sitka_ Look slick in the new Waxed Camp Cap.

The Shape: Our hat manufacturer, located in Vancouver BC, first developed the shape of the hat for helicopter pilots in Northern BC. They wanted a hat without the top ‘bean’ found on most traditional baseball hats. The ‘bean’ was uncomfortable with the headgear they needed to wear flying.

The Functionality: The camp cap is our go-to hat because its low profile that wears true to fit the wearer’s head, which makes it less susceptible to snags, wind and other outdoor elements. The fabric is also resistance to all weather conditions due to the wax coating. The waxes create a high-degree of water repellency, low-temperature flexibility, high-melting point and drape.
The Fabrics: The factory that produces the fabrics is GOTS & OKEO TEX Certified. We use 100% organic cotton on a 7 oz canvas fabric that is intertwined with specific waxes. These waxes coat each yarn individually, allowing the cotton a degree of air permeability. The actual coating consists of food and pharmaceutical grade waxes that are completely non-hazardous and non-toxic.

The Label: The hat’s label artwork was developed with our non-profit organization, The Sitka Society For Conservation (SSC). The Manufacturer: We work with a small manufacturer located in Vancouver BC to produce the hats. They produce high quality custom headwear, which allows us to use great quality fabrics and include details like genuine leather back adjusts and high quality finishes. By using a local supplier, we can help support the local economy.
We want you to make an informed decision about your clothing.

#SitkaGoods #LookSlick
Available in-store: 1219 Government Street, Victoria BC
Available online: *Free Shipping in Canada & USA for orders over $99

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sitka_ Deep reflections.

A #LoveTheWild photo by @julesbakes

We are hosting a #LoveTheWild Event on Feb. 11th. Check it out on Facebook!

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sitka_ Sitka is celebrating the Grand Opening of the new shop and announcing the SSC’s new conservation initiative!

Come dressed as your favourite animal!

There will be live music from Jon Middleton (From @jonandroy ) with Sierra Lundy as well as Dougal Bain McLean.
@driftwoodbrewery is our exclusive beer sponsor with proceeds going to the SSC & the chosen initiative.
Where: 1219 Government Street, Victoria BC
When: Thursday, February 11 – Starts at 6pm

Tickets are $10 or Free for SSC members. Get tickets on our eventbrite:


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sitka_ "Nature is not a place to visit. It is Home." - Gary Snyder

@juliagarcia_photography 's #LoveTheWild photo

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sitka_ "The mountains are calling, I must go." - John Muir

#LoveTheWild photo by @dswain_photos

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sitka_ For the secret alcohol in your life.
The Story:
Brand & Iron leather goods was established in November 2013 by Jordan Derhouson. While recovering from a Liver Transplant, Jordan began working with leather, and learning the art of leather working. Finding out he had Primary Schlerosing Cholangitis at the age of 19, Jordan's liver slowly deteriorated to the point of liver failure. Focusing his energy during the recovery on something creative helped him to regain his strength and confidence. Now fully recovered, Jordan has turned what he used as a creative outlet during a hard time into his full time passion.

The Flasks:
From the meticulous cutting and dying to the stitching, Brand & Iron Flasks are entirely handmade. The flasks are made of premium full grain cowhide leathers that are sourced close to Jordan’s home in Vancouver, BC. The leather has tons of character, which will only get better with use. Each flask is hand stitched using a waxed nylon thread in the form of a traditional saddle stitch on a 6 oz stainless steel flask. Each piece is made without the use of sewing, cutting or laser machines.
#SitkaGoods #BrandandIron #SecretSippin #MadeinCanada

Available in store: 1219 Government Street, Victoria BC
Available online at

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sitka_ "The eagles watched us close as echoes of the elusive wolf pack danced across the snow covered valley"

#LoveTheWild photo and caption by @greentacos

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sitka_ Sitka Victoria is hiring!
What we're looking for:
- an Activist to join our team
- a Leader on the retail floor
- and has a love for Connecting with customers and our local community

Please apply to by Friday January 29, 2016

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sitka_ Wet your whistle.

The bottles are made from super strong recycled 3003 aluminum coils from post consumer and industrial scraps and the caps are made from recycled milk jugs. The bottles are made by @LibertyBottles in the USA, are entirely recyclable and made in a zero waste facility with 96% of waste diverted from landfills for recycling. The finish is baked on with a BPA free flexible food-grade coating, rest assured that this bottle is as safe as it is beautiful. The bottles are cooked in IR Light ovens that have 800% energy savings verse a conventional oven curing process. The facility uses a Vacuum Recovery System to ensure maximum utilization of raw materials as well as protecting the outside environment from airborne particulate.
When you purchase one of our bottles, you’re contributing to environmental sustainability and economic revitalization in a few different ways:
- 14 aluminum cans are recycled
- 25 galls of oil is saved*
- 1500 gallons of water is saved*
- 825 bottles are kept from landfill*
- 50+ jobs for veterans and unemployed Americans
* Based on median plastic water bottle consumption for 5 years (lifespan of Liberty bottle)

Available in store: 1219 Government St. Victoria, BC
Available online

#SitkaGoods #SaveWater #WetYourWhistle

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sitka_ Winter walks, mountain thoughts.

@northwestrambling #LoveTheWild photo

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sitka_ It’s getting hot in here with our New Wool Flannels.
The flannels are medium-heavy weight wool blend that is made to feel comfortable against the skin. The fabric is extremely durable and temperature regulating. The flannels have an active fit cut, which allows for ease of movement and comfort. The inner cuffs and yoke are made with 100% cotton fabric for additional comfort in high abrasion areas. The seams are done with a 2 needle topstitch for comfort, durability and quality. As well, it has custom Sitka cat-eye buttons.
Backed by our Sitka Guarantee & Made in CANADA.
#MadeinCanada #SitkaGoods #BeWarm #GetItWhileItsHot

Available in store: 1219 Government St. Victoria, BC
Available online for both men & women.
*Free Shipping on purchases over $99 in Canada & US

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sitka_ "We have doomed the wolf not for what it is but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be: the mythologized epitome of a savage, ruthless killer—which is, in reality, not more than the reflected image of ourselves. We have made it the scapewolf for our own sins." Farley Mowat wrote these words in his book #NeverCryWolf, first published in 1963. "Never Cry Wolf" is also the name of @wildlifedefenceleague's new campaign to document the wolf cull and push for better habitat protection for B.C.'s woodland caribou." - @pacificwild
Photo by @IanTMcAllister for @PacificWild. #savebcwolves #stopthewolfcall #LoveTheWild
  •   sarahjean0205 Wildlife management takes a bit of bloody thought. Caribou are dying. They reproduce slowly. And wolves eat their babies. Caribou aren't even primary prey. They are looking for moose. Caribou young are chance prey. Habitat protection yes. And fixing predator highways too. Idiots on snowmobiles make packed trails up to winter habitat areas too. We can't shoot snow mobilers but there's a way to limit the number of wolves killing caribou. They also cull moose. Cull is not drive to extinction. Ask people in ft nelson if they are worried about wolves going extinct. .. they are running through backyards and killing family pets. 2w
  • My wife and I witnessed a huge, black, grey wolf in Region 8 of BC this past summer. In its mouth was a whitetail deer, fawn. Wolves are killing machines! They are beautiful, intelligent and deadly. They hunt to kill and kill to kill because that's what they do. I have multiple trail camera photos of wolves where I hunt and enjoy the outdoors. I love wolves and respect them. But, hunting them isn't wrong and to call wolf hunting, "trophy hunting" is absurd. Management of predator and prey is necessary for sustainability as human and natural factors impose great threats on all species of wild life. To all those whom protest stopping the wolf cull without education and experience in the field, consider the simple truth that if the wolves don't get culled they will die a natural and gruesome death nonetheless as they starve, acquire an injury, or die of old age. Everything dies at some point, whether it be the wolves, the deer, or the moose, by a gun or by natural causes, death is inevitable. Stop reading what the Internet tells you. Only some of what you read is actually true on both sides, politically and environmentally. 2w
  •   vrenivomberg The Wolf is my spirit animal 2w
  •   nicholascolemanart Definitely killers. 2w
  •   curbwzrd Oh god @sarahspins 2w
  •   sarahspins I just want to burrow my face into his neck @curbwzrd 2w

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sitka_ We're about to make your day.
Free Shipping in North America for all orders over $99.

#SitkaLovesYou #LoveTheFreeShipping #SitkaGoods

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sitka_ The blade is forged from 5160 grade alloy steel for strength, toughness, durability and it is heat-treated and quenched to produce a hardened edge which is tempered to Rc 50-54. The 19" L curved handle is made of grade "A" American hickory for proper grain orientation and alignment and is mounted to the head in a traditional manner using a softwood wedge crossed with a steel wedge for added security.
#ChopChop #HandForgedSteel #MadeInUSA #SitkaGoods
Available in store: 1219 Government Street, Victoria BC
Available Online:

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sitka_ Emma Hume fly fishing near Hope this past September. "You couldn't tell the fish rising from the raindrops, but somehow we figured out they were taking flies from the surface. We caught a handful of beautiful rainbow trout on little yellow dry flies. It was cold and wet and so fun!" #LoveTheWild 3w

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sitka_ Beautiful @markomcinnis photo of @petedevries setting one up at a slice of cold-water heaven.


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sitka_ She took the road to Zion.

#LoveTheWild photo by: @humem

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sitka_ The softest toque ever made.
Cashmere is a luxury fabric that comes from the Kashmir goat, it is the fine silky wool from the underbelly and neck area of the goat.

Common usage defines the fiber as a wool but in fact it is a hair, and this is what gives it its unique characteristics as compared to sheep's wool. The word cashmere is an old spelling of the Kashmir region in northern India. Cashmere is fine in texture, strong, light, and soft. Garments made from it provide excellent insulation.

Available in store: 1219 Government Street, Victoria, BC
Available online:

#MadeInCanada #Recylced #SitkaGoods

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