•   dinodaveglass Hey I dm'ed you 3w
  •   dinodaveglass Hopefully it got there safely!! Thanks fam 1w
  •   squiglee Yeah thanks again bro 1w
  •   dinodaveglass Oh it came???!!!????!!!! 6d
  •   squiglee Lol yeah, u sound surprised? I plan on getting some professional pics done of my pieces, I'll post and tag u as soon as I do @dinodaveglass 6d
  •   dinodaveglass Lol na, just like to make sure everyone is satisfied and gets personal attention to their purchase! 6d
  •   dinodaveglass And that would be awesome!! 6d
  •   mr_niceguyshop Please make payment for the auction as soon as you can so we can ship out ASAP! Thanks again 3d

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