sizzm Hump day Special 🛁 #Work 2w
  •   loic80l Nice! 2w
  •   samanthawim I bought that new lemony perfume from Paris !! Have u got it there? @sizzm it's smells like citrus summer so nice 2w
  •   sizzm @samanthawim YAS! I'm obsessed ! Miss you 2w
  •   samanthawim Ahh me too! Miss you as well!! I will be in melb for 5 days soon. I think I fly in Thursday or Friday! @sizzm 2w
  •   sizzm @samanthawim PERF🏼 let's catch up truly for dinner feels like ages . Hope your enjoying every second of Europe 2w
  •   samanthawim Yes let's! Yay xx @sizzm 2w
  •   megkatebrown More face pics I need to see your little face I miss it you Bae 2w

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