•   llcool_k Someone has parked a bloody old Nissan in front of a supercar. 4mon
  •   yut1501 GTR R32 3mon
  •   chris_2287 Wow! Nice car! Whats it like? Is it stock? 2mon
  •   teamsheldrakeracing @chris_2287 thanks! Yea, stock apart from exhaust and induction kit 2mon
  •   chris_2287 So is it a standard GTR or a nismo? Whats it like to drive? How does it compare to other cars you've driven? Sorry for the twenty questions but after reading an article in Evo recently plus I've always been fascinated by Skyline GTRs, I'm seriously considering owning one! 2mon
  •   teamsheldrakeracing Standard GTR, not a Nismo (ultra rare) drives lovely, covers the road quickly and easily for a 21 year old car. Feels more usable than my previous 500 BHP R33 GTST. I would say go buy one! 2mon
  •   levikarsten Love your car man 4w
  •   teamsheldrakeracing @levikarsten thanks dude 4w

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