the_storyteller { D e s i g n } • I hope you don't mind me sharing a few more shots of my trip to #Canberra this weekend. I feel like I need to share this spectacular piece of futuristic art that actually won @hotel_hotel the world's best design award last November. .

Designed by @March_Studio and using over 5,000 piece of timber, concrete beams and steel panelling, it resulted in a bright and mesmerising entrance, just in line with the outstanding beauty & details of the hotel. .

I'm editing the other pictures this week, look out for a blog post soon! .

#hotelhotel • #originalexperiences • #thestoryteller_InOZ • #EscapeOrdinary

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the_storyteller {F o o d & F r i e n d s } • What would you say if you got the chance to attend a gorgeous luncheon set in a stunning venue in the middle of the countryside in #Canberra with a bunch of talented and inspiring women? Well, I call it a blast! Thanks to my beloved friend @lovewalkeatsee, whom I finally got to see again after a year, yesterday I spent a splendid afternoon celebrating food, regional products, old and new friendship for her #passionforprovenance event. Thank you, my lovely! See you very soon! .

This was the delicious Hawkesbury River Duck Breast with sweet potato galette, fennel, Pialligo stone fruit and mustard. Yummy! Can you believe that Matt Breis, the head chef of @pod_food is only 25 years old?! I wonder what he's got up his sleeves for the next decade! .

#cbr #podfood #localscan #restaurantaustralia #pialligo #CBRregion #tasteofcanberra .

I hope you enjoy food photography... This gallery is taking a twist!!

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the_storyteller {C a n b e r r a • A u s t r a l i a } After the most delicious, inspiring and fun luncheon with some truly amazing ladies yesterday [ loads of pics to follow ] - I still have one more day to explore the city, hit me with your suggestions below and..... .

And yes, this is my gorgeous bedroom at @hotel_hotel - can't wait to show you the rest! .

#hotelhotel #designhotel #boutiquehotel #thespacesilike
  •   feetapart That snap... a lovely story in itself 😎 2d
  •   annestroud Hey Lovely @the_storyteller what time are you leaving? What about a coffee? Otherwise let's catch up when I'm in Sydney next X 2d
  •   the_storyteller @annestroud Hey Anne! I just switched off the airplane mode (the perpetual battle with iPhone low battery!) I'm at the Cupping Room, are you close? I'm catching the bus in an hour. x 2d
  •   annestroud @the_storyteller oh Sabrina I was in that area all morning running errands and now have just arrived home. We'll have to see each other in a couple of weeks time during Emiko's workshop? X 2d
  •   the_storyteller @annestroud oh I wasn't! I was at the museums all morning and just got here 10 mins ago! Definitely see you in Sydney! I'm going to look into it as soon as she publishes the details! See you very soon! x 2d
  •   risingsocialstarau Lovely picture @the_storyteller! 📸️ 2d
  •   morgangeorgia This is cool :) 2d
  •   journey.unknown Ahhh! 21h

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the_storyteller { H a p p y Me } • My stay at @hotel_hotel is going extremely well as you probably noticed on my #Snapchat yesterday . The apartments are beautifully designed and filled with gorgeous art, carefully-researched furniture and interesting books. Basically, my kinda place.. They don't know it yet, but I've moved in. .

#canberra #hotelhotel #designhotel #WHPvibrant #thiscanberranlife #igerscanberra #breakfastincanberra #globelletravels #dametraveler .

Dress: @roxy

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the_storyteller {C a n b e r r a } Whoever told me there is nothing to see here was lying. The purpose-built, geometrically planned capital of #Australia is a little gem and a must-see. It makes the perfect destination for a road trip, especially when you are on a express #MurraysCoaches from Sydney: Amazing ride and hilarious driver! .

Follow my adventures in #Canberra on #Snapchat this weekend [sab_storyteller] .

#thestoryteller_InOZ • #EscapeOrdinary • #canberralife • #canberra • #igerscanberra • #australia

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the_storyteller { R o a d & S u r f} • Right, I just bought a surfboard, a wetsuit (as you saw on my #Snapchat} and now I just need a #VWvan like this one to hit the road. Let's go on adventure! 🏽.
Thanks to all of you who joined our first book club today/last night (depending on your time zone), you can still leave your thoughts on my book review (up on my blog). .

February's book is now announced up on my blog, link in bio.. See you on March 1st to chat about it! Details on my FB page: (under events) sign up now as places are limited to 10 and read the book! Of course about travels...

#aussieadventures #roadtrip #volkswagen #surfing #surfboard

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the_storyteller {B i g M a g i c} • Have you read Elizabeth Gilbert's last book? If you have or if you want to, join us for the first episode of our digital book club. .

Blog post and details in the link in bio. .

Hope you are having a fantastic week! Make it remarkable. As always.

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the_storyteller {We need to talk about Y O U } • So, I was sitting on a bus yesterday and I noticed that a guy in front of me was on Instagram. While I was reading my book, he kept scrolling his feed at an impressive speed without ever stopping to like or commenting: not a double tap, no hearts whatever, no words to anyone. No comments or interaction. Now, here is my question(s):. .

What's the point of checking other people's work/photo without letting them know you've seen their work by liking them or leaving a comment?. .

Do you do the same and do you just use Instagram as a "television channel" where you are having a quick look around without really engaging with anyone? .

What's your usual use of IG? Do you selectively give your likes or do you quickly like everyone's picture? Or worse you never give likes? 🤔 Instagram is obviously pushing for certain profiles and styles with the new Explore algorithm and it's such a shame it's moving more and more towards Facebook's direction of pre-selecting content for its users, so I'm curious to see what else is going to happen if this is the actual average use .
At least now I know what my other 78.6k followers normally do. End of the rant! 🤘🏽 .

Have a fantastic day, it's time to pack for a new adventure today! Check my snapchat [sab_storyteller] and Facebook []. .

Make it remarkable! #thestoryteller_inOZ #escapeordinary
  •   the_storyteller @kmors99 I've sent you a DM with the comment I wrote in reply to yours. It wouldn't go through (I think it was too long) and I don't have time to write it again.. 1w
  •   the_storyteller @juliabarnickle I saw your pictures from Venice!! Beautiful! 1w
  •   the_storyteller @thereshegoesagn I think you really got a point there.. Most users use it exactly as television where they can just have a look for 10-15 minutes on their bus commute to work. Nothing wrong with that, but as I know the amount of work I put into it, I could never treat the same way.. That's also why I would like Instagram to put a fee on the app so that there would be a better use among the people really interested in photography and leave the others out.. But now it's too late for that and we need to take what we've got! Have a great day! Xx 1w
  •   meredithsherlock I have definitely noticed this, too! So many people scroll through aimlessly without taking in the beautiful work and captions people create and construct. It's so disappointing. Glad to know that some read them, though! ️ 1w
  •   juliabarnickle Thank you! 1w
  •   isabella_and_george IG is nourishment for my eyes, I take time out of my day and consciously engage with the images in my feed. I like to afford people that moment in time to look at, and read, what they have posted and engage with likes and comments when things really resonate with me. 6d
  •   astrokidz Instagram needs time for sure 3d

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the_storyteller { J u s t D i v e I n } .

Do it like there is no tomorrow.
Do it like there was never a yesterday.
Happy Sunday my little dreamers! . .

Keep following my adventures on snapchat (did you see yesterdays's? ) and make sure to follow my Facebook page: .

Have a fantastic Sunday, I'm going for a dive!

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the_storyteller { C a f f e i n e & I n d i a } .

Do you know I have another account all about coffee and cafes? Do you know you could become an editor too? Yeah! If you are a coffee-addict, can take good pictures, write well and have a natural talent to scout cute, independent coffee-shops in your neighbourhood or while travelling, please drop me an email with a presentation of yourself and a @cafesaroundtheworld style review of your fav coffee-shop. .

On another note....Welcome to #India on @stellerstories. My dear Indian friends, you must download the app and tell your stories. And as a way to say #hello, I've just published my story about #Varanasi, check it out -> @the_storyteller [same handle!] .

And again, about my beloved India: Congrats to the first 15 people who, within 24 hrs from the announcement, already ordered "See my India" a photographic memoir of my travels there and a stunning coffee table-book. I'm truly amazed by your trust and loving my work so much. I'm truly flattered and grateful. 🏽
You can buy yours too [50pages 69$ or 100pages at $99 | worldwide shipping ]. These discounted prices are only valid for the first 50 orders. You can see some of the pictures part of the selection on Steller and on my work-in-progress @see_my_india IG handle. .

Have a fantastic weekend! Make it remarkable. I'm going to try and be an acrobat today - check my snapchat [sab_storyteller] .

#thestoryteller_inoz • #MakingItRemarkable

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the_storyteller { How I afford to travel? ~ M y s t e r y S o l v e d }. .

New blog post on my link with all the answers (and the truth), you were asking about and waiting for... #NoBulls***. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment on my blog! See you over there! x .

Make it remarkable . PS: if you double tap the heart fills up ️
  •   jamelingus @the_storyteller Drive, passion, dedicated planning & commitment. Thanks to that(and so much more..), we all get to share in the joy of your experience on this wonderful plane of existence Great read on your blog. 🏽 As always, keep us posted.. 2w
  •   _abhijeet__ How do u afford so much travelling, can u share pls? @the_storyteller 2w
  •   the_storyteller @_abhijeet__ click the link in the bio 2w
  •   glographics SO. FUCKING. GOOD. 2w
  •   dawn_to_senja Hmm... my reply should be here, lol. A wonderful piece of writing, as usual, holding me captive till I read everything. Thank you for sharing 2w
  •   mental_gentle You deserve all of your success . Such a well written and thoughtful blog.You make your own luck as you have shown. Wherever your travels take you make sure your captain of your own boat. Good luck 1w
  •   ahaq04 We need to check this out @s_esca 4d

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the_storyteller { P r e c i p i c e }. .

Thank you so much for all your advice on my last post, I really enjoyed the pool, your answers and opinions. I think I have a better idea of my next few months! 🤘🏽. .

Next survey:

Which country [in Asia/Oceania] do you want me to visit in 2016? Write your favourites below and I'll try my best to plan a trip there! ️ .

Ph: @francescocamilloph [check the one he posted today]
Edit: @the_storyteller
Model: me 🏽🏽🏼 .

#thestoryteller_inOZ • #thestorytellerstravellingballoons
  •   lorenza.martini enjoy your stay @the_storyteller wherever you go 2w
  •   fresco_80 East Timor since you are in Australia. @the_storyteller 2w
  •   prisca2028 Yes @the_storyteller I have been 5 times. My hubby's family live in Sri Lanka so once in a while we visit them. But anyway it's so easy to reach from Europe that in case you can go later once you are back and enjoy some other countries in Asia/Oceania now too many places to explore!! 2w
  •   __ijg__ That was a sneaky thing you did there, Sabrina! Great blog post! 2w
  •   roselladegori Sticaxx, che abbronzatura! 2w
  •   insearchofperfect Always love your work, so inspiring! 2w
  •   71ce Visit Jeju Island, korea. Awesome place! 2w
  •   robertagamberettarossa I'm looking forward to visiting Myanmar Vietnam Bangladesh Iran and a few countries in Central Asia. I can recommend some places where I've been: China Mongolia Laos Cambodia Nepal. but you might have been there already @the_storyteller 1w

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the_storyteller {D e c i s i o n s VS c h o i c h e s - HELP!}. .

Option A: stay put in Sydney for another month to work on projects and nurture my new business and network and then go to Japan in March,
Option B: jump on a 3-months road trip with a half-stranger on Feb.3rd and take what comes along,

Option C: enjoy summer and Sydney until end of Feb and then start my Australian adventure. .

Oh well, I love having the options...I'm just crap at picking one! Suggestions? Write down your favourite (A-B-C) or feel free to suggest other options too! .


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the_storyteller {Happy @Australia Day! } | Don't forget to go out and explore today. Even if you are not travelling, I'm sure there is something you haven't seen before in your own neighbourhood! Go out and explore or just take a different route to/from work. Adventures are everywhere, you just need to look for them sometimes! 🕵🏽🏽 .

Happy day, my dear explorers!
#MyAustralia #mytinyatlas #cerealmag

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the_storyteller {#VesPinaGoesWild } | Happy Monday, Lovely Tribe! | it's been far too long since my nephew's #Vespa's last adventure! Over a month ago she was parked in front of the Gateway of India in Mumbai (see pic in my blog), so here she is again! Enjoying the view from the rocks by the moody and dramatic ocean in #Sydney. Where would you like to see her next? 🏍 {where is the Vespa emoji, anyway?!?🤓} .

On another note: I'm going to celebrate #AustraliaDay tomorrow, tips and suggestions from local? .

Have a fantastic week peeps! Make it remarkable! .

#thestoryteller_inOZ • #makingitremarkable #escapeordinary
  •   sunshinechasing Oh my gosh, the idea for Vespa travels is adorable. I love this picture!! I'll have to check out the others. 2w
  •   ben.clarke Love it 🏼 2w
  •   gemini_illusion So pretty! 2w
  •   kevi.2911 Ohhh after a long time reddie Scotter. 2w
  •   kevi.2911 :) keep posting storytrller!!! 2w
  •   wandering.bachelor Good to see vespina after soo long :) can't find her emoji you can use this one (I use this for sunshine 2w
  •   minum_98 Lady in red! ️ it! 2w

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the_storyteller [ W a v e s ] • I told you I had many, many great pictures to share with you from yesterday's adventures with @francescocamilloph..have a look at his feed, It's exceptional Oh, and if you are a model/brand/blogger he's open for hire now for a few weeks .

Looking forward to the week? I am! 🏽and I have some exciting stuff in store, make sure to follow my adventures on #snapchat [sab_storyteller] and don't miss the updates on my FB page [] .

Have a wonderful week ahead, my little wanderers, remember to make it remarkable! .

Ph credits: @francescocamilloph
Edited by me .

#thestoryteller_inOZ • #livemoredomorebemore #sydneyfolk • #eyeEM • #sydney• #liveauthentic • #WHPsplitsecond

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the_storyteller {#FromWhereIStand} • Spent the morning waiting for a sunrise that didn't show up and then playing, shooting and sharing creativity, ideas and photo tips with my #Sydney buddy, @francescocamilloph..I can't wait to show you some of the pictures he took of me.. and some other adventures we shared today! .

What did you do today or what's your plan for today? Happy Sunday, my beloved tribe!

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the_storyteller {F l y i n g & V o i c e } • Can you spot the #SydneyOperaHouse? . .

This is one of the very few decent shots I managed to get on my flight with @heliexperiences on my birthday. I was sitting on the left hand side backseat and I have to say that for a good three quarters of the flight (20 minutes total) I saw: nothing! Just the Ocean! I was not happy at all and I told the guys the journey was not worth the money, but I never heard back from them!! 🏽 Go to the other heli providers in Sydney guys, don't go to @heliexperiences 🏽. .

Having worked for the company with THE best customer service in the world, I know I have the right to say out loud when things go terribly wrong. You should all do the same. Social media have an incredible power nowadays: make your voice is heard. Get things straight. Get things right. 🏽 .

#thestoryteller_inoz • #customercomplaint • #flying #helicopter • #heli • #sydneyharbour
PS: tomorrow is Comments Day! Getting back to you all! 🤓

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the_storyteller { Minimal packing } • are all set to go? Almost set? Going crazy because you don't know what to bring with you for your gap/wanderlust year? Well, the solution my blog: link in bio! 🏽 Don't forget to tag below your adventurous friends! .

Have a fantastic weekend, travel tribe!

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the_storyteller I n s p i r e d • "If everything you did everyday was being written in a book, from your actions, your friends, your daily work, your free time, your conversations and so on was, being written, and across the planet a person was reading each page moment by moment to a group of individuals, what do you think they would hear, what do you think they would think of you, what do you think they'd say you stand for and believe? Today I hope you're standing, living, and breathing for something great, today I wish you confidence, peace, laughter, and love for the way we live our day is the way we live our life • Live with intention. Give them something to read. Every story has a new beginning" .

I haven't done a #followfriday for ages, but as I went through the people I follow (and unfollowed some...ooops, sorry! only inspirational & positive stuff allowed in my feed!), I re-visited some of my favourites profiles and I came up with the idea of sharing a few of of these people with you. Some of them are simply amazing, creative photographers, others, like me, are trying to have a remarkable life, they are trying to make the world a better place or simply have amazing stories to tell. Their words and pictures represents my daily dose of energy, love and passion. I couldn't start my series with anybody else but this dude who's a hero for many kids and one of the most amazing souls of Instagram. .

#1 | @bc_serna is a young guy who falls into both categories with photos pregnant of life and words that deserve to be framed and hung on a wall. He's also a film maker who's travelled everywhere and worked with non-profits and charities helping children around the world. His mission is to make the world a better place, and ultimately to:. "Love Radically.
Inspire Youth.
Tell Stories. Create Culture." .

Follow BC's adventure on his gallery, on his website and his newly launched vlog on YouTube (I love it, BC!) .

My new #inspiring_storytellers series is here to inspire you & me and to share some of our favourites. If you know others that you think fit my style and personality please tag them below or use the hashtag yourself!
And remember to Make It Remarkable

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