sociallysuicidal Hello! My name is Miles. Avery and I created this channel for people who arent "cool" or "normal" to have a place where they feel they belong and are accepted. Every week there will be a new theme and each member with use their own creative style of presenting the theme in a video. We are looking for unique indivisuals to join the team, or even just post a video! We want this channel to go far but we also want to include as many people as we can. Every week a new theme will be posted, you can summit your videos based on that theme and if we like it we'll post it on the channel! But dont worry if your video doesnt make it onto the channel we will post it on our facebook page. Mondays will be taken up by Avery, and Fridays will be taken up by me. If u would like to join the team full time you must meet some requirements: -Good - High quality videos. -Entertaining content -At least 10 previously posted videos on the channel.

We want to make sure that this channel is as professional as we can. If you are accepted into the channel, you must post each week or you will be asked to leave. (with the exception of emergencys.) Once youve been asked to leave, we will ask the fans to vote whether you should stay or go. A poll will be posted for a day and the results will determine if you can stay or go back to summiting videos like everyone else. We hope to see everyones videos!!! Like our page for updates and weekly themes. Thank you!

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