .

Guys, if you are around #Bristol, come down to the fiesta, next ascend is at 6pm tonight and there are lots of other fun activities, food and fireworks and things to do. .

#visitBristol #VisitBritain #balloons #BristolBalloons #fly #nofear .

Never Stop Exploring .

#livemoredomorebemore .

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  •   the_storyteller @ospreypics thank you Wendy! 3w
  •   duncantigerhero I believe in luck, it's true the harder you work the luckier you get, but so much in life is about luck. You can't control every aspect of your destiny! 3w
  •   the_storyteller @duncantigerhero ehm..not sure about this one.. There is little that luck can affect, at least in my life, but I think there are many more things we can affect with willpower and determination. Not just hard work. 3w
  •   duncantigerhero My original point was just an idiomatic expression. However, you were lucky with the weather here! Anyway on a separate point what was your bike hashtag? 3w
  •   the_storyteller @duncantigerhero hahah! It's ok, Duncan.. Yes, I was really lucky with the weather and yes you are right I couldn't affect that in any way. So, yes luck, was involved too@ My bike hashtag? Not sure what you mean..? 3w
  •   alucaround Cool!! 3d
  •   camera_mama Gorgeous! 2d

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the_storyteller From the top of the world [3/3] ~ The view from the #Shard with two incredible photographers and exceptional human beings: Simone (@brahmino) & Dan (@danrubin) last week.๏ธ What an awesome end of the day in my beloved @london . .

Thank you @ShardView .

Never stop exploring โ€ขโ€ขโ€ข. #see_my_london2015

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the_storyteller Buongiorno Amici! Sono (miracolosamente) sveglia presto (per i miei standard attuali ๐Ÿ˜ด) per una nuova avventura oggi.. Seguitemi su Snapchat e Periscope per l'anteprima: @ sab_storyteller. .
Buona giornata !

Morning My friends ! I'm up super early (For My current standards) for another adventure today.. pictures to follow of course. In the meantime see what I'm up to on #snapchat & #periscope: @ sab_storyteller. .

Hope you are all well and safe! Have a wonderful day! Never stop exploring. .
2/3 On top of the world at The Shard View @shardview
  •   ttatevv Alright! I was planning an adventure too hehe, would be happy to get some tips from you 3w
  •   the_storyteller @ttatevv Ah! where would you like to go? happy to help if I can! 3w
  •   chaiwalla I can't see any stories from you today?? :-( 3w
  •   the_storyteller @chaiwalla really? Try now! 3w
  •   giuliadini Figata! :) 3w
  •   ttatevv I spent most of the day queueing today, but ended up in a nice Museum of London...I'd be happy about any London tip from you 3w
  •   the_storyteller @giuliadini eh gia! Devi assolutamente andarci quando vieni!! 1w
  •   the_storyteller @ttatevv I will be publishing a post about London on my website next week.. Keep an eye out! 1w

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the_storyteller Get outside. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel big or tiny? Because there's something good about feeling both. ~ Amy Grant .

The View from the top of the world AKA The Shard (@shardview) accompanied by two gentlemen and amazing photographers, last week.. To be continued.... Oh and that orange building "on fire" is One Canada Water. Thank you @shardview .

#BreakTheFeedBecauseIAmTiredOfSquares .

Follow me on #Snapchat @ sab_storyteller
  •   the_storyteller thank you Laura! You should totally check it out next time you are in London 3w
  •   giuliadini Oh, I really really would love that so badly, but I will not make it on August Maybe later... But thanks for proposing this darling, I really appreciate it 3w
  •   the_storyteller @giuliadini ah! Cavoli! Io lascio Londra a fine agosto! Ma spero di incontrarti a Milano a settembre.. Anzi, devo mandarti un'email per un'idea 3w
  •   giuliadini Sono tutta orecchi!! Sto anche cercando di capire se riesco a venire in Toscana il WE che sarai lรฌ! Comunque la mia mail รจ Un abbraccio, non vedo l'ora di sentire la tua idea 3w
  •   the_storyteller @giuliadini ma no! Really?!? Sarebbe troppo figo!! cmq, nulla di speciale, ma magari riusciamo..ti scrivo sabato quando torno da questo mini trip cc 3w
  •   the_storyteller @giuliadini xx non cc 3w
  •   giuliadini @the_storyteller oh yes, ci aggiorniamo Baci, buon viaggetto 3w
  •   the_storyteller @giuliadini Grazie Mille! 3w

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