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Normal Looking For An Ig Bestie
summer.tips911 #merebearsbacktoschool sorry guys but this is such a great giveaway, I couldn't resist! 2mon

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Normal Looking For An Ig Bestie
summer.tips911 Back to school outfits: OUTFIT 1: floral tank top or shirt, jeans, and combat boots -
OUTFIT 2: white top, bright colored skater skirt, converse/vans
OUTFIT 3: lace dress, knee high socks, boots
OUTFIT 4: 3/4 graphic tee, ripped jeans, converse/ vans

QOTD: what are you wearing for the first day of school?

AOTD: idk { #howto #tips #btsseries #backtoschool #fashion #outfits #myedit #taylorswift }

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Normal Looking For An Ig Bestie
summer.tips911 First day of school: Before the first day of school, run through your schedule and make sure it's memorized. Picture yourself walking from class to class and map out the best route so you won't be late. ️wear something you feel confident and comfortable in. It'll make you feel better knowing that if you're late, at least you're late in style. remember that teachers are always mean on the first day. They're just trying to scare you and they will calm down by the second week. ️if your friends aren't in your class, don't sweat it! Try to talk to your classmates and hopefully you'll double your amount of friends by the end of this school year
know that it's ok to freak out a little over the first day. Everyone's a little nervous, even if they don't show it, so make sure you stay focused and calm and it'll be over before you know it!

QOTD: when's your first day of school?

AOTD: September 3rd { #howto #diy #tips #firstday #backtoschoolseries #myedit }
  •   summer.tips911 And if anyone knows why this spacing problem keeps happening could you please let me know! 2mon

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Normal Looking For An Ig Bestie
summer.tips911 ραят 1: hєαтℓєѕѕ hαιяѕтуℓєѕ

тhє ѕυммєя ιѕ fσя ℓєттιиg уσυя hαιя gяσω συт ѕσ hανιиg ¢υтє hαιя вυт ѕтιℓℓ иσт υѕιиg hєαт ιѕ ѕυρєя ιмρσятαит
fяιzzу ¢яιмρє∂ ѕтуℓє:
-ωαѕh уσυя hαιя αи hσυя вєfσяє gσιиg тσ вє∂
-gινє уσυя hαιя 30 мιиѕ тσ ∂яу иαтυяαℓℓу тhєи вяαι∂ hαιя киσт ℓσтѕ σf тhιи яιghт вяαι∂ѕ
-ℓєανє тhє вяαι∂ѕ ιи σνєяиιghт αи∂ тαкє тhєм συт ιи тhє мσяиιиg fσя α ¢яιмρє∂ ¢υяℓє∂ ℓσσк ѕυяfєя gιяℓ ωανу hαιя:
-ѕhαмρσσ αи∂ ¢σи∂ιтισи уσυя hαιя
-ℓєт уσυя hαιя ∂яу ѕσ ιт'ѕ ѕℓιghтℓу ∂αмρ тhєи вяυѕh ιт συт ωιтh α ωι∂є тσσтh ¢σмв
-тιρ: ιf уσυ hανє hαя∂ тσ ¢υяℓ hαιя тяу υѕιиg α тєxтυяιzιиg ραѕтє
-тαкє уσυя hαιя тιє αи∂ ρυт υρ α мєѕѕу вυи
-ѕℓσωℓу тαкє ιт ∂σωи fσя α ¢αѕυαℓ вєα¢hу ℓσσк ωιℓ∂ ¢υяℓу hαιя:
-¢υт αи σℓ∂ тєє/ѕhєєт/ριℓℓσω¢αѕє (σя υѕє α ѕσ¢к) ιитσ ℓσиg ѕтяιρѕ
-ωяαρ ѕє¢тισиѕ σf уσυя hαℓf ∂яιє∂ hαιя ιитσ тhєм ву ρℓα¢ιиg тhє єи∂ σf єα¢h ѕє¢тισи σи тhє ¢єитєя σf тhє ѕтяιρ αи∂ яσℓℓιиg υρ
-σи¢є уσυя ∂σиє, ʝυѕт тιє тhє єи∂ѕ σf тhє ѕтяιρ тσgєтhєя αи∂ мσνє тσ тhє иєxт ѕє¢тισи
-яємємвєя: тhє ѕмαℓℓєя уσυя ѕє¢тισиѕ αяє, тhє тιghтєя уσυя ωιℓ∂ ¢υяℓѕ ωιℓℓ вє! иαтυяαℓ ℓσσѕє ¢υяℓѕ:
-ѕтαят ωιтh ∂яу ¢ℓєαи hαιя тhєи ѕℓιghтℓу ωєт тhє єи∂ѕ
-ρυт мσυѕѕє σи тhє ∂αмρ ραятѕ тhєи ¢σмв тhяσυgh тσ ∂ιѕтяιвυтє єνєиℓу
-ρυт hαιя σи α тιghтℓу яσℓℓє∂ вυи αи∂ αℓℓσω ιт тσ fσям fσя α fєω hσυяѕ
-тαкє ιт συт αи∂ hανє иαтυяαℓ ¢υяℓѕ (ωσякѕ ωєℓℓ ωιтh αℓℓ hαιя туρєѕ) тωιѕту hαιя:
-тαкє тιиу ѕє¢тισиѕ σf уσυя hαιя ωιтh α ℓσт σf ѕтуℓιиg ρяσ∂υ¢т αи∂ тωιѕт єα¢h ѕє¢тισи υитιℓ ιт ѕтαятѕ тσ ¢σιℓ αяσυи∂ ιтѕ вαѕє
-ѕє¢υяє тhєѕє ℓιттℓє киσтѕ ωιтh вσвву ριиѕ
-ℓєт ℓσσѕє αfтєя α fєω hσυяѕ αи∂ уσυя яєα∂у тσ яσ¢к ѕσмє ѕαѕѕу тωιѕту hαιя

qσт∂: ωhαт ιѕ уσυя hαιя ℓιкє иαтυяαℓ?

ασт∂: яєαℓℓу вσяιиg αи∂ ѕтяαιghт { #tips #tutorial #hairstyles #diy #tumblr #summer }

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Normal Looking For An Ig Bestie
summer.tips911 Sorry guys I've been extremely busy, and next week I'll be on vacation so hopefully I can get some inspiration while lounging on the beach { #tumblr #summer #diy #tutorial #tip #nails } 3mon

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Normal Looking For An Ig Bestie
summer.tips911 Amazing books divergent series
the selection series
enders game series
the hunger games series
Percy Jackson series
the heroes of Olympus
13 treasures series
life as we knew it
olives ocean
Troy high
ink heart
take a bow
princess academy
twilight series
beastly series
the big splash
the postcard
the dream factory
my one hundred adventures

QOTD: what's a popular book that you personally don't like?

AOTD: I'm gonna get so much hate, but the fault in our stars { #summer #tumblr #books #tips #myedit }

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