self_harmer_ Back to 0. Cleaned it this time. Sorry.... 3y
  •   kizz_bizz I'm here for you if you need to talk..... Stay srong 3y
  •   kizz_bizz Xxx 3y
  •   kizz_bizz Kik me: kizz_bizz 3y
  •   hazedandblazed_ Oh my gosh ! That is really bad. Have you Tryed putting vitamin E on it. Or Proxide ? It will hurt but it will help. With cuts like that it will be hard to heal. But I can see this picture is old. So if your still having problems you can talk to me ? 2y
  •   theofficialbrookeh_ Yea this was on google 10mon
  •   xlillia.nievesx Yeah it was^^ 9mon

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