tharron.okay "you've got a rad taste in music, you're chill as hell, your ability to take in mass amounts of pills and alcohol is fuckin' rad, our dicks have explored the same lady's love tunnel, you're my drinking buddy, my best friend, and I love you to fucking death man. You're gonna learn to play guitar, then we're going to slay da bitches left and right. Look at me, look at me.. *puts beanie on* grunge may be dead, but we're still alive, so let's live, man. Let's make the fucking best of this shit. You're my friend till I die, you have been since you dragged me out of the toilet while we delswung and you have been since you backed me at Gib's party. Let's go make a pizza. *turns 'Hey' by the Pixies on full blast* fucking holy shit dude this song is so sexy. *winks, trips on door, collapses" -@serenityflop (excerpt from a crossfaded video found in encrypted phone files)

i miss you, fellow drinking pal. there's a bottle of jack with your name on it when i'm home.

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